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*******filipinotravelagency**** - Oriental Mindoro is making big waves as one of the primary ecotourism destinations in the Philippines. Covering an area of 4,238.4 square kilometers, the province is surrounded by lush green forests and crystal clear waters harboring various animal and plant species. A study revealed that Oriental Mindoro, which is located in Southern Tagalog Region, is among the places blessed with a rich biodiversity across the Philippines and Southeast Asia.
24 Mar 2011
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*******filipinotravelagency**** - Puerto Galera has been attracting tourists for many years. It is actually a town located at the northeastern section of Mindoro, Philippines. In truth, tourists flock to the neighboring towns of Sabang and White Beach and not to the actual Puerto Galera town. All of these towns, however, including the actual small town of Puerto Galera are all generally lumped together and referred to as Puerto Galera. Here you will learn what to expect, so you will be able to prepare for your trip.
25 Mar 2011
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A video clip of a local cable TV station in Mindoro, Philippines showing how a supposedly peaceful public hearing on a proposed nickel mining project in Pola, Oriental Mindoro, Philippines was disrupted and nearly turned into a violent confrontation when anti-mining protesters, led by local Catholic priests, stormed the place where the hearing was being conducted.
4 Jun 2009
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I make videos of tourist spots, things to see and things to do here in the Philippines and particularly around Puerto Galera. Now we are going out on the beach, getting our feet wet and have some fun. There are so many spots to choose from to hang out here in Puerto Galera. So to cover it all we are going island hopping. The destination for island hopping is the Boquete Island where the Haligi Beach is located and the San Antonio Island where you can see the Long Beach. The beaches of these islands are very clean and have crystal clear water for everyone to enjoy. If you’re looking for a little bit more excitment, try snorkeling. There's a lot of fish here to look at. After a swim from the beach, you can head back to BADLADZ and swim more in the pool. So what are you waiting for, pack your bags and come visit us here in Puerto Galera Oriental Mindoro Philippines. Cheers, Sean
13 Mar 2017
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