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It's all money, lies, and dwarf-tossing in Scorsese's latest movie about the real-life boiler-room scandals of Wall Street in the '90s.
18 Jun 2013
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Leonardo DiCaprio defends his movie "Wolf of Wall Street," after it receives criticism for glorifying corruption, and immoral greed.
31 Dec 2013
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Margot Robbie opens up to Drew McWeeny about preparing for her role in the Martin Scorsese drama The Wolf of Wall Street. Robbie also shares her motivations for taking a role she thought was out of her reach.
10 Jan 2014
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Jonah Hill and Drew McWeeny talk Martin Scorsese's aggressive directorial style in this interview for The Wolf of Wall Street. Hill goes on to describe his on-screen chemistry with Leonardo DiCaprio.
10 Jan 2014
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Jonah Hill took a major pay cut to be in 'Wolf of Wall Street' and work with director Martin Scorsese.
21 Jan 2014
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The Wolf of Wall Street has been making bank at the box office, but you will be surprised to hear what one of the main actors earned for the film! In an interview with Howard Stern, Jonah Hill revealed he was only paid $60,000 for the Oscar nominated film saying, "They gave me the lowest amount of money possible. That was their offer. I said I will sign the papers tonight, fax me the papers tonight. I want to sign them tonight before they change their mind.' Not only was Jonah eager to get the role, but he was also eager just to work with Martin Scorsese. He told Howard, "I would sell my house and give all my money to work for him. I would have done anything in the world. I would do it again in a second."
25 Jan 2014
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Margot Robbie's character swore by acrylic nails in "The Wolf of Wall Street," but the actress herself hated them.
6 Feb 2014
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Today we have a bunch of news and rumor about The Amazing Spider-Man films, Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in a Zombie film, Avengers 2 and 3 and Locke & Key finds a Home!
26 Jun 2013
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From the director of The Departed and After Hours comes this tale of a modern Gatsby.
18 Dec 2013
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Leonardo DiCaprio discusses his nomination at the 86th Annual Academy Awards Nominees Luncheon.
5 Mar 2014
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Gary Parr, deputy Chairman of Lazard and H. Rodgin Cohen, chairman of Sullivan Cromwell LLP both spoke at The Deal's 2009 M&A Outlook conference about the transformation of Wall Street. In this video Parr and Cohen project their outlook of what the banking landscape will look like over the next year and discuss what changes will be made to the regulatory system.
21 Nov 2008
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Guys and Gals if you don’t know who Jordan Belfort is, you should. After a miracle run on Wall Street that ended in disaster, in which he was arrested and convicted of swindling investors out of over $100 million. After completing 22 months in prison, Jordan is BACK and is the author of a best selling book “The Wolf of Wall Street”. Jordan stopped by to tell us a little about his book and the upcoming movie based on the book. He also gave Lucky some amazing insights into the economy, advice for startups, and a pep talk that will have you jumping out of your seat screaming “Hell Yeah”.
5 Dec 2008
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