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The Sixth Element is a holistic wellness initiative that aims to educate people about altering their lifestyle, so that the lead a better life. The focus is to introduce high quality super-foods that energizes, immunizes and improves vitality.
*******www.RenegadeHealth**** - This might ruffle a few feathers, but follow along and you'll see why I say that the price of organic foods have to go up before they go down... At the Expo West, a farmer asked Michael Pollan--author of The Omnivore's Dilemma--a question that I thought a lot about. The question was this... "How can a small guy like us compete with the big food companies as well as those who process foods? We're just farmers, we sell apples and commodities?" Pollan didn't have a specific answer... he just said that this farmer and the scores of others in the same situation needed to stand out from the rest. Here are my thoughts...
19 Mar 2008
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Host Jennifer Kamstock explains why to eat organic food and where you can find it at reasonable prices. Written and produced by Larry Cook, author of The Beginner’s Guide to Natural Living. 4 of 12 videos Distributed by Tubemogul.
12 May 2008
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*******www.therenegadehealthshow**** - No matter where I go, or who I talk to, the most common questions about healthy foods that get are these... Why should I eat organic food vs conventional? Are organic foods really better than conventional foods? How do I know that I'm not being scammed? You'd think that with the scientific evidence that pesticides are harmful and organics have more nutrients than conventional foods that people would start switching over. But it's not the case. I read in a magazine recently that 98% of the population still doesn't eat organics (who knows if that number is right or not, but even if it's 70%, it's still a big deal!) Many of you who read this blog, are in that other 2%, but we still want our friends, family members and fellow humans to be healthy and not suffer from unnecessary toxic load. So I've created a demonstration, that hopefully we can share that may change our perspective on the importance of organic foods...
15 May 2008
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5 advantages of organic food... *******camatoo****/organicrecipes
22 May 2008
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*******www.therenegadehealthshow**** - This should bring some healthy discussion... Which do you think is better? Eating all organic foods with no or little variety or eating a very wide variety of non-organics? Watch the show to see what I think and then post your comment below... I really want to hear your thoughts on this one! I also explain a mistake in a recent email (thanks Grant, for pointing it out!) about protein and what other fruits contain plenty of protein, so you can steer clear of animal protein if you're so inclined... Go ahead and watch now...
3 Sep 2008
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Host Zoë Simpson shares why to eat organic food and where to buy it if you are on a budget. Topics include: community supported agriculture, farmer’s markets, home delivery and buying it at health food stores. Distributed by Tubemogul.
27 Sep 2008
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1 May 2009
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Watch Conscious Living TV's host Bianca Alexander on San Francisco's ABC-7 as she uncovers food packaging myths and shares how to shop for organic food.
27 Jun 2009
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Organic foods have no unique health benefits, says a study out of London. But are there greater ethics involved?
11 Aug 2009
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Notes by host J. Keith van Straaten *On the streets, we talked to dozens of people from all over the world. I don't think we found a single person who said organic food wasn't a better way to go. *The very crafty Jules Dervaes runs the Path To Freedom Urban Homestead with his family. They've created a genuine farm on their plain ol' city lot in Pasadena. They were gracious hosts to us for our shoot. And they didn't give us a hard time for misspelling their family name in the video. *Christine Bybee is indeed a certified nutritionist --and a nutritionist to the stars! The Rutgers University study she cites is actually still a topic of debate in the nutrition community. Judge for yourself. *Anna Getty has already judged and is definitely pro-organic! She's a spokesperson for The Organic Center and understandably I felt a little uncomfortable taking a Big Bite of hot dog in front of her. No worries; I more than made up for it a few weeks later. *The lady serving me my pizza and salad is Mani, our fabulous PA. I call her Libbie as a way of saying hi to my grandmother. What got cut... The salad Mani/Libbie put down was put together by the Dervaes family. It was made entirely from their farm, was 100% organic, and was topped by edible flowers. Yum! Still, the original ending had me getting into a tug-of-war over the non-organic pizza with our cameraman! (He won.) For more info on who I am and what I'm up to, check out my Yahoo! 360 page or my personal site. And who knows, maybe next time we're out talking to people on the street, we'll run into YOU! Visit these urban farmers and urban homesteaders at their website www.PathtoFreedom****
6 Sep 2009
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Common Sense Wholesome Food Market delivers organic food to Winnipeg Manitoba and across Canada. We have the best prices for bulk, organic food and tea. *******www****
28 Jul 2011
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*******biodomerevolution.plus101**** ---Biodome Revolution Greenhouse Organic Food. How To Create Your Own Geodesic Dome Green House And Have Your Own 'Organic Food Factory' Providing You and Your Family With Incredible Food, Year Round, Even In The Dead of Winter! Biodome, Revolution, Greenhouse, Organic, Food, Geodesic, Dome, Green, House, crafts, educational, environment, flowers, gardening, garderning, green, growing, healthdiet, hiking, howto, nature, ofoutdoors, wilderness, wildlife, wonderful, world
4 Aug 2011
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