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Turny from Autoadapt is an outward-swivelling, motor-operated car seat lift. The continuously adjustable raising and lowering function of the Turny Orbit makes it ideal for disabled passengers, who can now transfer to and from a waiting wheelchair.
27 May 2008
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very funny
11 Aug 2009
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MTV RW Denver asset, week 11. Colie is told not to fraternize with Adam from Outward Bound; Brooke is not excited about the roommates next training exercise. Real World Denver airs every Wednesday at 10pm on MTV. *******realworld.mtv****/ From Wiredset digital agency.
16 Jan 2007
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This video will not necessarily make you an amazing screamer. it will give you the basics on inward screaming (also known as pig squealing) (made famous by Vehemence and Job for a Cowboy) but you'll have to practice yourself How To Screamo Scream and Outward Screaming should be coming soon.
1 Aug 2008
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MTV RW Denver asset, week 14. Davis' boyfriend P.J. comes to visit and Stephen feels uncomfortable when they start having sex. Real World Denver airs every Wednesday at 10pm on MTV. *******realworld.mtv****/ From Wiredset digital agency.
15 Feb 2007
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Niklas Aarre goes on his DofE silver award, his only chance of survival is to use the trekmates products...
9 Aug 2012
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a ghost appearance
12 Jan 2019
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ghost appearance in indonesian
12 Jan 2019
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Spoofing the "self-improvement motivational guru".This short-lived ABC offering that was pushed hugely,featured still Seinfeld fresh Alexander as motivational speaker--okay,HUGELY successful motivational speaker--Bob Patterson. Behind his outward appearance as a bright,charismatic seller of personal goals and dreams, he is underneath a wreck,reeling from divorce,unable to make a strong impression with his teenage son and facing a lack of respect among his own peers at the company he is contracted.
26 Dec 2006
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While vacationing with my parents in California in July of 2001, one of the stops was in San Francisco. I had the video camera, and took it around the city... on one of the famous cable cars, around the Golden Gate Bridge, and even caught this sight a few blocks from Fisherman's Wharf. It's a homeless person (I think this person is homeless) hiding behind what looks like a random bush or shrub or evergreen on the sidewalk. At random times, the person will make some sort of noise (unable to figure out if it's a word or what) and move a "branch" or two outwards towards an unsuspecting victim and giving them a little scare. I was caught off-guard, and having the camera in hand, thought, heck, this is too funny! I don't know if the person is still there today as I haven't been out in California since then, but hey, it was a great laugh!
7 Jul 2007
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This has to be one of the best loved show experiment amongst Flensburg’s chemistry students: The wax flame thrower! Since the experiment has found its way into the Flensburg laboratories, it has been shown at a number of events to great acclaim from the audience. This experiment is a relatively safe way to demonstrate combustion. It can also be used in fire safety education. If you try to extinguish burning fat or the wax on the Christmas decorations with water, you get the same effect. This is a serious risk, as your intuition will always tell you to use water to put out a fire. But in these cases, that would be the worst thing to do – as this experiment demonstrates. The combustion you can see so clearly in the video comes about through a number of steps. 1. The test tube is around 400° C hot; exposed to the cold water, it cools down rapidly and the bottom of the tube shatters. 2. Through the hole thus caused, water enters the test tube and meets the hot wax. 3. The water in the test tube evaporates immediately, greatly expands in volume and drives the liquid wax upwards and outwards. 4. The liquid wax and further gaseous components are ejected from the tube and finely disseminated. 5. The heat, fine dissemination and consequent high saturation with Oxygen mean that small, cracked particles (Hydrogen radicals) ignite in the waxen steam. 6. The flame of the radical reaction ignites the liquid part of the wax mixture. So, there is also a lot going on chemically with this experiment. Did you enjoy the video? Go to *********** and watch more of my videos. If you have interst, please contact me for shows, presentations or further education. Also do not hesitate to write me, if you have a question or want to see a new experiment on video.
