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Paras Hospital I Paras Patna I पारस एच एम् आर आई हॉस्पिटल पटना I पारस अस्पताल पटना I पारस हॉस्पिटल पटना Dr. John Mukhopadhaya, Director -Orthopaedics & Joint Replacement, Paras Hospital Patna is one of the leading Orthopaedic Surgeon in the east region of India. He has enormous experience of 34 years. Paras Patna provides the best treatment in Orthopaedics and joint replacement.
18 May 2018
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पारस अस्पताल | पटना पारस हस्पताल | Paras Hospital Patna Watch this video of Paras Cancer Centre Patna, Bihar that explains about HLA Typing and how HLA Typing is important for Bone Marrow Transplant.
12 Jul 2018
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Paras Hospital Patna | पटना पारस हस्पताल Watch this Paras Hospital Video in which Dr. Avinash Kumar Singh, Consultant – Hematology & Oncology, Paras Cancer Centre Patna of Paras HMRI Hospital is talking about Bone Marrow Transplant. Dr Avinash says that Stem Cell Transplant or Bone Marrow Transplant is the best treatment option for numerous types of Cancers. #CancerKoKaroCancel
13 Jul 2018
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Paras Patna | Paras Hospital Patna | Paras HMRI | Paras Hospital In this video, Dr Rajeev Sharan, Sr Consultant- Surgical Oncology – Chief – Head & Neck Cancer, Paras HMRI Hospital, Patna is talking about Oral Cancer which is the most common in males. Dr Rajeev says that 90% of the Oral Cancers are due to Tobacco use. Dr Rajeev adds that Cigarette, Pan, Gutka, Tambaku, Khaini are the main reasons for Oral Cancer. He is also talking about the symptoms & diagnosis of Oral cancer and the treatment of it. #SpitOutCancer #TambakuSeyAzadi
14 Jul 2018
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पटना पारस हस्पताल | Paras Hospital Patna | Paras HMRI | Paras Patna In this Video Dr. R N Tagore- Consultant Medical Oncology, Paras HMRI Hospital Patna talking about Tobacco is the most common cause of Oral Cancer in India. Tobacco addiction also causes a number of other diseases & ailments. #SpitOutCancer #TambakuSeyAzadi
16 Jul 2018
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Paras Hospital Patna | पटना पारस हस्पताल | Paras HMRI Watch this video of Paras Hospital Patna in which Dr. Neeta Kevlani, Consultant Paediatrics, Paras Hospital, Patna is talking about Asthma in Children. Dr. Neeta says that Asthma is very common in children and it is a challenge to diagnose Asthma in children who are less than 2 years old.
20 Jul 2018
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Paras Hospital | पारस अस्पताल | पारस हॉस्पिटल | Paras Hospitals Watch this Paras hospital video to know the story of Praveen Kumar, a CSR Initiative of Paras Healthcare. The video showcases the trials and tribulations of a 7-year-old fighting with his fate to overcome Cancer. His tryst with the disease is not easy but Paras Hospital Patna ensures that he is not alone. Spread awareness on #SupportPraveen
11 Aug 2018
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Paras Hospital Patna | पारस हॉस्पिटल पटना | पटना पारस अस्पताल Learn All About Constipation: Causes, symptoms, and treatments with Dr Saurabh Jaiswal, Consultant Hepatology, Paras HMRI Hospital Patna. जानिए कब्ज के कारण, उपचार और इलाज़ | डॉ सौरभ जैस्वाल, गैस्ट्रो लोग विशेषज्ञ, पारस एच.एम.आर.आई. हॉस्पिटल पटना |
20 Sep 2018
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Paras Hospital Patna | Paras Patna | Paras HMRI Urinary incontinence: Treatment, causes, types, and symptoms by Dr. Ajay Kumar, Director-Urology, Nephrology & Transplantation, Paras HMRI Hospital Patna. डॉ अजय कुमार, डायरेक्टर - यूरोलॉजी, नेफ्रोलॉजी/ ट्रांसप्लांट, पारस एचएमआरआई हॉस्पिटल पटना |
29 Nov 2018
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Paras Hospital Patna | Paras Patna | Paras HMRI Watch Informative Doctor's video on What is Brachytherapy by Dr. Shekhar Kumar Keshri, Sr. Consultant - Radiation Oncology, Paras HMRI Hospital Patna. आइए जानें ब्रैकीथेरेपी रेडिएशन थेरेपी क्या होता है - डॉ शेखर कुमार केसरी, वरिष्ठ रेडिएशन थेरेपी विशेषज्ञ, पारस पटना | पारस पटना प्रस्तुत करता अत्याधुनिक रेडिएशन थेरेपी (3DCRT) केवल Rs 50,000/- में I
15 Feb 2019
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A child fights Hodgkin's Lymphoma with Nuclear Medicine. Paras HMRI Hospital Patna is the only centre in Bihar & Jharkhand to have PET CT, Gamma Camera, LINAC and comprehensive cancer care treatment facility. Watch this paras hospital video
6 Feb 2017
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Know about what is CABG, MICS - No Scar Cardiac Surgery, ECMO, ANEURYSM Surgery Bentall's Procedure from this informative Paras hospital Video.
18 Feb 2017
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