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Showtime at the Apollo Standing ovation for Lugo
29 Jan 2007
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lacuna coil uses the ovation brand guitar. David Taub explains an older model guitar by ovation called the ovation Breadwinner--Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
6 Sep 2007
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Ricky from the band "Maybe Fatal" plays Wayne's Ovation after the guitar has a makeover. Photos and commentary during the neck refurbish can be viewed at: *******members.dslextreme****/users/papereater/Ovation6.html
27 Apr 2008
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Wayne plays his 1974 Ovation Custom Balladeer again after a makeover. His Ovation had been thrashed after years of abuse. Photos and commentary during the neck refurbish can be viewed at: *******www.dslextreme****/users/papereater/Ovation.html
30 Apr 2008
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Sam stops by and plays Wayne's Ovation again for the first time. This Ovation had recently been re-furbished after years of abuse. Sam is like a Doctor of Guitar and takes an occasional lesson to keep his credentials up to date. Check it out. When Sam goes to a concert, he takes notes. That's a serious musician! Sam treats us to a bit of Rag in this clip. Photos and commentary during the neck refurbish can be viewed at: *******www.dslextreme****/users/papereater/ovation.html
4 May 2008
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Don met Wayne's Ovation through the Internet. He's from Austin, Texas. Bill (one of the local guitar buds) and Wayne agreed to meet Don in Las Vegas a few years ago. Don and Bill are fun guys. Good thing that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Don admits he has a gadget fetish. His studio is equipped to the max with all kinds of stuff. He also has a huge guitar collection hanging from his ceiling. The highlight of his trip to L.A. was going to Guitar Center in Hollywood. Talk about a kid in a candy store. Oh yeah, I think he liked Wayne's Ovation too. You can listen to more of Don at: and commentary during the neck refurbish can be viewed at:
22 Sep 2008
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'Taare Zameen Par' gets standing ovation in Seattle, Kareena skips Saif's concert for Shah Rukh, Vikram Bhatt to make 'creature' film and much more more. For more news and updates keep logging our website www.headlinesindia****
4 Nov 2008
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Ovation provides premier credit repair and credit report repair services. Founded by attorneys, Ovation has helped more than twenty thousand consumers overcome bad credit.
23 Jun 2009
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Dallas gives Modano a standing Ovation.
11 Apr 2010
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Ovation Adamas Classical Acoustic Electric Guitar
6 Jan 2011
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******* Great way to stay in touch at the cottage this summer! Novatel Wireless Ovation maximizes your data speed performance and allows for stronger network signal reception at the lake.
5 Jul 2011
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*******OvationHair**** - Ovation Hair Products build thicker, stronger, longer hair.
19 Sep 2011
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10 May 2013
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The standing ovation is a must after you watch this video. The keeper saved a score behind his back with his left hand like a reflex.
20 Sep 2018
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11 Jun 2008
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