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After 69 years in the infamous bustier and star-spangled hot pants, Wonder Woman debuts a new, more conservative costume.
6 Jul 2010
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It's Game Time! This week, host Flitz Ricketts gives gamer addicts of South Korea some advice, and looks forward to the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot, which stars a softer and more vulnerable Lara Croft.
1 Dec 2012
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Good Will Hunting is a 1997 American drama film, directed by Gus Van Sant, and starring Robin Williams, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Minnie Driver, and Stellan Skarsgård. Written by Affleck and Damon, the film follows 20-year-old South Boston janitor Will Hunting, an unrecognized genius who, as part of a deferred prosecution agreement after assaulting a police officer, becomes a client of a therapist and studies advanced mathematics with a renowned professor. Through his therapy sessions, Will re-evaluates his relationships with his best friend, his girlfriend, and himself, facing the significant task of confronting his past and thinking about his future.
9 May 2019
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Hello , BONJOUR ,ЗДРАВСТВУЛТЕ!, CIAO Jambo, Merhaba !!!!! UNESCO has named 2007 International Year of Rumi the number-one, Hello , BONJOUR ,ЗДРАВСТВУЛТЕ!, CIAO Jambo, Merhaba !!!!! UNESCO has named 2007 International Year of Rumi the number-one, best-selling poet of the United States whose verses read by celebrities like Deepak Chopra,Madonna, Goldie Hawn and Demi Moore . According to Time Magazine Rumi is,Mystic of the Century and according to the New York Times Rumi is the most influential poet in America since the 1960s who has outsold Shakespeare . Who is this Mevlana Mohammed Jelaled-din Rumi , that over 700 years after his death his words and thoughts are causing such a stir and Westerns say that Rumi's philosophy is crucial for peace on the planet today?First , here is one way in which he described himself : Not Christian or Jew or Muslim, not Hindu, Buddhist, sufi, or zen. Not any religion or cultural system. I am not from the East or the West, not out of the ocean or up from the ground, not natural or ethereal, not composed of elements at all. I do not exist, am not an entity in this world or the next, did not descend from Adam and Eve or any origin story. My place is placeless, a trace of the traceless. Neither body or soul. I belong to the beloved, have seen the two worlds as one and that one call to and know, first, last, outer, inner, only that breath breathing human being. Rumi's popularity is all the more remarkable given the suspicions between America and the Muslim world. What is it about Rumi that attracts so many Americans who says : My Mother is Love My Father is Love My Prophet is Love My God is Love I am a child of Love I have come only to speak of Love . America and the Muslim world each insist on viewing the other through its own cultural lens. What Americans cherish as freedom, the Muslim world views as tending towards debauchery. What many Muslims consider pious restraint, Americans see as evidence of control by a misogynist theocracy. Amidst these tensions, Americans from all walks of life are reading Rumi. If the Muslim world and America are so seemingly incomprehensible to each other, how has a medieval dervish from the East nestled so close to America's heart? The answer must be Rumi, was a philosopher and mystic of Islam, but not a Muslim of the orthodox type. His doctrine advocated unlimited tolerance, positive reasoning, goodness, charity and awareness through love. To him and to his disciples all religions were more or less truth. Looking with the same eye on Muslim, Jew and Christian alike, his peaceful and tolerant teaching has appealed to men of all sects and creeds. Come, come again... Whatever you are... Whether you are infidel, idolater or fireworshipper. Whether you have broken your vows of repentance a hundred times This is not the gate of despair, This is the gate of hope. Come, come again... Best regards
13 May 2007
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The biggest hit at last year's Sundance Film Festival, Son of Rambow tells the origin story of the director/producer team of Garth Jennings and Nick Goldsmith - collectively known as Hammer & Tongs. Set in England in the 1980s the movie tells of the profound impact a pirated copy of First Blood has on a pair of movie-mad school kids who channel the inspiration into their own first feature.
2 Apr 2008
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The Popol Vuh is considered to be the single most important piece of Meso-American literature. Striking parallels between the Popol Vuh and the Hebrew stories of Genesis powerfully reinforce the notion that members of the ‘Lost Tribes of Israel” eventually made their way somehow from the Middle East to settle in the Americas, ultimately influencing Mayan literature and religion. The Popol Vuh, A sacred book of the Maya, is thought to have been based on an original Maya codex written in Mayan hieroglyphic script. Recordings of the original stories would therefore pre-date the arrival of Europeans to the Americas by 500 to 1,000 years. The significance of the book is enormous since it is one of a small number of early Meso-American sacred texts. The mythology it records is believed to correspond closely to that of the Pre-Classic Maya period prior to 250 A.D. The original Mayan hieroglyphic texts have been lost to time. The first clearly identifiable Maya settlements were established by 1,800 B.C.E. Their descendants survive today in Mexico and Central America. The Popol Vuh continues to play an important role in the belief system of the people of the Quiché-Maya Nation, who were solely responsible for its preservation from the ancient to the present day. The original manuscript was called "The Manuscript of Quiché". The ‘Tower of Babel’ story of Genesis also has a striking parallel in the Popol Vue. “And having heard of a city, they went there. All arrived at Tulán. (Possibly Babylon?) It was impossible to count the men who arrived. And there it was that the speech of the tribes changed; their tongues became different. They could no longer understand each other clearly after arriving at Tulán. There also they separated. There were some who had to go to the East, but many came here. When they arrived at Tulán, the old traditions say they had traveled far in order to arrive there.”
30 Mar 2009
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Teaser trailer for the new War of the Worlds film currently in production, and due for release January 2009. Filmed entirely with stills cameras, and following the original story, this is a long awaited faithful adaptation of H. G. Wells timeless story. Directed by John Thomson
20 Aug 2008
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Another work from the Blue Sky arts residency using original story, sound, and images, with books modified by my teen collaborators and computer-generated narration.
16 Nov 2008
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Kamar takes fun educational web-based approach to playtime with Skoodlez™ Today Kamar Innovation Toy Group launches SkoodlezTM - an interactive soft sculpted toy that offers a unique combination of on and off-line play to encourage creative writing and ignite imaginations. Each Skoodlez™ is crafted with trademarked weighted hands and feet to allow infinite posing possibilities and hours of playtime fun. A Samoleez™ coin tied to the neck of each doll offers a personalized code to grant access to www.skoodlez****, an online world where children are challenged to create original stories. Upon entering the site, children enter the world of the Skoodiculous™ Story Machine. Inputting the coin code into the machine allows them to begin creating an original story. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/skoodlez/34915/
12 Sep 2008
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Original Story picked up from below link: *******tinyurl****/4mqxsp So, I can't help but feeling that there is not a lot of Android love especially from developers who are "sticking with what is making them money" ie iPhones! Google Android's first mobile device G1 was only released on September 23rd and already many developers are shunning it! Thoughts? Email me at: joshchandlertechnologygazette**** Visit my blog at: *******www.joshchandlerblog.blogspot****
28 Sep 2008
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Next year DC Comics is putting out another version of Superman's origin story, man, and they shouldn't! Are they crazy? They've got to give Superman a break, man, he's exhausted!
1 Dec 2008
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Cameron has been writing stories with a penchant for the paranormal for years now (and she's only ten). She tells Amy, Meredith, and Amy about how she comes up with ideas, beats writer’s block and even co-writes an original story with the Smart Girls crew!
11 Aug 2009
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