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PERFECTLY NORMAL EPISODE TIME www.handfulofminutes****
31 Jul 2009
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Parallel Universe - Edit Aniel & Fiuma - Ispired by V ( Visitors ) Muvie - And Style - Rockets -
8 Mar 2018
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Video clip shows the view from a low-definition camera mounted on the external R-Dex aerial on my personal time machine. Each individual line is an evolving universe, created by a choice in its parent parallel dimension. Any time-sensitive journey must be plotted to avoid contact with ALL of these; because even the slightest interaction will result in the traveller being 'sucked' into (and becoming a part of) that specific universe. Okay, it's easy enough to get back out, and into the grid again. But this is a real pain and a bit like stopping at every village en route to your destination. Anyway... This clip shows the approach, and partial descent into the universe that you lot are stuck in... Hey, it's not a bad world. In fact, it's pretty darned good compared to a lot.
5 Sep 2006
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*******www.remote-viewing-info****/remote-viewing-manual/ Remote viewing as a topic is gathering steam in recent times. Being able to view anything or anybody distantly comes easily to a remote viewer. This video acts as a step by step guide to remote viewing.
29 Jul 2011
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*******www.remote-viewing-info****/remote-viewer/ Remote viewing is an extremely popular ability. A remote viewer is able to see objects, people or even events distantly. The following video tells you about effective remote viewing training.
1 Aug 2011
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The “PARALLEL PUBLISHING” mark is associated with proprietary rights around goods associated with computer, software, electrical, scientific products, paper goods and printed material. This “PARALLEL PUBLISHING” user name was automatically reserved through (http://www.trademarkia...). Trademarkia is the world's largest search engine for trademarks and social media user names.
Bad voices get called out as sounding like a donkey. Is this the parallel universe?
19 Jun 2019
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What’s the gaming story? Apparently, the Tablet of Chaos and Order has shattered! You, as Spider-Man must traverse across 4 different universes – the Amazing, Noir, 2099, and Ultimate universes – in order to Save the Multiverse.
11 Aug 2010
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Remember that you're ALIVE! And how strange it is to be anything at all, let alone alive :) <a href="*******www.reality-transurfing****">Reality Transurfing</a>
5 Dec 2012
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What Are YOU Looking At … ? Did You Know that Choosing what you notice plays a Role in What You Experience … Most people really do not exercise their imagination very much. Most people offer their vibrations almost exclusively in responce to what they are observing. So if you are giving your attention only to your current state of being, then your future evolves much the same …
7 Dec 2012
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When the temptation of pushing an unknown button becomes overwhelming, an innocent man is sucked into a parallel universe and must find his way home. Science-fiction hilarity ensues.
29 Jan 2007
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Walk into a world of unknown, balance on the edge of reality, as you adventure into a parallel universe where magic is reality and reality is magic..
31 Jan 2007
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We are all born mad; some remain so for our best counselors are the dead; those who've awakened to the unity of All That Is through the greater reality of the dream. Look below the surface of these images and sounds and you will find your self, i.e. when the observer and the observed can separate and say this is the observed and this is the observer, parallel universe awareness is no longer a dream.
1 Feb 2007
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