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Visit opensea ... and see what my NFTs have to offer. A video walkthrough off my application for the Hermes Creative Awards. It’s a very interesting time to be doing some NFTs which is very ground breaking . They are mostly stored here on opensea, I have quite a collection as I record this I have more than a hundred, they are cubes or rotating gifs, some are in pyramid. And they tell a story , they are for sale in Ethereum Coin, it’s not that many people are applying for the Hermes Creative awards with NFT’s so it’s a very ground breaking thing that I am doing . It’s with coming to have a look, it’s MBF Lifestyle Designs which are creative Logos you can buy and use onto your, I don’t know email or whatever platform your publishing company works on. Come have a look it’s a very exciting time for Liberal Forward Thinking Uninhibited types .Thanks for watching .
18 Apr 2021
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Keaco LLC offers component taping supplies and #componentpackagingmachines for our customers that request subcontract packaging of their products. Keaco can provide a #componenttapingservice to package parts or devices into Keaco #carriertapes sealed with KEAPAK™ cover tapes then wrapped onto KEAPAK™ SMD reels. Additional services include dry packing the loaded SMD reels inside our ARIDPAK™ moisture barrier bags by inserting the proper amount of ARIDPAK™ desiccants along with a cobalt dichloride free humidity indicator card. We can also offer customized automated packaging solutions for new products and/or unique applications. Address : 1006 Assembly Cir, Schertz, TX 78154, USA Phone : 210-651-6688
19 Apr 2021
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How To Get Music Onto An iPod From The Internet
5 Sep 2007
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How To Get Photos Onto Your iPod
5 Sep 2007
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How To Get Video Onto Your iPod
5 Sep 2007
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how to get onto the internet
24 Sep 2007
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I Show/Tell You How To Convert Videos Onto Your Psp For Free! To Download Xilisoft Click On The Download Link Below.
25 Oct 2008
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This guy gets dared to jump off a house and onto a trampoline. He successfully hits his target but only on the first bounce. The trampoline throws him back towards the house crashing him into the side rail.
3 Aug 2008
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See how easy it is to copy DVD movies onto any iPod. We review the best DVD to iPod Converter. DOWNLOAD:
27 Sep 2008
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Brutal dive onto a garbage bin in the snow.
27 Oct 2008
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***PLEASE READ, GETS UPDATED ALL THE TIME*** I'm going to show you how to put .IPA file apps onto your jailbroken iPhone 3G or iPod Touch. Using WinSCP and OpenSSH on Windows plz remember this is my first video EVER! in my life! so plz don't hate too much -UPDATE: this vid was done quite some time ago, many changes and f/w's have gone past since then, but I have been updating the video description so plz refer to that aswell! thank you ***MobileInstallation file*** 1. *******stashbox****/v/176559/MobileIn... - For iPhone & iPod Touch FIRMWARE 1.1.* and 2.0.* SERIES AND **iPod Touch 2.1**!!!! 2 *******fs09n2.sendspace****/dl/76e441... - For iPhone 2G & 3G FIRMWARE 2.1 ONLY Instructions 1.Log into WinSCP (windows) or Cyberduck (Mac) 2.Create a folder called Documents in /var/mobile/ and set permission to 777 3.Create a folder called Documents in the /Applications folder and set permissions to 777. 4.Now go to root /System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/Mobile Installation.framework 5.Replace the MobileInstallation file and set the permissions 775 for the file 6.Reboot your iPhone/iPod Touch-IMPORTANT! 7.Download cracked Games and Apps from Update: below scroll down 8.Download at least one App from t he App Store(Free or Paid) FROM YOUR IPOD TOUCH/IPHONE DEVICE! IMPORTANT: Otherwise you will get an error! (Only need to do this once] 9.Double click on the cracked .ipa you downloaded 10.Sync your iPhone/iPod Touch and enjoy! *for people with 1.1.3 1.1.4 firmware OR people who can't get an app store ID i suggest you upgrade to 2.0 firmware series. or if you cannot, download .ipa files or download .app files (you can unzip .ipa files to get the .app file inside!) put the .app file in /Applications (where you made your Documents foler in) and set permission to 775 recursively and then follow the rest of my instructions set above.(skipping out app store of course) UPDATE 1.3 -02/09/08 More sources for new ipa files: *******www.sendspace****/folder/l1rq06 *****My FAVOURITE Site for APPS**** ******* i will update all the time, when I find decent links and info UPDATE 1.4 -13/09/08 Just jailbroken my iPod Touch 2.1 & iphone 2.1 and it works fine for the new iTunes 8.0 and for the firmware 2.1 :) *remember different MobileInstalltion file for iPhone2.1!!! *UPDATE 24th November 2008* WORKS FOR THE NEW FIRMWARE 2.2_confirmed Just use the same mobile installtion file you used for 2.1 f/w. Is it possible for you guys to help me out: if you guys could go to this site *******apple.freebiejeebies******/12252 and sighn up and follow the steps and complete and offer it would be greatly apreaciated Thanks
24 Mar 2009
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just an easy way to put movies onto your iphone. this is my 2nd video, so please mind the quality. a bit blurry, but it will improve. please comment and subscribe. its free, and it will keep me going. look out for my next video: zagg invisible shield unboxing/review.
5 Apr 2009
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ATV Reverses and Flips Over Onto Driver
19 Apr 2009
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Jumping Onto Escalator Fail
15 Aug 2009
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