10 Jul 2007
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Cat communication consists of a range of methods with which cats communicate with humans, other cats, and other animals. While superficially cats may seem to lack social behavior, in fact close study reveals a wide repertoire of subtle behaviors, which serve cats in their natural wild setting where they form organized hierarchies, and in their domestic interactions with humans.A common misunderstanding is that all "affectionate" biting is nipping. When a cat becomes irritated or tired of being petted (ie. being rubbed the wrong way, being irritated by static electricity, being sore, wanting to sleep, or just being cranky), the cat may cease to nip and start to bite. The crucial difference is that the cat will bite harder than a nip but will rarely be painful, and will be displaying other signs of irritation at being petted (ie. purring stopped, tail no longer vertical, whiskers and ears pointed backwards, paw swiping at the petting hand before or immediately after the bite). This is not a sign of outward aggression, just simply a terse request that the cat's human companion should immediately stop some action which the cat has ceased to enjoy.
7 Aug 2007
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Watch from ground zero, this massive atomic wedgie. This is not abuse. Allow me to explain. They have something in Japan called "kancho". The kancho administrator clasps his (or her) hands together with index and middle fingers extended and proceeds to thrust outward into an unsuspecting victim's rear nether-regions. Perferrably, the recipient is occupied with some task that requires bending over, thereby nicely exposing the target area. After painfully enduring many of these at the hands (um...literally, I suppose) of my young cousin, I decided an introduction to the American Wedgie was in order. Ah, the cross cultural exchange of ideas. What a lovely thing...
8 Sep 2007
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The Source of Inspiration for Child Soldiers: When negative individuals speak to you it is best to smile. If showing an outward smile is an offence then smile inside because they can be a source of inspiration. A fool came to me speaking of plans on how he would like to use me for financial reward Child Soldiers Poetic Source of Inspiration: To read more may order your copy of the book, ISBN: 0970335318, as we continue…. This video is just a new avenue on the artistic creative release using the materials that have already produced; it’s a resourceful necessity, a poetic outfomercial. The Artist thanks you for your appreciation and continual support. Ashia`-Hotep
8 Jan 2008
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*******www.microcinemadvd**** "Unlike anything the fashion, art, and creative worlds have ever seen, FLY is a unique, multi-sensory journey into the fashion magazine of the future. FLY’S visionary collection of exclusive short fashion films, interviews, documentaries, and music videos are released on a limited edition DVD with a graphic silkscreen cover printed on recycled handmade packaging. FLY’s contributors are some of the best-established and emerging talent from all creative disciplines—film, fashion, photography, design, art, and music. FLY’s current issue, “What A World, What A World” includes 22 short films with renowned artists such as Alex Cayley, Jamie Isaia, Ghukfvin, Catherine Cushman, Gray Scott, Tiziano Magni, Bruce Gilden, Elliot Erwitt, and Susan Meiselas. This issues features section pays homage to the photo agency Magnum’s 60th Anniversary. Fashion in FLY’s films come from Givenchy, Yohji Yamamoto, YSL, Sonya Rykiel, Junya Watanabe, Rick Owens, Shelly Steffee, Ann Demulemeester, Miu Miu, Kiki De Montparnasse, with music from, Van She, Cut Copy, The Presets, New Young Pony Club, Tiger Sushi and Sir Alice amongst others. Featuring Julia Restoin Roitfeld, Missy Rayder, The Ditmar Triplets, JP and Natasa V. FLY is the first product of its kind: a limited edition, forward-thinking moving magazine, providing a new way to experience and showcase fashion, art, and music. FLY features fashion and art-inspired short films, interviews and documentaries, video installation pieces, digital art, animation, and music videos—created by established and emerging photographers, filmmakers, animators, and artists. FLY 02 categories include Editorials, Features, Music Videos, The Loop EDITORIALS Domestic and hidden curiosities Directed by Cyril Guyot Designer Yves Saint Laurent Featuring Natasa V. America’s fascination with the automobile takes an erotic turn as a housewife leaves her domestic bliss behind to explore her hidden curiosities. The Veil Directed by Catherine Cushman Designer Junya Watanabe Featuring J.P A childhood memory that recalls a mysterious woman dressed in black that wanders the street pushing a baby carriage. The Last Shot Directed by Tiziano Magni Designer Kiki de Montparnasse A woman burns every last remnant of a relationship that has died. I Got Devil Directed by Alex Antich Designer Martin Margiella A dark