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Water damage is one of the most common reasons for insurance claims. A burst pipe, sump pump failure, a leaky appliance, or a flooded basement, these are just a few ways to property owners have realized how quickly water can ruin your home or business. Visit our website for more information!
11 Sep 2019
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Allshred Services works with organizations to identify where hard drives can be recycled, ensuring that all sensitive and personal information is effectively wiped from the hard disk. The company is one of the leading companies in the USA providing a range of computer recycling solutions like hard drive shredding and e-waste IT asset recycling Ohio.
26 Aug 2019
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Commenting on clear cuts, back ridge line used to be Crown Land so they appear to cut that back every 20 years, the effect has a Savannah aesthetic, the fresh contour on western plot line is welcome, as the woodcutters have preserved my ravine bog integrity entirely with a semicircular cut out to keep my peat and soil from slathering out into the neighbouring lot. I could tell this was the case, the stream ran clear in that lot anyway, with little sediment. It proves they know what I've got down there and very respectful, I like neighbours like that. The Eemian Era soil dump of peat-like quality somewhat drip ends at my lot anyway, as the soil being exposed next door is not anywhere like its quality on observation. Seems I may have a consumable peat of up to 100 feet deep followed by perhaps a coal face below that (not sure but you get it, glaciers pushed the rock, the rock pushed, soil and ancient trees, etc.) All the way along Ohio lines all the way to SW Nova can be found these types of deposits. I have a deep end of that bit of the road I think. The new contour may allow surface to drain more easily from the road to the LaHavre River system. It really gives my lot every advantage in terms of light and water passage and despite appearance, has a mixed hardwood aspect. When they talk about Lunenburg County being all granite, don't forget the drumlins, people. Other sides of the road confirm a 100 foot depth even with field exposure am seeing almost half that in northern side of the road. Imagine the centuries of torn trunks and deadfall that must have been pushed along the glacial track. One hundred feet of soil takes a long time to naturally accumulate at any time in Earth history. At 500 years per inch, that's at least 600,000 years to form 100 foot depth of soil and up to 1.2 million years in slower condition. Imagine the glaciers stripping the topsoil like a big sharp blade dump truck delivered from the Pleistocene. Such depth recalls tropical forest.
28 Aug 2019
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Ohio Prep Stars traveled to the North Coast Saturday afternoon to the Cleveland Browns stadium. To witness, not Lebron James but Glenville and Mentor play an exciting game of high school football. This is what Ohio football is all about, the crowd was loud, the band was playing, and the pads were popping. Here are some of the sights and sounds from this great match-up in which Mentor won 15 - 13.
26 Oct 2006
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Soprano's Opening, shot in Cleveland, Ohio
13 Nov 2006
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Best Game of football ever. ohio state vs michigan #1 vs #2
11 Dec 2006
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The Ohio State Buckeye Wretling Team won the first annual Student Atlete Talent show. Among the judges were head football coach Jim Tressel and Athletic Director Gene Smith
12 Apr 2007
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Jimmy Kimmel gives LeBron James some friendly ribbing over Ohio State's National Champsionship dissappointment at the hands of Florida this year.
26 Jun 2007
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United Way of Central Ohio is unique in its focus on community impact. We no longer simply raise and distribute money to non-profits. Today's complex problems require proactive, permanent solutions. Our history of leadership enables us to spearhead comprehensive, community-wide change. We are a catalyst, a convener, a collaborator and a change agent. Our work brings people together to determine the root causes of our community's most challenging problems and to do whatever it takes to achieve lasting results.
26 Jul 2007
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College Football fans perform their end zone dances at the Ohio State 2007 home opener.
13 Sep 2007
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Members of the Ohio Tomonokai perform an Eisa Drum dance from Okinawa. Check out more great videos from and about Okinawa at agileh****/okinawa.html
24 Sep 2007
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You can learn more about our trip to Okinawa by watching my video at... www.agileh****/okinawa.html. Yoko Snodgrass, Tomiko Fifer & Karl Kortlandt perform the song "Mukashino Wakasa" at the Okinawa Tomonokai of Ohio's 2007 Spring Gathering. (I was alerted that the name of this song might be "mutunu wakasa". Does anybody know for sure?) The instrument they are playing is known as the Sanshin, which is a traditional, okinawan, three-string, guitar-like instrument.
25 Sep 2007
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