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Online retailer specializing in things relating to video games such as keyboards, mouse, controllers, clothing, keychains, necklaces & gadgets.
If you are using Firefox and or anything besides Internet Explorer and you are being lead to a "Newsletter" Copy and Paste the Link Location into "Internet Explorer". works it works.. You'll see.. finally no credit card, no offers, no referrals!!!! Once you click on link you will need to 2 seconds!!it will automatically add me as the referrer and then i get a message saying so, then i will message you with a guide on how to get GTD fast and answer ur questions!Then once you registered just verify your email address.THATS IT!!Once logged in for the first time check ur messages and click the marketplace in the top right of page AFTER you have signed up! You Can message me if u have questions!! Now, to get your free Xbox or PS3 you will need to earn GTD. GTD are basically points. When u watch a video on the site you earn 1 GTD. And when u comment on videos and basically use the site you earn GTD. another good way is to upload videos and everytime someone watches them(which they will) you earn GTD. (There's A Bunch Of ways to earn GTD)So depending on what u want, u need to earn as much GTD as u want. You Must reach Level 5 before u can get anything from the marketplace :)The Site actually gets fun, addictive and it works and you WILL get what u want with a alittle patience.I have a step by step guide on how to earn GTD as fast as possible.. i will send it to you once u join the site (Free).. message me for ANY help/questions. You can't go wrong because if u want a video game console than u obviously like games and thats what the whole site is based on GAMING. It is just like Myspace but better and only for gamers, and interactive.You u watch game trailers and gaming videos, and a bunch of other stuff thats interactive(which u would probably be doing anyways) and get a free xbox or whatever u choose... Yup it's simple, easy, free, and actually kinda fun!!! Here is the link: It might take awhile to earn enough GTD for a console but hey, IT"S FREE and faster than not getting one!!! MAKE SURE YOU CLICK ON LINK ABOVE.Have Fun!!! ** Last Note** This is NOT a Scam... This site has an actual show on TV if u get spike TV on cable u will see the show.u should check it out. Click the link above to get started. MessagePM Me if you have any questions, I'll be glad to Help. This is 100% Legit, This site has a TV Show on Spike. I Can give you help and hints to get your Free Stuff Faster if you PM me or just by clicking the link above and sign up. Again Thank You For Watching And Have Fun With Your Free Stuff! Here is the link Again: """PLEASE COMMENT AND RATE!!!!""" And please Once you have created your account, Keep a look out in Your Messages. I will be sending a Message with tips. Well guess what guys there is an EASIER way to get a free Xbox 360, free Playstation 3, and free Nintendo Wii. And alll you have to do is watch video clips, how fucking hard is that? not hard at all. All you need to do to get started is click the following link and register your account today. this will be a little time consuming because as you may know no one is gonna give you a free game console for watching only one video. no you must watch several video and get to a level 5 account and after your level 5 just keep saving your GTD to buy stuff from the game trailer store. you earn levels by watching the videos and getting GTD(game trailer dollars). But anyone in the right state of mind would be like i don't care how long it takes show me the damn movies!. o and btw you are aloud to watch multiple videos at the same time cool huh. so click the link and get started now!
11 May 2012
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