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Artist Skottie Young brings a little magic to Marvel Hotline when he calls to talk about THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ #1!
11 Dec 2008
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28 Jan 2009
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*******WhileYouAreSleeping**** - Make Money While You Sleep with Oz Power and TSC 2000 Winning Lotto Systems
29 Jan 2009
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*******www.RareOzBooks****. This is a quick video outlining differences beween two copies of first editions Wonderful WIzard of Oz that were printed in 1899. All reference points were taken from Bilbiographia Oziana. BOth copies are available for sale from *******www.RareOzBooks****
31 Jan 2009
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Watch The Movie The Wizard Of Oz at *******jmdf15122.flynetwork.hop.clickbank****/
10 Feb 2009
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Bruce Pass - This pass would be great for you if you want to start in Sydney and experience some of the best the East Coast of Australia has to offer before finishing in Cairns. With some excellent included activities like a Surf Lesson and Outback Cattle Station and the freedom to hop on and off whenever you want. *******www.realgap******/Oz-Experience-Bruce-Pass This pass would is perfect for you if want to start in Cairns and travel down the to Sydney at your own pace, while also experiencing some of the best the East Coast of Australia has to offer. *******www.realgap******/OZ-Experience-Cobber-pass
28 Feb 2009
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Effect The three routines in INTO THE ABYSS all share the same goal. They make audiences think that you can really read their minds. Not on stage, not far away, but up close and personal with people that you are meeting for the first time. No pre-show and no stooges, just the real deal. These routines are easy to learn and require virtually no sleight of hand. You will not find any boring, drawn-out procedures or outdated routines on this DVD. INTO THE ABYSS contains direct, in-your-face powerhouses that audiences will REMEMBER for a very long time to come. These routines have evolved over years of professional performance and Oz teaches them to you step-by-step so you are able to perform them with confidence. What’s in a Name? Your spectators will experience you performing the impossible: you will be able to name the person they are thinking of and disclose details about that person that you could not possibly know. This has become Oz’s signature effect in his strolling repertoire. WARNING: Perform this at your own risk! Some spectators will truly believe that you are psychic. Listen to my Words Imagine approaching a group for the first time and having a person think of someone important from her past. Now picture the look on her face when you take a tape recorder out of your pocket and everyone hears the message you previously recorded that includes the name of the person that she is thinking of.
23 Apr 2009
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Science Matters #1: Dr. Oz explains to Oprah and Michael J. Fox why embryonic stem cell research is dangerous and won't cure Parkinson's, but Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell research will! Supporting documents: - Downloadable PDF of successful adult stem cell treatments of Parkinson's patients, including a study where the patients reduced 83% of symptoms! *******tinyurl****/dkgxxg - More information on iPS research: under #1 of article: "9 Things the Media Messed Up About the Obama Stem Cell Story" *******tinyurl****/c7w9bb More stem cell info at *******StemCellAnswers****
11 Apr 2009
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Finding Oz tells the remarkable tale behind one of the world’s most enduring and best loved stories. Offering profound new insights into the true origins and meaning of L. Frank Baum’s 1900 masterwork, it delves into the personal turmoil and spiritual transformation that fueled Baum’s fantastical parable of the American Dream.
15 May 2009
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Dr. Oz discusses the health benefits of Resveratrol with Oprah.
27 May 2009
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Chips Ahoy! Oz :15 sec TV spot - Cookie Guy stars in the Wizard of Oz!
27 May 2009
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I don't think we are in Kansas anymore. Get wisped away in a cyclone of fun and excitement with Melissa's extraordinary Bat Mitzvah. All your favorite characters from the Wizard of Oz join the fun to celebrate this young girl entering adulthood. Shot by Suburban Video in Rockville, MD. One of the most elegant events of the year. www.suburbanvideo****/social
11 Jun 2009
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