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Sweetfilters eliminate septic sewer odors for both the residential and commercial Environment.
23 Dec 2007
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*******www.88stink**** Odorzout products are 100% organic and is the only odor control product that is certified by the EPA as such. Very easy to use. Just Google 'Odorzout' and you'll find scads of positive reviews all over the net.
27 Apr 2008
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*******www.88stink****/p-13-all-surface-granules.aspx Odorzout All Surface Granules are the organic solution for odor removal. Only odor control product EPA certified! It's very easy to use. Google us to see scads of positive reviews
27 Apr 2008
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*******www.88stink****/p-19-cat-litter-additive-powder.aspx Odorzout is 100% natural, safe, & the only odor control product that is EPA Certified as such. It's very easy to use works like crazy. Google us to find scads of positive customer reviews
27 Apr 2008
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Foot odor remedy for smelly feet. Stop foot odor and get rid of smelly feet in minutes.
9 Feb 2009
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P&G Professional®, the away-from-home division of Procter & Gamble, is helping hotels with two traditionally pressing issues during this year's summer travel season — hair and odor. With many American families still planning a summer vacation despite economic concerns, many hotel owners are turning to Febreze® and Swiffer®, from P&G Professional, to provide the cleanliness that travelers are used to in their own homes. "The first things I notice about a room are the size, the level of cleanliness, and the smell," said Kelby Carr, a feature travel writer and blogger. "Even if a hotel sends someone to clean up a problem area in my room, that first impression stays with me and I will continue to think about it." Paul Dougherty, director of operations at the Westin® Hilton Head Resort and Spa, is familiar with the hair and odor challenges associated with summer break travel. His resort prides itself on being a family friendly destination and welcomes advances in hair and odor removal. To view more Multimedia News Release go to, *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/swiffer/32816/
30 Jun 2008
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The millions of women who suffer with vaginal odor can now literally wash away their worries and embarrassment with the introduction of the WaterWorks® therapeutic vaginal cleansing system. WaterWorks is an FDA-approved device that neutralizes vaginal odor by using tap water combined with a medical-grade stainless steel nozzle. It gently cleanses with none of the harsh chemicals contained in many of the existing over-the-counter douching kits that doctors have long counseled female patients against using. To view Multimedia News Release go to, *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/waterworkshealth/34706
9 Feb 2009
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*******www.AskDrStink**** Got ferret odor? You love those little creatures but they sure do stink! What if there was a way to get all the joy you're now getting but NOT have them smelling up the place? Good news! There is....
5 Jul 2010
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*******www.askdrstink**** Got mice odor? Did they crawl into your house walls and die? Or, do you have pet mice? Either way, they can really stink and you need to know how to fix it. There is a way....
22 Nov 2008
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*******www.askdrstink****/ How embarrassing when your clothes still smell bad even after they've been washed. Whether it's from body odor, smoking, or from a smelly job, you need to know how to fix it. There is a way….
22 Sep 2009
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*******www.askdrstink****/ Got cat odor? Multiple cats means multiple stink! Wouldn't it be easier with only one litter box, instead of one per cat? You need to know how to fix this. There is a way….
23 Nov 2008
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*******www.AskDrStink**** All natural powder can be just as tough as any other odor removal brands or scoopable cat litter. But, the biggest question is HOW? Dr. Stink has a simple explanation for the science behind odor control.
11 Dec 2008
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*******what-products****/odor-remover2.php Eliminates the odor as opposed to only masking it. Tested better than other products on the market! Safe on pets and humans and their sleeping areas. 100% COMPLETELY BIODEGRADABLE! *******what-products**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
22 Dec 2008
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My grandson Robert helps decorate the Christmas tree with family odorments. Part of a Christmases Past series. Music courtesy Christopher Mast. Distributed by Tubemogul.
26 Dec 2008
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*******www.what-products****/odor-remover2.php 100% Biodegradable Odor Removal Product. Safe For Kids & Pets. *******www.what-products****/odor-eliminator2.php Distributed by Tubemogul.
27 Dec 2008
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Franciscan missionary and traveler. Born Odoric Mattiussi at Villanova, near Pordenone, Italy, he entered the Franciscans in 1300 and became a hermit. After several years, he took to preaching in the region of Udine, northern Italy, attracting huge crowds through his eloquence. In 1316 he set out for the Far East, journeying through China and finally reaching the court of the Mongol Great Khan in Peking. From 1322 to 1328 he wandered throughout China and Tibet, finally returning to the West in 1330 where he made a report to the pope at Avignon and dictated an account of his travels. He died before he could find missionaries to return with him to the East. His cult was approved in 1755 owing to the reports of miracles he performed while preaching among the Chinese. -Catholic Online                             Ave Maria!
14 Jan 2009
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