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Rare footage of a paddle-in surf session JAWS. Peahi, Maui. March 18, 2005.
8 Nov 2006
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Amazing in-game footage of "Attack Paddle" by Adam Schmelzle. This is a free game available from *******gamejump**** and *******getjar**** . The best brick-breaker available for your mobile phone, and it's free!
21 Jan 2007
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Amazing in-game footage of "Attack Paddle" by Adam Schmelzle. This is a free game available from *******gamejump**** and *******getjar**** . The best brick-breaker available for your mobile phone, and it's free!
14 Jan 2007
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Koho's Bar & Grill host a canoe paddle race every year that launches from Maliko & finishes at Kahului Harbor. Just another alternative ocean sport/activity/lifestyle that sits just below radar. Aloha & Mahalo.
18 Mar 2007
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aprenda ahcer el golpe de reves con este video de paddle
4 Apr 2007
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Whitewater, rapids and big drops, check out this kayaking action! Paddling generally refers to kayaking, rafting and canoeing. Whitewater kayakers and rafters descend down river rapids. Sea kayakers and ocean kayakers enjoy open water, including expeditions of long distances and multiple days. Surf kayakers catch and ride waves. Paddling can be a relaxing way to access nature or can be an extreme sport when done in dangerous and rough waters. See more extreme sports videos at AdventureImagery****, a footage library specializing in adventure and extreme sports stock footage licensed royalty free for use in your own productions.
13 Aug 2007
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Stand up paddle surfing is gaining popularity here in Australia, with more and more people taking to it on the East coast. I spotted this guy heading out to get busy at Noosa Heads and followed him out through the breakers.
22 Aug 2007
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This instructional video by Scuba**** describes the two major types of fins available. There is the paddle fin and the split fin. The paddle fin uses more effort from your leg to push the water. It’s similar to a boat paddle, whereas the split fin is similar to how a propeller from a boat works. The water goes through the blade and creates vortices that push you along. Ultimately the split fin reduces the amount of energy you use, and it saves your air because you’re using less energy.
29 Aug 2007
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surfing the paddle
4 Sep 2007
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The stand up paddle explained in detail by Todd Bradley from C4 Waterman Part 2 --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
20 Sep 2007
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When I first started stand up paddle surfing I would hit the rails of the stand up board A LOT. I still hit it and have even taken chunks out of the rails. The carbon fiber stand up paddles are strong and easily dent and ding the epoxy boards. My friend's board looks like a shark ate the rail. It is wasted almost the entire length of the rail. I gotta get a picture to post but I don't think he'll like that. --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
20 Sep 2007
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I just put on the C4 grip on my stand up paddle. My paddle is 78' long and the blade is 8.5'. I have another one that's 80' long which I use for downwind paddles and when I let my friends use my other boards. I think I installed it wrong but it still works. I don't know if I like the grip diameter being so big but it does make the paddle easier on my hands and add a lot of extra grip. I like that it's a bright color which makes it easy to spot in the water if I drop it. The downside is that when it gets dirty it looks really dirty.
27 Sep 2007
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It's never too early to start off the kids at stand up paddle surfing. I went to Waikiki Beach this past weekend to check out the stand up paddle surf division for the HASA surf contest. HASA said the heat would be at 1 pm and when I arrived at 10 am the final was already done. That gave me a lot of time to play in the ocean with my boys and I finally got my 4 year old on the stand up board. My boy is pretty hesitant to try new things and he didn't want to get on the stand up board but I eased him into it little by little. First he started sitting down and paddling. Then he was willing to go on his knees. Finally he stood up and paddled. The entire process took about 15 minutes. I shot a short video and added my brother's music from www.hawaiiguitar****.
20 Oct 2007
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I was at the C4 HQ last week and looked over and saw the new C4 production 9' bat tail stand up paddle surf board sitting on a table outside as I was about to leave. I just had to show this on standuppaddlesurf**** so I took out my digital camera and shot some pictures and a short video of the board. 'We strive for a design that is shorter and doesn't paddle with a lot of yaw. This board and the 9'6' paddle surprisingly fast for their size. And they don't yaw and broach side to side when you paddle them as much as some other short boards... This is a fun board. That's a great board for the guy who just wants to sit in the pocket and rip it up.' - Todd Bradley
28 Nov 2007
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Paddle boats on the Xindian River in Taipei, Taiwan. It is a popular Sunday afternoon activity when the sun is shining.
3 Jan 2008
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