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metro, paris , vide , une occasion rare de filmer un compartiment de metro sans persones
2 Jan 2009
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We offer simulated diamond rings at very affordable prices. The rings are made of 925 sterling silver and coated with rhodium, which helps prevent tarnish. The simulated diamonds are cubic zirconia. It is said that even jewelry professionals are not able to tell the difference between cubic zirconia and real diamonds with the naked eye. Ever worried about wearing your real diamond ring daily for fear of spoiling it. With cubic zirconia rings, you can wear it everyday, you don't have to wait for that special occasion to showoff some bling.
5 Jan 2009
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to EPIC FIREWORKS - the display products division of Jimmy's Wholesale Fireworks Ltd. Our aim at EPIC is to revolutionise the supply of consumer fireworks by offering the UK's largest range of personally selected products at the lowest prices combined with the availability of a free and flexible delivery service. The Largest Wholesaler Of Fireworks In The UK Open All Year Round - 7 Days - 8am - 6pm The Largest Range Of Fireworks In The UK All Fireworks Less Than Half Price The Largest Fireworks Showroom In The UK Established Over 15 Years Free Delivery Online Store Custom Built Packs Available Free Secure Parking All Major Credit Cards Accepted Fireworks For All Occasions Best Service Lowest Prices Guaranteed
12 Jan 2009
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Photo Shows is a unique photo animation creation with movie quality effects giving you an unpresedented platform to show case any group of photos for literally any occasion. Weddings, Graduations, Wakes, Vacations, Valentines, Holidays, Going away party, birthday party, Corporate events and Anniversary
8 Jan 2009
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Toy Gift White Cat for Office Home Decoration is made of genuine animal's fur cleverly crafted over a lightweight form - good for birthdays, anniversary, graduation or other special occasions.
3 Dec 2009
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FULL VERSION :::*******www.cnotrestyle****/showtime-red1.html Red1 était de passage à Montréal avec ces nouveaux protégés. Pour l'occasion, Lyrical Enterprise et BMC Musique, rapidement interviewés, présentaient l'événement aux Foufounes Électriques à Montréal. Entrevue avec les membres, HeatWave, Jahfus, JahCongo & Red1.
12 Jan 2009
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On the occasion of the launch of iTrust's newsletter service, the co-founders Dhruv Agarwala & Kartik Varma, present their views on current financial crisis.
14 Jan 2009
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Funny Kids Educational Alphabet Toy Train is perfect for anyone and for any occasion, be it a birthday, christmas or just as a special gift. It is safe and great in any room! Source:
13 Jan 2009
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From preparation till the end of the occasion
23 Jul 2009
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Some of the world’s top sporting and entertainment stars have come together today at a special event and one of the highlights of the 19th International Fair of Fine Luxury Watchmaking in Geneva. Organised by luxury watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen, the event will bring together some of the world’s top stars – including football legend Zinédine Zidane, two-time Academy Award winner Kevin Spacey, actor Jean Reno, singer Ronan Keating, and James Bond director Marc Forster. The International Fair of Fine Luxury Watchmaking is also the occasion for IWC Schaffhausen to celebrate the premiere of its watch novelties. Inspired by the fascinating Galapagos Islands, the Swiss manufacturer of luxury watches presented its new generation of Aquatimer diver’s watches. The event also marks the partnership between IWC Schaffhausen and the Charles Darwin Foundation, whose goal is to ensure the protection of the Galapagos Archipelago, one of the most fascinating natural treasures on Earth.
21 Jan 2009
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********www.thehornyrabbit****/ by Nobleworks presents funny greeting cards for the holidays or any occasion. Free shipping on any purchase of ONE or more.
12 Feb 2009
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Hello World: I'm honored and privileged to introduce Healing Painter Metin Bereketli's original and empowering ART WORK celebrating Nobel Peace Prize Winner President Barack OBAMA's INCLUSIVE PROMISE which transcends all racial, gender, and ethnic boundaries. I honestly can't think of a better way to celebrate this new era of healing, hope and rejuvenation in American history! Lets celebrate this most historic occasion together. The President "OBAMA" painting series by Metin (C) 2008 Metin has made a justified name for himself over the last two decades with his DIVERSITY series of PAINTINGS and unique interpretation of timeless themes like Freedom, Love and Imagination. Please visit WWW.HOLLYWOODPAINTER.COM for more information and samples. Sincerely yours, Roberto Silverman Public Relations Beverly Hills, California
26 Jan 2009
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Alycia's mom never misses an occasion to set up her on dates, even funerals!
