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Family Filter: deals exclusively for many years of music for weddings. It 'one of the first structures that brought the figure of Deejay marriages in Italy and has the most experience and expertise with over 400 wedding receptions. The many solutions proposed on-site are designed specifically to meet your every need and to create exactly the atmosphere you are looking for your banquet. The proposals include the use of a professional deejay (from € 350) because it is the best way to be suitable in every situation. Together you can evaluate many solutions as DJ Singer + (650 €), an evolution of the pair of musicians Keyboard & Singer. The solution we propose the deejay and the singer will take turns to give you the right emotions at the right time .. and at the right volume. Or Deejay set with Jazz Trio, Classical Quartet or Trio Guitar. If you want something more exciting you can opt for the Karaoke (no additional cost) or a fantastic lighting system. Visiting the site will surprise you the most information, services offered, the clarity of bids and extraction costs. Everything will be studied and decided together, follow the style of your wedding and will be tailor made for you. The most beautiful music of all genres. From the most elegant and comfortable to dance more fun as'60s Revival '70s '80s & '90s and Happy Music Latin Dance and more ... Hip Hop and House Music for a party with many friends or Folk and popular music for a more traditional party. If you can decide together the various styles of music, what you'd like to hear and what will not want to hear. What's more, you can easily get a list of your favorite music. You can decide which song to listen to your arrival or all 'entry into the hall, where the spouses want to dance (if you want) to dance, what song to listen during the cutting of the cake ... and all special requests, or all songs to be dedicated, to be dancing or singing to be done. If you can indeed have the Karaoke without additional cost Everything will be studied and decided together, follow the style of your wedding and will be tailor made for you. The music for the most beautiful day ... the right price!
ES Música is the first ever made-for-mobile Latin channel on major U.S. carriers. ES Música features Latin pop, rock, hip-hop, reggaeton, and more providing music videos, behind-the-scenes footage, live performances and more from today’s biggest and brightest Latin artists.