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Official Video
10 Feb 2009
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Hi guys this is official Robby Keane 's Official Video ( Skills + Goals ) Part 1 Part 2 coming up Subscribe
14 Feb 2009
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Leifstyle feat. Raptile - Fly OFFICIAL VIDEO 2009
25 May 2009
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Guayo 'El Bandido' & O.G Black Feat. Arcangel, Yaga & Mackie, Nengo Flow - Jangueo y Aventura (Remix) [Official Video] New 2009..!! (Www.irt-board.Com)_001_mpeg2video
25 Jun 2010
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X-Men Origins: Wolverine - official video clip 2009
5 Jun 2009
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This is the official video for the forth coming single. Check out the the artist *******www.myspace****/ItsJustGift & *******www.myspace****/ErraRecords
8 Jul 2009
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Anelia - Dobrata,loshata (Official Video)(HD)
12 Aug 2009
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Pitbull - Hotel Room Service ( Official Video ) HD Pitbull - Hotel Room Service ( Official Video ) HD Pitbull - Hotel Room Service ( Official Video ) HD This is the Outstanding brand new Official Video for ( Pitbull - Hotel Room ) with the best sound on youtube. This is gonna be big world wide i just know it. i'v just had it sent to me about 10mins ago and you know how we do on Tuff Jamma TV lol ( allways the 1st and the best ). Pitbull has been doin some big things latey and this song is deffinitely up there with the best. i thort it was gonna be hard to top the smash hit ( i know you want me / Calle Ocho ) but pitbull has been in the game for a few years now so he knows what everyone wants. the man is gettin bigger and bigger all the time and 2009 is deffinitely his year with the like of eminem and lady gaga. pitbul is unstoppalbe and he cant stop makin hits. this one is deffinitely gonna get every1 up on the dance floor ( deffinitely the ladys ) i know for a fact so if u like it ( which i know u will lol ) plz buy it from itunes ( make sure its from Pitbulls record lable be'coz they deserve all the credit ). i'm just a big fan of pitbulls work and on tuff jamma we mainly work as promoting all the smash hits with no money involded and we just mainly do it for you so u know whats gonner be big ( and the fact you see it 1st ). plz check out all of pitballs music and all of pitballs record lables music ( Ultra/Warner Bros ). anyways thank you for you time and plz share this with every1 you know so we can get pitball as number 1# in the charts with this amazin song. peace and god bless. holla..................... P.S............. Plz RATE, COMMENT, FAV AND SUB. This gives us a will to carry on. THANK YOU. Peace
22 Sep 2009
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Better On The Other Side Official Video Download *******sharebee****/334de18e GWearTV Exclusive - Michael Jackson Tribute R.I.P. Hours after receiving the news about the death of legend, Michael Jackson, multi-platinum rapper, The Game called some of his closest in the industry to pay homage to one of the best that ever did it. A farewell with pianos and the voices of Usher, Chris Brown, Boyz II Men, Diddy and Mario Winans "Better On the Other Side," Produced by DJ Khalil and Executive Produced by The Game. *******G-Wear****** *******G-Wear**** LYRICS: [Diddy talking] I remember the first time i seen you moonwalk, I believed I could do anything, you made the world dance, you made the music come to life [Chris brown - Chorus] This the type of song that make the angels cry, i look up in the sky and i wonder why? why you had to go, go I know its better on the other side, you were chosen from the start never gon let you go, [The Game] Whos Michael Jackson, Your Michael Jackson, Im Michael Jackson, We all Michael Jackson, I guess what Im asking is everybody bow their head for a legend dont breathe for a second, now let the air out, grab the hand of somebody you care about, so you can hear my message, my confession, someone tell Usher, i seen the moonwalk, i guess the young thriller touched him, like he touched me, like he touched you, so carry on his legacy, something i must do, so i trust you lighting candles, concrete visuals, me and my brothers listen to jackson 5 in the living room, first thing i did when i heard was call puff, cos him and Mike tried to stop the beef between us, who was us? Me and fifty, that beef is dead, him and Mike Jackson gonna take us to the ledge. [Chorus] As Im pouring out this liquor candles start to flicker, when list (?) my air ones, MJ was my nier. Not the one that play ball, the one with the hollywood star, and since im a hollywood star imma tell you my story, [Courtesy of KillerHipHop****] never had a family that close, never see Barry Gordy walking through interscope, just like me they always had Mike in a scope, no matter what you say, imma love him and hes still dope, let me take you back to 85 when i was in a zone, dancing for my momma thriller jacket with all the zippers on, now im doing 90 bout to crash in this Aston, listening to Outcast, Im sorry Mrs Jackson [Damn - Dope line from Game - KillerHipHop****] anything i can ever do to better you your son was our king so we wont Corretta you, Im writing this letter to all the Jackson kids, we all Jackson kids, time to let us through. [Chorus] [Boys II Men] This the kind of song that make the angels cry, look up in the sky and ask God, why o why why Do we live and let die This the kind of song that make the angels cry, look up in the sky and ask God, why o why why Do we live and let, live and let die. [Lyrics courtesy of KillerHipHop****] [End]
11 Sep 2009
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Easyway "October 9th" Official Video, Directed and Edited by Danilo Warick. Cameras by Gonçalo Colaço and Danilo Warick. Post-production by Danilo Warick and Paulo Prazeres. Production Easyway
16 Sep 2009
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Андреа feat. Geo Da Silva - Моята порода (Official Video)
13 Jan 2010
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Preslava & Konstantin - Ne mi prechi (Official Video)(HQ)
27 Nov 2009
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