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The Ticket to Achieving Successful Customer Outcomes and Performance Improvement Steve Towers and the Customer Experience Do you need to help your company transform? Do you want to learn the best practices in business transformation? Do you want to use the most successful process techniques and tools? Do you want to achieve personal and business success with BPM qualifications? Are you looking to transform your life, your work and your future? Many of the solutions here contain everything I would do with you if we were doing a personal session together. Take a look around; you'll find Process Toolkits, Downloads, Books, Articles and more to help you achieve personal and business success. Megan James, event director for IQPC, interviews Steve Towers, CEO and founder of the BP Group and co-host for the 18th Annual Next Generation BPM Summit, about outside-in process thinking and plans for the summit, which is taking place 17-20 January, 2011 in Orlando, Florida.The interview addresses the current thinking and challenges behind ideas of customer centricity, as well as how to develop process and organizational behaviors to truly drive radical and sutainable performance improvements. Touching upon the changing organizational context, customer behaviors and the need to focus on results and delivery in the next few years, the video gives a glimpse into next generation thinking in process and and performance excellence.
5 Nov 2011
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