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This is to say, thank you, to my friends for letting me be myself and actually understanding that to be sexual and sensual is an adult subject. And adult subjects are only comprehended by people who have experienced "life" all encompasing, life is to be experienced, not lived through the eyes of others. I do not live my life through the eyes of others. And to all my friends, I want to say again, that I really do, appreciate your constructive support. A person can be seen as smart, until they open their mouth to prove their ignorance. A rule of thumb is that what you think about other people, and what you say to them, is only a reflection of what you really are, so to thinking before you speaking (checking yourself) may be a good rule of practice for an ignorant person. And in conclusion, only the ignorant and immature (destructive) would think the human body (temple) is dirty (“Haters” , break things down and apart). Cherish your body it is yours (you cannot get rid of it). Reward it give it love. Stimulate it to keep it alive, protect it, HAVE FUN WITH IT. Know that, whatever anybody says about your body, it doesn’t matter, because you own it and you live in it. So it is very special to you. my friends, you know how to (constructively) make it happy. You goanna’ wake up with it every single morning. If you make a conscious decision not to regret what your body does, (not focusing on how it appears to everyone else) then waking up with your body may become a little easier. And that can then make it easier for everyone else by not reflecting that judgment (self- hate or the Ebonics term “Haters”) on to everyone else that comes in your vision. “Haters” You, are so judgmental of yourself. With this said, and to all of my friends let’s have some fun And to the ignorant well, (this is constructive criticism) I think you might want to sit this one out; you’re getting kind of stressed out. (Just lookin’ out for yal’ “Haters”), and to my friends good lookin’ out for me, thanks ;) Love and Let Live, Caren Night