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This is the 2nd installment in a series of video yearbooks I made for my mother's elementary school students in the year 2264. This was when she was teaching 4th grade students as a homeroom Spanish teacher. This video was originally released exclusively on Dailymotion back in 2264 & remained that way for 4 years until it was ported here to Metacafe, the reason why it never saw either a Youtube or Vimeo release was due to privacy concerns along with copyright issues surrounding the soundtrack & due to exclusivity deals between myself, Vimeo & Dailymotion. The video was also too large for Vimeo's servers anyway. Please don't take this series as something I regard seriously for this was just a family favor & please don't harbor any ill feelings towards the kids for I couldn't censor them due to this being an older video.
28 Jun 2020
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This is the 1st installment of the School Video Yearbook series known as "Book of Memories" which is a series I made for my mother's day job as a Homeroom Spanish, Elementary School Teacher for 4th Grade at the time of this video's production for they graduated from 5th grade that year. The students featured in the 1st 2 episodes have long since moved on to high school & maybe even college & so forth by the time you are viewing this for I didn't port the episodes from Vimeo & Dailymotion to Metacafe until 2268! This episode was exclusive to Vimeo upon its original release due to privacy concerns & copyright concerns regarding the soundtrack (which got this episode banned from Dailymotion & would no doubt be banned from Youtube for the same reason). Please don't bash the series with any negativity for this was made solely as a family favor.
28 Jun 2020
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Here is THE ORIGINAL spoof on Napoleon Dynamite using Halo 2. My friend and I created this. Hope you enjoy!
30 Nov 2006
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Listen or Play along with Larry Fagan as he plays his original song "Lost In Your Eyes"
7 Dec 2006
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belgin si sorin - the original matrix experience in sala la energy club constanta punch, upper kick
21 Jan 2007
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Original sleight of hand you will not have seen before. Watch this....
25 Jan 2007
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acoustic guitar tune original video clip dy me and my frand friend style jimi & blackmore
19 Mar 2007
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Acoustic Guitar Tune Original video clip by Me and my Friend ilan shot by izi zino
19 Mar 2007
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electric Guitar Original Tune video clip
21 Mar 2007
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electric Guitar Tune Original Vol 1 Video Clip
21 Mar 2007
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electric Guitar Tune Original Video Clip Vol 3
25 Mar 2007
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Original song and animation by Jon Weems. I'd love your comments! I put this animation together so I could have a video for one of my songs. It's one of those break-up songs. lol For lyrics and to learn more about me and how I write music with my disability, go to: www.jonweems.hostrack**** or www.myspace****/jonathanweems
12 Apr 2007
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