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What happens to a world when it becomes a World of Offline Gaming?...The answer is this!
26 Sep 2006
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short procedure to play online games offline on your desk top
8 Aug 2007
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Me showing some tips(some may be obvious to older players), Tricks, and me offline in Bridge Crossing and Pipeline
27 Aug 2007
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Download a website(with whole connections, links) and browse it offline.Make your own home wide web
12 Sep 2007
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*******www.salemglobal****/trade-shows.php Mixing up your offline marketing with your online marketing and letting each of them leverage each other. While at trade shows, try to take as much video as possible interviewing people in the booth, staff, prospects, clients. Get testimonials form people using your product and/or service. Raphi Salem, SalemGlobal Internet Website Marketing
16 Nov 2007
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This is my first tutorial, showing how to install the nicest offline WIKIPEDIA on your iPod Touch or iPhone. this is what you need: jailbroken iPod Touch/iPhone Total commander: *******rapidshare****/files/92663222/ T-PoT plugin: *******rapidshare****/files/92662388/ the huge wikipedia dump file: german: *******rapidshare****/files/87939487/Wikipedia_to_iPhone_or_iPod_Touch.part01.rar *******rapidshare****/files/87943719/Wikipedia_to_iPhone_or_iPod_Touch.part02.rar *******rapidshare****/files/87947758/Wikipedia_to_iPhone_or_iPod_Touch.part03.rar *******rapidshare****/files/87951374/Wikipedia_to_iPhone_or_iPod_Touch.part04.rar *******rapidshare****/files/87955064/Wikipedia_to_iPhone_or_iPod_Touch.part05.rar *******rapidshare****/files/87911372/Wikipedia_to_iPhone_or_iPod_Touch.part06.rar *******rapidshare****/files/87917299/Wikipedia_to_iPhone_or_iPod_Touch.part07.rar *******rapidshare****/files/87923547/Wikipedia_to_iPhone_or_iPod_Touch.part08.rar *******rapidshare****/files/87929348/Wikipedia_to_iPhone_or_iPod_Touch.part09.rar *******rapidshare****/files/87934725/Wikipedia_to_iPhone_or_iPod_Touch.part10.rar *******rapidshare****/files/87896219/Wikipedia_to_iPhone_or_iPod_Touch.part11.rar or english: *******www.in7ane****/iphone/wiki/en.7z.001 (500MB) *******www.in7ane****/iphone/wiki/en.7z.002 (500MB) *******www.in7ane****/iphone/wiki/en.7z.003 (500MB) *******www.in7ane****/iphone/wiki/en.7z.004 (500MB) *******www.in7ane****/iphone/wiki/en.7z.005 (500MB) *******www.in7ane****/iphone/wiki/en.7z.006 (500MB) *******www.in7ane****/iphone/wiki/en.7z.007 (393MB) and about 2gb free disc space for the german, and ca.3gb for the english if you have problems, search here: *******haukap****/2008/01/20/a-new-version-of-the-offline-wikipedia-reader-is-out/ this app is very usefull in school ;)
25 Feb 2010
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Are you thinking of making loads of cash using offline methods and want a completely proven and turnkey solution to help you do that? If so, check out this great quality product called Easy Offline Riches! *******tinyurl****/easyo affiliate business affiliate cash vault affiliate marketing affiliate program best affiliate programs best online business best way to make money best way to make money online best ways to make money big money blog make money online business internet making money tool business making money online business opportunities business opportunity business opportunity money cash cash money data entry jobs earn earn at home earn big money earn cash earn cash online earn extra money earn extra money online earn fast money earn from home earn making money online earn money earn money at home earn money by internet earn money easily earn money from home earn money from internet earn money internet earn money now earn money on internet earn money online earn money online business opportunity earn money online easy earn money online while earn money quick earn money quickly earn money real earn money today earn money typing earn money working online earn more money earning extra money earning money earning money online easiest way to make money easy cash easy money easy money making easy money making ideas easy money online easy ways to make money easy ways to make money online extra money extra money making fast money free affiliate program free internet business free money get money get paid get rich get rich now get rich quick home based business home business how can i make money how can i make money online how do i make money how earn money how make money how to earn extra money how to earn money how to earn money online how to get money how to get rich how to make easy money online how to make extra money how to make money how to make money at home how to make money easy how to make money fast how to make money on the internet how to make money online how to make more money how to make quick money how to rich how to start an internet business how to work from home ideas for making money income opportunities internet business internet business ideas internet jobs internet money making idea jobs at home legitimate online money making legitimate ways to make money online make big money make easy money make easy money online make extra money make money make money at home make money blog make money blogging make money fast make money for free online make money from home make money internet make money now make money on internet make money on line make money on the internet make money on the web make money online make money online forum make money online forums make money online free make money online now make money quick make money today make money typing make more money make quick money online making money making money at home making money guide making money now making money on ebay making money on internet making money on the net making money on the web making money online making money online business opportunity making money online easy making money online forum making money online opportunity making money online survey making money online surveys making money programs making money quick making money tips making money website making money with a website marketing services moms making money money money from home money generator money maker money making business money making businesses money making forums money making idea money making idea online money making ideas money making internet business money making jobs money making machine money making message board money making message boards money making opportunities money making opportunity money making schemes money making secrets money making system money making systems money making websites money now money on the internet more money need money online money online money making ideas online money making opportunities opportunities money quick money quick ways to make money residual income secrets of making money secrets to making money stuffing envelopes to earn money way to make money ways to make extra money ways to make money ways to make money fast ways to make money online work at home internet work from home internet working at home working from home
20 Sep 2008
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Cine este online, offline, invisible si ce avatar are pe Yahoo
26 Sep 2008
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*******www.MakeMoneyOffline**** - Learn how to make money "offline" by using online tactics. Free report & e-course that gives away the "secret sauce" to this business model. Check it out now!
26 Jan 2009
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On this week's edition of Tutorial Tuesday, we show you how to use one of the coolest new products from Microsoft, Windows Live Writer, to easily blog offline and do things that other software can't. Original Post: *******www.tushardhoot****/write-blog-posts-offline-using-windows-live-writer/ Please Visit: *******www.tushardhoot****
4 Mar 2009
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Phone Call Tracking with *******www.RingJohn**** will enable you to track which phone call came from which online marketing source. RingJohn can configure multiple phone numbers on your website to allow you determine how many phone calls have come from Google ads compared organic listings or from offline marketing activities. RingJohn is a full service internet marketing agency established in 2001.
27 Jul 2009
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In this video we’ll demonstrate offline password cracking using John The Ripper tool. Lets first change to the directory where John is located. Here you can see some important binaries used by John. First we’ll execute the ‘unshadow’ script which will merge the ‘/etc/pass’ and ‘/etc/shadow’ files into a single file, called ‘crack.db’. This file will be used by John for password brute force attack. Let’s see the content of the crack.db file You can see there are various option that can be used for cracking password using John. You can see that the brute force attack we previously initiated is still under progress. John has now discovered the password ‘toor’ for the user ‘root’. Now lets uses the ‘—show’ switch to display the password in plaintext. John stores the obtained passwords in the ‘john. Pot’ file. You can see that the dictionary attack (in console 2) has now been completed and john has revealed 4 passwords. You’ll notice that the dictionary attack was much faster than the brute force attack carried out earlier. The program has now stored all the obtained passwords along with their respective hashes in the ‘john.pot’ file. You can also see the plain-text password in ‘pass-hases.db’ (used in the dictionary attack). Review full Chapter at www.logicalsecurity****
31 Jul 2009
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