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NEW YORK, USA, 19 October 2009 In her first official visit to the Occupied Palestinian Territories, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow joined fellow Goodwill Ambassador Mahmoud Kabil to witness the impact of conflict on children. The children appear traumatized. The teachers say that when they hear a loud noise they look to the sky and cry out and weep. They dont know what the future holds. They deserve better, Ms. Farrow said. Nearly nine months after the end of conflict, around 20,000 residents are still displaced. Homes, vital infrastructure and 280 damaged schools still cannot be repaired. Children remain at risk of death or injury from unexploded ordnance and there are ongoing security risks. Approximately more than half of the population of Gaza does not have daily access to safe water. The longstanding blockade on Gaza violates fundamental child rights to health, education and protection. Palestinian children have the same rights as all children everywhere and these rights need to be upheld, Mr. Kabil said. To read the full story, visit *******www.unicef****/infobycountry/oPt_51460.html
5 Nov 2009
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The United Nations, the United States and the European Union have all called on Israel to stop the illegal eviction of Palestinians and the demolition of their homes. Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary... *******www.bestmovies****23****
6 Nov 2009
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On 15 December 2009, settlers prevented Palestinian farmers from planting olive trees on the farmers land in Deir Nidham, north of Ramallah. Soldiers at the scene did nothing to prevent the harm to the Palestinians. Instead, they closed the area to all civilians, Palestinians and settlers.
1 Feb 2010
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*******SupremeMasterTV****—Visit to the Museum of Palestinian Folk Heritage in Ramallah - P1/2 (In Arabic). Episode: 1436, Air Date: 20 August 2010
19 Oct 2010
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The Palestinian Authority committed in the 1995 interim agreement that neither they nor Israel would take a step to change the status of the West Bank before a permanent status agreement. Unilateralism is not allowed by the Oslo Peace Accords. If the Palestinian Authority is in breach of a core commitment, they are breaking international law. They may be hoping that international bodies will approve a declaration of statehood. In January 2009, the PA turned to the International Criminal Court with a declaration that recognized the jurisdiction of the ICC in "territorial Palestine." The Rome Statue that created the ICC declared that requests can be brought only on behalf of States.
23 Nov 2010
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It's nice to see that they all get along together. It should always be like this....
4 Apr 2006
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Dam - Born Here (Hebrew version) l
25 Jul 2006
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Arafat in front of world press and in front of the arab people. He tells them how to educate their children to become suicide bombers. How awful has our world become?
16 Aug 2006
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This is a show for children!!! And the bird is talking about rifles and massacres!!!
12 Oct 2006
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On the strategy behind the "Intifada"
18 Dec 2006
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Charley Warady; Ray Hanania; Aaron Freeman; Yisrael Campbell at Tel Aviv's Tzavta on 27, Jan, 2007
18 Feb 2007
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Notice the Israeli flag
18 Mar 2007
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Trees where planted south of Bethlehem in memory of the victims of the Virginia massacre that took place on 4/16/07
22 Apr 2007
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avivshalevmedia --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
1 Sep 2007
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Now is the time for a deal, says the PLO's negotiator, 'Saib 'Ariqat
9 Sep 2007
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