nightclub dreamscape mixes dancing and delirium in flashes of light that show how stories may lie beneath outward appearances. String Directed by Jamie Isaia Designer Sonia Rykiel Featuring Marina Skopkareva In a lush open field, a woman finds a string. She follows it in a search to see where it will lead. Waves Directed by Alex Cayley Designer Yoji Yamamoto Dancers from The Cedar Lake Dance Company float across the screen as if they were under water. Please Excuse Me For Staring Directed by Stephen Blaise Designer Miu, Miu Featuring Julia Restion Roitfeld & Todd Sines In an exercise in futility, a lonely guy try’s speaking with a young woman eating an egg salad sandwich at a table across from him. A Series of Missed Connections Directed by Noah David Smith Designer Shelly Steffee A mans point of view as he falls in love many times throughout the day. 23.98 Directed by Stephen Blaise Designer Rick Owens A study of unique beauty and clothing filmed at 24 frames per second. Vacuus Numb Directed by Gray Scott Designer Ann Demeulemeester An ominous mysterious interaction between a man, a woman and a television set takes place in a fallout shelter. FEATURES Sleepwalking Through the Mekong Directed by filmmaker John Pirozzi Sleepwalking Through the Mekong follows California based band Dengue Fever on their recent journey to Cambodia to perform classic 60s and 70s Cambodian rock-n-roll in the country where it was created, made popular, and very nearly destroyed. FLY presents an edited short of this documentary Bruce Gilden Photographer Bruce Gilden’s childhood in Brooklyn endowed him with a keen eye for observing urban behaviors and customs. The strong dynamic forms and graphic quality of his images and his unconventional confrontational style distinguish Gilden’s original vision. His work has been shown widely in museums and galleries all over the world. Gilden has received numerous grants and awards for his work including three National Endowments for the Arts fellowships (1980, 1984 and 1992), a Villa Medicis Hors les Murs (1995), New York State Foundation for the Arts Grant (1979, 1992 and 2000), the European Award for Photography (1996) and a Japan Foundation Fellowship (1999). In 1998, Gilden became a member of Magnum. Leaves Leaves is an experimental animation dealing with the cycles of life, technology, and human behavior. Screenings have been presented at MoMa Workspheres, Mori Museum and Virgin Cinemas. This is a short excerpt from this innovative piece. Video Jonathan Turner Music Jack Hazard The Funeral A short film by Patrik Andersson, inspired by his mentor, and his childhood memories growing up in Sweden watching Ingmar Bergman films. Shirin Neshat Through film and still photographs Shirin Neshat tells stories of men and women's positions in the Muslim culture. She explores the distinctive opposites of the culture between man & woman, free & oppressed, tradition & renewal. Much of her work deals with taboo sexuality, sensuality, forbidden attractions and repressed contact between the sexes. She demonstrates the way in which gender is the deciding factor in the individual's social status. Her works concerns itself with women's marginalized position in society. She was awarded a Golden Lion at the Biennale in Venice in 1999, received the ICP Infinity Award for Art in 2002, and was named honorary professor at the Berlin Institute of Arts in 2004. Patch Writer/Director Christopher Romero returns to the short form with a poignant examination of the intersecting lives of strangers, each haunted by an unforgettable trauma. Filmed in and around Woodstock, NY by Frankie DeMarco, Patch stars Melissa Leo, Leo Burmester, and Deborah Harry. Original music by Adrian Romero. MUSIC VIDEOS The Presets - “Are You The One’ (Modular People) The Owl - ‘I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness’ Wolfmother - ‘Woman’ (Modular/Interscope Records) Emily Haines - ‘Dr Blind’ (Last Gang Records) Clark - “TED’ (Warp Records) I Love UFO - ‘Like In The Movies’ (Record Makers) The Presets - ‘Girl And The Sea’ (Modular People) THE LOOP The Loop showcases music from the record label Modular People, featuring tracks by: That was just a dream by Cut Copy Saturdays by Cut Copy The Twilight by Cut Copy Forgotten Works by Klaxons Street Juice by MSTRKRFT The Bomb by New Young Pony Club Ice Cream by New Young Pony Club Steamworks by The Presets Down Down Down by The Presets I Go Hard I Go Home by The Presets Are You The One by The Presets Girlkillsbear by Softlightes Woman (MSTRKRFT Remix) by Wolfmother "
4 Feb 2010
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The Smart-Rail™ is an innovative bed assist rail designed for those of us requiring a little help for moving, standing and transferring in and out of bed. Unlike fixed-style bed rails, our Smart-Rail™ can unlock and pivot outwards to provide better standing support with less reaching and twisting. *******www.HealthCraftProducts****/smartrail.htm For more information and products visit: *******www.HealthCraftProducts****
23 Nov 2008
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