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This channel posts obscure videos about the occult ancient history and lots of other things that I think is really cool. I hope that you enjoy them.
12 Apr 2007
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In 1936 a German unit was created in secret to search the world for prized paranormal antiquities, ancient objects of ritual and occult power. Battling these tireless forces of darkness were a select group of soldiers. Tales of the First Occult war is the first time their stories are being told.
3 May 2009
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******* Thinking of a Occult Tattoo? Here are samples of Occult Tattoo's you will find on the website.
17 Nov 2008
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Magic, Magic Spells, Black Magic, Love Spells, Tantra, Protection Spells, Witchcraft, Conjuring Spirits, Occult, Magical Talismans, Amulets
17 Feb 2010
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On 16th May beginning 3.30pm. to 5.30 p.m. depending on location, people in India can notice Lunar Occultation of Planet Venus in the skies. In which view of Planet Venus is obscured by Moon during its course of journey around earth. i.e. Moon will come in between Venus and Earth such a way that Venus for brief time will not be visible.Occultation of Major planet like Venus is only such event for year 2010 notable from India, north Africa, Middle east and South East Asia. For details visit www.ournewplanets**** N.Sri Raghunandan Kumar
13 Jun 2010
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www.joseph-medium**** Over the last 30 years Joseph Scriffignano has been solicited by a great number of people, companies and personalities because of his outstanding medium gift. Joseph has been the personal spiritual counselor of stars, princes and businessmen in Europe. You also can trust Joseph and will have the choice between: Clairvoyance, office or house harmonization, tarot divination, occult work, initiation to voodoo… With confidence and sincerity the solution is at hand. Contact Joseph, happiness is waiting for you.
30 Jun 2013
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In this video, we have discussed about the tips of occults and its step which will provide the help to keep the mind clear as well as allow the energy to flow more clearly.
8 Jun 2017
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:Report:1 An ancient hermetic occult group. That built a secret hidden Empire to protect hermetic culture from the Wrath of any foolish monarch. Or dogmatic religion. This is a brief story. Music track titles Are in the credits: C.E.L Archives claims no ownership of images or music used in this video. Rights reserved to their owners. Fair-Use disclaimer. We claim ownership of all written content and C.E.L Logos. All rights reserved.
9 Sep 2018
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5 Jul 2019
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Don't see it alone
24 Jul 2007
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If you feel well.give me high mark, to Scare eatch other.
24 Jul 2007
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This interview features the same parapsychologist fourteen days later after having scrutinized "The Prophecy of Oriuagor". The poor man is scared to hell...
12 Sep 2007
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Conference sur l'occultisme: Temoignage d'un initie - Allan Rich le 23 fevrier 2008 a Geneve en Suisse. Toutes les infos sur www***nferenceallanrich****. (esoterisme, spiritisme, magie blanche et noire, ouverture du troisieme oeil etc.)
6 Jan 2008
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Hunchbacks, vampires, and hammy acting! Dead Men Walking is nothing short of phenomenal “bad” cinema. From its outrageously camp overacting to its cleverly used low budget, this film is a sidesplitting faux macabre tale that relishes in the ridiculous. Where to begin in describing the spectacular ludicrousness? For starters, the leading man George Zucco plays the two main characters in the film: brothers who are physicians who want to kill each other. And one brother becomes a vampire. And there’s a hunchbacked assistant. The god fearing townspeople are kind enough to form a lynch mob to elevate this classic even further. Dead Men Walking is priceless entertainment.
18 Mar 2008
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6 Oct 2009
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