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Myspace and Dazed & Confused Magazine have joined forces to support World AIDS Day, by encouraging the public to submit artwork and pledge their support to join the (RED) initiative alongside luminaries including Samantha Morton, Juliette Lewis, Rhys Ifans, Miquita Oliver, Helena Christensen and Bjork.
26 Dec 2006
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14 Mar 2007
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Most recent- Oliver Bou Eid's Real love videoclip2005-2007;If you have wached Massari real love video clip:you can now watch my-video clip-Imitating him in my special way...Directed by Oliver Emile Bou Eid-Location:" Lebanon-(beyrouth--Sabtieh)-Road75-Tel:01/686802-_-Cell:03/273939.My emails: the-olivettihotmail**** & Oliverboueidhotmail****---visit:*******www.oliverthefirst.piczo****
31 Mar 2007
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Oliver bou eid Directions Illusions...
1 Aug 2007
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now for all olive oil lovers
26 Aug 2007
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Another delicious simple dish! Pasta with leeks and black olives!! Easy and fast!! Try and eat........I want your comments!! Do it!!
18 Sep 2007
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Use an Ancient Greek Method to make really fresh,100% Pure Olive Oil
18 Oct 2007
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OLIVER MANDIC - pomagajte drugovi
31 Oct 2007
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Local artist OLIVER - aka the Prince of the Darkness - has released Mono, a new album that represents for him one section of a magical musical path that's "like a dream".
24 Jan 2008
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*******www***okingrecipestv****/ - Want to know the definition of tapenade? This "how to video recipe" explains what tapenade is and how to make it. Tapenade originates from the south of France where it is used as a condiment often in place of butter or olive oil. Ingredients often include olives, herbs, lemon juice, capers as well as anchovies. My version is simple and easy to make with the help of a food processor and contains only five ingredients: - olives - garlic - Italian parsley - olive oil - fresh ground black pepper Enjoy, Chef Brian CookingRecipesTv****
29 Jan 2008
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On January 12th, The Ladies of Alpha Chapter invited you to join them in a celebration of a milestone which is reached by so few. 100 years of growth. 100 years of service. 100 years of achievement. Through exemplary service initiatives and progressive programs, they have continued to empower those in our increasingly complex society. In honor of an event one century in the making, we invited you to raise your glass and toast an achievement which is as much yours, as it is ours. January 12th at Olives was truly a spectacular night.
31 Jan 2008
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The most faithful film of Charles Dickens’ classic novel, William J. Cowen’s version of Oliver Twist is as heartwarming today as it was in the early nineteen thirties. An orphaned boy named Oliver Twist, played by the adorable Dickie Moore, struggles on the London streets in the early 19th century. Weakened by starvation and backbreaking labor, the young lad learns to pick pockets in order to survive. By a great stroke of good fortune, he picks the pocket of a wealthy and compassionate man who takes him in. But from there, his past ever tries to intrude and the boy must rely on courage and grit to get him through. Oliver Twist is a tale all too easily understood, and thus more beloved for its humane universality: the struggle by a young man to survive in a harsh world, beset by poverty and criminals, only to find love in the most unlikely places.
9 Jan 2009
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