27 Jan 2009
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Florida Steel Drum Band RythmTrail Solos on Steel Drums Orlando Steel Drum Band RythmTrail plays Live on Steel Drums www.rythmtrail**** 866 495 4522 Florida Steel Drum Band RythmTrail performs countrywide and worldwide. Book a Steel Drum Band in Florida Hire a Steel Drum Player for your Event Steel Drum Music for all occasions Book at www.rythmtrail**** or Tel 866 495 4522 Alabama beach weddings anna maria weddings bamboo bands for weddings barefoot beach wedding music beach ceremonies beach themed wedding beach wedding ceremony beach wedding destination beach wedding ideas beach wedding reception music Beach weddings Boynton beach weddings bridal bridal chorus bride calypso band calypso steel drum band calypso music canon in d cape may beach wedding Caribbean Caribbean ensemble Caribbean music central florida weddings ceremonies ceremony ceremony music Clearwater florida beach weddings cocktail music dance band dance reception Daytona beach steel drum band Daytona beach wedding ceremony music Daytona beach wedding entertainment Daytona beach wedding music Daytona beach wedding musicians delray beach steel drum band Destin beach wedding destin wedding dinner music wedding drums entertainment for weddings event event music tampa steel drum band steel drum players tampa steel drum band tampa
28 Jan 2009
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Lost Broadcasts is EXCLUSIVELY DISTRIBUTED by Microcinema DVD. To order this DVD, and/or other titles distributed by Microcinema, go to: www.microcinemadvd**** EILEEN MAXSON drowns in white walls and cable television, emerging on occasion to press record. Heavy-hearted and humorous, Maxson's videos record characters struggling with an unrequited love of television. These are women trapped in forgotten scraps of VHS, and frequently sabotaged by technical difficulties. She performs a rejected application to the Real World, a flustered meteorologist, silenced contest winner, and a protected witness, among others. Maxson's works have screened far and wide at museums and microcinemas from Texas to Tel Aviv. She is also the first recipient of the Arthouse Texas Prize. Likes: Animal Cops: Houston, Roseanne (with the first becky), Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Little People, Big World, Quantum Leap, and Shark Week. Dislikes: Everybody Loves Raymond, Walker Texas Ranger, Judge Judy, and Touched by an Angel. Here is what is being said about Eileen: * Eileen Maxson does subtlety, wit, irony, restraint and unabashed sophistication. It’s all great fun, like watching your English Professor trying to finish her theory lecture while having a low temperature nervous breakdown. One can only hope the future of the video looks something like this. -Dave Hickey * Maxson is a master of the video tromp l'oeil, varnished flawlessly with counterfeit professional incompetence. - Astria Suparak * A transmedia Cindy Sherman for the MySpace generation. - Ed Halter, The Village Voice
29 Jan 2009
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Thai Buffalo Training Camp Mae Rim Chiang Mai First time in the world for the new style travel that combine Thai lifestyle and touch of the foreigners. Demonstrative shows at The Thai Buffalo Training camp, Mae-Rim, Chiangmai. 1. Live music shows on Buffalo back. The camp would like the guests to appreciate the leisure activities of Lanna Thai farmers. After finishing work in the rice field, the farmers normally play folk music and sing songs on their way back home. They play Lanna musical instrument such as Salor, Sor, Seung and Klong on buffalo back. 2. Introducing the History and Breeds of Thai Buffalo. The second show is designed to inform you about the history and breeds of Thai buffalo. It also shows you how the Thai buffalo works in the rice field. 3. Training the Buffalo. The third show reflects the northern Thai local wisdom of training and taming their buffalo to work in the rice field, including 5 techniques of riding buffalo which are very unique. 4. Relationship between Farmers and their Buffalo. The fourth show reveals the intimacy of the farmers and their buffalos as they work and live together all the time. The buffalos are considered to be the farmers’ best friends. 5 Demonstration of Buffalo Working on the Farm. There are many things that buffalo can do in the farm including squeezing sugar cane, transferring water onto the rice field which can only be seen either in the camp or in the remote area of Lampang province. 6. Buffalo Ploughing a Field. Today technology has replaced the buffalo in the rice field. Pictures of buffalo ploughing the soil in the field are very rare. The sixth show demonstrates how buffalo plough the sooil. It is a harmony between the farmer and the buffalo. 7. Demonstration of Growing and Harvesting Rice. The camp has provided farm tools for tourists who are interested in participating in the demonstration. There are workers who will show you the process of rice growing , harvesting and other field work. 8. Camp Tour and Demonstration of Grain removing. This activity shows the method of how the farmer selects rice grain by using the power of the wind. Tourists are encouraged to try every stage of the process. 9. Buffalo Racing. Finally, the camp would like to present an exciting buffalo racing which can be seen only on some special occasions in Thailand. However, you can see it here everyday.
29 Jan 2009
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