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REVOLUTIONARY NEW NVIDIA GRAPHICS PROCESSOR (GEFORCE 8800) BREATHES LIFE INTO ADRIANNE CURRY--VIRTUAL REALITY'S FIRST INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL SUPER MODEL AND TRANSFORMS THE PC INTO DEFINITIVE GAMING PLATFORM In a move that is sure to send waves through Hollywood, Adrianne Curry, model and star of VH1’s My Fair Brady, and leading graphics technology company NVIDIA Corporation (Nasdaq: NVDA), have announced that they have teamed up to create the world’s first interactive, virtual celebrity. This breakthrough, which is enabled by NVIDIA’s new flagship graphics technology, will allow ‘stars’ to create and license detailed replicas of their likeness without ever having to make a physical appearance or take a photograph. Virtual celebrity licensing will have a multitude of applications, including adapting celebrity characters into newly developed video games, virtual modeling and endorsements; digital appearances in film and television; and virtual hosting on Web sites or traditional broadcast media. The new NVIDIA graphics processing unit or GPU ushers in a new level of visual realism for PCs. NVIDIA also designed the graphics technology for Xbox and Playstation 3 consoles. According to NVIDIA the new GeForce 8800 graphics processor is specifically designed to address the increasing need for graphics processing performance on PCs, delivering the best visual experience for Microsoft Windows Vista and PC games as well as high-definition video formats HD-DVD and Blu-ray.
12 Nov 2006
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This secret nVidia graphic's tweak opens hidden clocking options into display settings... just remember that regular cooling system might have not enough!
12 Feb 2007
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I played this game with AntiAliasing set at 4x on my quite old nVidia FX5600. In order to improve framerate, I decided to lower AA at 2x. Now watch what happens after I did this. WHOA MOMMA! :)) I filmed it immediately because I thought my PSU went off the hook. It turned out to be the graphics card fault, setting Aa back at 4x made this strange effect dissapear. Still, I decided to make a video about this and post it online, it's fun to watch. BTW, the fact that I have an ATI Radeon videocard now, has nothing to do with this :P
27 May 2007
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NVIDIA's GeForce 8800 Ultra demo "Human Head" delivers a startling leap forward in realism for real-time characters.
19 Jun 2007
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NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT graphics processing units (GPUs) allow you to experience the latest gaming effects without compromising performance. This masterful EVGA video card features a 350MHz clock, 512MB 128-bit 3.7ns (32 x 6) DDR2 memory and is PCI Express compliant! Other superb features include integrated NVIDIA TV encoder giving you access to HDTV, S-Video, Composite Output and DVI-I connections for analog or digital displays. Upgrade your PC's graphics for less with the NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT Video Card.
18 Jul 2007
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Orta seviye ekran kartlarında ATI ve NVIDIA arasındaki rekabette kim önde?
14 Sep 2007
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How to add a overclocking feature to your nvidia graphics card
26 Sep 2007
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nVidia 9600GT Teaser - Brief intro for 9600 before NDA
18 Feb 2008
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The New Nvidia Geforce 9000 series at ebuyer******
2 Jul 2008
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Oscar Clark, Mobile Operator Strategy for Nvidia, discusses his experience with mobile gaming at the IMGA and what he expects to see from the future of mobile gaming.
21 Mar 2008
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Nvidia Server room where the Engine is running virtually on.
3 Apr 2008
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Toyota revolutionized the auto industry with its energy saving hybrid technology. This summer, Nvidia will do the same thing for computers with hybrid SLI technology. With computers becoming more visual, more graphics horsepower is needed to enjoy hd movies, browse 3D web sites, and play games…so Nvidia Hybrid SLI delivers performance when you need it and power savings when you don’t. The technology uses two GPUs working together to deliver more graphics processing. For more information please visit: www.nvidia****
14 Apr 2008
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