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And you though hand cranked electronics were only for the OLPC. 90 seconds of cranking gets you an hour of radio. AM/FM/Weather and 2way radio all included.
6 Jan 2008
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Fraude bancario, version online, en Suecia; OLPC: la campaña solidaria del año; Los ingleses pierden datos confidenciales por minuto; El ataque de los hackers chinos; Masacres Escolares y Medios Virales; El fin del DRM; El iPhone y la Wii; Ron Jeremy: El Videoblogger
16 Jan 2008
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On continue (ok pas du tout avec le même rythme qu'hier) avec les LiftCast presqu'en direct de Genève. Quelques images des conférences et un peu d'ambiance de ce qui se passe ici. Spécial promo: prochain LiftCast: des images du fameux OLPC (le pc ultra portable à moins de 200$) Cela fera même l'objet d'un numéro de tout spécialement dédié.
8 Feb 2008
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La fin des conférences à Lift day2 vient de sonner. Laurent Haug nous donne quelques impressions et feed-back sur cette première journée de conférences. Juste après on tombe sur un drôle d'ordinateur: un OLPC (one laptop per child) le fameux portable à moins de 200$. On le test pour vous dans un prochain numéro de et coup de chance on pourra même en voir deux!
8 Feb 2008
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WWW.alanawez.COM This is how you open, then turn on an OLPC laptop computer. Lisa Nova provides a little YouTube humour which is explained here can read more about the XO laptop at created by Saskboy of
18 May 2008
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with only days before x-mas, this week we have emergency gift guides from annie, rick, and zadi that cover everything from chia pets to diy music videos. google continues to roll out the awesome and scary tools, and the FU of the week is handed out by an organization that gives when you receive. that sounds naughty! ;) have a great holiday! for everything epic-fu and all the show links, go to *******epicfu****.
23 Dec 2007
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Campaña Solidaria One iPod Per Child; El Rey Estrenará un Podcast titulado ¿Por qué no te callas?, La SGAE Compra el Palacio de los Deportes; Facebook Ficha a los diseñadores gráficos de MySpace, Led Zeppelin Grabará su Nuevo Disco con Instrumenos de Guitar Hero, Nuevo sistema de trueque para iTunes, Linuxeros denuncian que el Windows Vista tiene líneas de Código de Linux; Video. Too much power; Nota: TODAS estas noticias son FALSAS. Feliz Día de los Santos Inocentes.
14 Jan 2008
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CBS and Digg Team Up For Election, in a bid to reach a wider audience. Fat? Don´t Blame the Big Macs, says the CEO of McDonald´s, but he would, wouldn´t he? No More Pandora In UK, but the good news is UK iTunes Price Cut. Philippines Tax SMS, which is a bit unreasonable, and will there be a New 75 Dollar Laptop? Finally Apple Invades Braziian Popsicles. Cool.
16 Jan 2008
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Learning about Living is a project using computers and mobile phones to teach Nigerian teenagers about sexuality and HIV/AIDS prevention. The demand for precise and non-judgmental information on these issues is bigger than ever. The teenagers love it and acquire IT skills at the same time.
31 Jan 2008
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******* - Intel announced the 2nd generation of the Classmate PC (2go PC) at the Intel Developer Forum 2008 in Shanghai
10 Sep 2008
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1. Microsoft Continues To Mingle With Yahoo, Still Hopes To Beat Google, 2. The One Laptop Per Child Program and Microsoft Team Up
19 May 2008
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Please cast your vote by submitting a high rating for WiHood.*******www.goodentrepreneur****/The-Competition/Entries-Pool/Virtual-PC-desktop-service-for-Children/
9 Jul 2009
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*******www****booknews**** Walter Bender of Sugar Labs gives his presentation at The Netbook World Summit in Paris. He goes over this new concept of education for children in Sugar Labs and his recent release of the blueberry build in Sugar Labs.
26 Jan 2010
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Martin Kuipers and Jurriaan Mous from the Netherlands are talking about their startup and giving their first impressions of the OLPC laptop at the Lift Conference. This video was filmed in HD quality using the Sanyo HD1000 and posted to *******techvideoblog****
9 Feb 2009
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They are journalists from french news media Europe1 and Canal and they give us their opinion about the OLPC XO laptop. This video was filmed at the Lift08 conference using the Sanyo HD1000 and posted in HD quality at *******techvideoblog****
15 Feb 2008
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Philippe Tarbouriech is a Photographer Technologist at *******phitar**** and worked as the producer of Sim City 3000 in the silicon valley. In this video he is talking about some of the challenges for the OLPC project in terms of being relevant in the classroom and about some of the strategies that a teacher can use to keep the attention of the students when they each have their own laptop. This video was filmed at the Lift08 conference using the Sanyo HD1000 camcorder and posted in HD quality at *******techvideoblog****
16 Feb 2008
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