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what video you can make with a phone device to show the beaty of a palmtree surrounded by crawling urbanism
20 Feb 2009
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Basic for any beach scene, a palmtree is one element that can't be out of the list. This video explains the "technique", an easy and creative way to draw it using vectors. This is for users that already know how to handle the node editing tool and the basic functions of weld and trimming, the rest depends from style and creativity. Enjoy and send any doubt!
8 Sep 2009
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Rose Coleman,the 12 year old popsinger presents her new released Christmas under palmtrees! he perfe
4 Nov 2009
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my first video ever img and music mixed manually by nokia 6600device and scénario made also according to the music a portion of this land is for sale intrested?
21 Jan 2009
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5:52 (Clancey goes on a quest to find his moonshell necklace that was stolen.)
18 Jul 2008
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palm trees in the breeze
7 Mar 2007
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it is ( The Fact of Jesus and Maryam ) These (Ayat) form The Holy Book " Qur'an " .. Sorat Maryam. 16-35 .
25 Feb 2010
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I stay in one room on the computer. What will happen?
4 Aug 2008
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A parody of a parody...
28 Aug 2008
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Kind of boring, but wait till the end.. Please visit!!
4 Sep 2008
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Palmtree Production Presents “AAJ BBHI” was recently launch with 2 song recording at Kailasa Studios with Javed Ali, Sadhna Sargam, Monali Thakur & Anupriya (Singers), Rohit Sinha (Music Directors), Piyush Chakravarty (Director), (Producer)- P. D. Garg, (Story, Screen Play & Dialogue )- Jyotidev Roy, (Lyrics)- Azim Shirazi, (DOP)- Ashok Chakravarty Film’s shoot will commence from September this year and casting is in process. “Aaj Bbhi” is the story of women’s power, respect, perseverance and will power. Until rites and rituals, superstitions are deep-rooted in this world; only materialistic development will take place. Human as a whole can’t develop until they exist. One needs to undergo changes with their thoughts, beliefs and inner-strengths. Why such killings, extortions, rape, brutal killing takes place? Since decades and decades, why women has to suffer? Why she has been suppressed by people around? Why she has no freedom in speech, lifestyle and in action? A woman fulfills roles of a daughter, lover, sister, wife and mother. Without her world and man both are incomplete. But, then she is not valued for her worthiness. Film “Aaj Bbhi” is women-centric and deals with all above mentioned issues. It is a hard-core subject and revolvers around heart-wrenching truth. Film has romance, love, melodious music and songs and emotions. It is a commercial flick with message for the society. For more information please call to Susheel Sharma on 9004034000
27 Aug 2009
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19 May 2017
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