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my baby oscar gets a treat
22 May 2007
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The Fight Network's Jason Abelson goes One on One with "The Golden Boy" Oscar De La Hoya.
21 Aug 2007
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Reese Witherspoon won the Oscar at the 78th Academy Awards for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role "Walk the Line" as June Carter
11 Oct 2007
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Oscar G drop Jewel Kid's Me and You for his Live Space CD/DVD
16 Jul 2008
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19 Jan 2009
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No Country wins Best Picture, Britney wins a visit with her boys and Lindsay wins 8 Razzies!?! All this coming up on BSW channel**** I’m Amy Paffrath for BSW channel**** bringing you the freshest Hollywood gossip. Last nights Oscar ceremony brought all of Hollywood out for the celebration. The writers strike threatened to put a stop to Films biggest night, but just last week the show got the green light and everyone was happy. The ladies of the evening looked radiant in red, while the men, surprise! Wore tuxes. Must be so boring to be a boy. Best Actor winner Daniel Day Lewis also got the red red carpet memo, this man cleans up real nice. But the film that swept the awards was the Cohen Brothers western romp No country for old me. It was awarded statues for Best picture, best direction and best supporting actor Javier Bardem. Marian Cotiard nabbed the Best Actress award for her work in La Vien Rose, a film more people might actually check out now that she’s won every award for the role! Across town at the Indie spirit awards Angelina Jolie showed up sporting a tell tale baby bump. Though she still hasn’t officially come out and admitted it, it looks she is indeed carrying yet another genetically perfect creature. Jolie was up for best actress in A Mighty heart, but nothing could stop the teen pregnancy comedy June. The flick got top honors at the Indie awards grabbing best actress for Ellen Page and best screenplay for stripper turned writer Diablo Cody. There were enough awards to go around this weekend and Lindsay Loan was not left out. Finally getting the recognition she deserves, LiLO was named Worst Actress for her box office dud I Know Who Killed Me. She actually won the Razzie twice, she played dual roles in I know who killed me and she played them equally horribly. The Golden Rasperberrry awards a given out each year on Oscar weekend. While Lohan definately made a clean sweep with 8 wins, Eddie Murphy followed close behind with 3 wins for Norbit. She might not have shiny new award to polish, but Oscar weekend proved to be a good one for Britney Spears. She finally got to have a face to face visit with her sons. Something she hasn’t been able to do since Jan 3. The visit took place a Spears Beverly Hills mansion and lasted only 3 fully supervised hours. IT might have been short lived but Brit will have to take baby steps when it comes to making contact with her babies. IT was reportedly Jamie spears Brit’s dad who is responsible for making the visit happen. It is not known when little Sean Preston and Jayden James will see mommy again. Maybe if she listens to her papa it will be sooner than later. I’m Amy Paffrath for bswchannel****. Keep coming back for all the freshest Gossip. oscar, academy awards, awards, hollywood, film, britney spears, lindsay lohan, juno, no country for old men, spirit, blood, pitt, jolie, k-fed, a mighty heart, academy award, academy awards, angelina jolie, awards, baby bump, best actress award, best picture, bomb, box officer, bradd pitt, britney, britneyspears, Bros, celebrity gossip, ceremony, cohen brothers, custody, daniel day lewis, diablo cody, duds, ellen page, fads, films, gossip, hollywood, hottie, indie spirit awards, javier bardem, jayden james, juno, k-fed, kfed, kodak, kodak theater, lilo, lindsay lohan, marian cotiard, mommy, movie news, movies, news, no country for old men..., norbit, ooops, oscar weekend, oscar weekend recap, oscars, outtakes, pregnant, pt anderson, rasberrys, razzies, red carpet, rumors, sean preston, stars, statue, stripper, Television, there will be blood, tuxes, tv, upskirt, winners losers, worst actress, worst picture
27 Oct 2009
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Dwayne Adway chate about "Eco" at the Oscar Week - Alive Expo Green Pavilion.
3 Mar 2008
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The magician Oscar bend a spoon with a finger
17 Mar 2008
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www.RiverWired**** Oscar Madison, one of television's most beloved-- and messiest-- characters, was recently on a ReclaimedHome**** list of the Greenest TV Characters of All Time. Why did this uber-slob make the cut? Check out this Celebrity Dirt to find out.
21 Apr 2008
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This is a piano jazz piece for Oscar Petrerson, Titled Jazz Exercice#3. I always participate in Jazz Music Master Class, in my country with the corporation of Belguim Pierre Viana (saxophone) and other Musician...
23 Apr 2008
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Oscar Cux, RIF's Volunteer of the Year 2007, offers tips for engaging young readers and their parents to encourage them to read together. To learn more about RIF, VOYA, and Osar Cux visit *******www.rif****
7 Jun 2008
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17 Jun 2008
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Company Of Thieves, Winners of our 2007 Songwriting Contest perform their winning song "Oscar Wilde" at the 2008 Songwriting Contest kick off event in NYC. visit for more information and to submit your music.
3 Jul 2008
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Worf is: The PET Oscar fish. Named after Worf from Star Trek! This is Tiedyeman's Oscar, This crazy fish loves playing with you, being pet, and eating out of your hand. Video By: SPACEDMANESS42 Music By: The Elektrik Gypsies To the people harassing me, stop it, it's uncool having to say I'm getting a bigger tank a million times over, would you guys like to buy the tank for me, or give me your tank? I didn't think so, so please stop commenting on the tank, look at the bloody fish for God sakes, that's what this video is about.
25 Apr 2009
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Whell this is my boy Oscar rapping, and doing a freestyle, verry dope imo.
22 Aug 2008
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