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This is the complete process involved in pulling a shot on the Olympia Cremina from grind to cleanup. The grinder is an Anfim Best, Tamper Reg Barber 49mm American Curve, Coffee is Cafe Doma Vito's Blend, the cup is Bodum Pavina. I empirically derived this technique over a two year period. Using this technique and good, fresh, properly degassed coffee you should produce great tasting espresso with thick persistent crema. The active pre-infusion (mini pumps) makes for a superior shot, and reduces potential damage to the puck with a second pull by making it possible to pull a full 2oz of espresso on a single pull by taking up volume in the puck with water making a second pull unnecessary. To view an espresso shot close up with excellent crema, see my other video.
5 Apr 2007
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1983 Olympia Cremina 67 using an Elektra MicroCasa a Leva double basket and Cafe Doma's Vito's Blend producing massive lingering crema. 16g coffee, 2oz extraction, 1 pull
5 Apr 2007
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Has the cold weather got you down? Is it preventing you from that great cross country motorcycle trip up to the Rockies? Check out the video for Olympia's solution. Additional information is available at www.ascycles****
16 Apr 2007
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You may be a weekly commuter or looking forward to your next long distance motorcycle journey through the back country. Olympia's newest line of motorcycling apparel includes the Patton Mesh Tech Field Jacket. It's high in technical features and multi-season protection at a low price you can afford. Discover if this is the jacket you've been long awaiting...www.ascycles****
18 Apr 2007
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Banda Ghambiarra em apresentação ao vivo no Olympia com a musica Metamorfose Ambulante de Raul Seixas.
13 May 2007
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Arnold Schwarzenegger Mr. Olympia, Muscle
25 May 2007
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Jay Cutler, Mr. Olympia 2006
18 Jul 2007
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Lancement de, ******* la télévision pour ados sur le net,à l'Olympia le 28 septembre. sera lancée officiellement le 28 septembre prochain à l'Olympia,à l'occasion d'un Rock'n'Roll Friday exceptionnel rassemblant les Shades, les Naast, les Plasticines et les BB Brunes. Concert est en live sur le 28 septembre à 20h. (suite)
15 Sep 2007
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Extrait de concert Olympia . Totalité est sur *******
5 Oct 2007
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Ancient Olympia Epathlon Internet Cafe
7 Oct 2007
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Breckenridge Apartments is an exclusive apartment community in Olympia, located high atop Somerset Hill. You'll experience quiet living combined with great views from our apartment homes. Distinctive architectural styling, professionally designed landscaping, spacious and open floor plans all enhance your living atmosphere. At Breckenridge, we proudly offer the very best in first class apartment living. Stop by for your private tour or visit us online at *******www.forrent****/apartment-community-profile/1007978.php!
9 Oct 2007
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23 Feb 2008
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