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Twisted old pedophile goes psycho on a reporter
12 Mar 2007
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This is an advert to stop cyber Pedophilism
30 May 2008
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johnie davidson tells about how he was hired to kill elusive pedophiles by state prosicuter harry l. coe
21 Oct 2008
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Child safety expert and ex-pedophile Terry Parker drops in on the morning show to share some insider tips from his years spent as a sex offender! Local Today Now comedy funny onion satire children pedophile today show
9 Aug 2009
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This story is frightening and almost impossible to believe, but it is true! It is about a little girl, then 3yrs old who was molested by well known people in Lithuania. The father, Drasius Kedys, tried fighting for his daughter the legal way - by going to the police, by contacting the Child protective Services, by... Žiūrėti daugiau going to state prosecutors and ... See Moregetting nowhere. He then went public. This story brought a huge public interest and resentment toward the Lithuanian authorities. Later the father disappeared. The same day of his disappearance there were two suspects of molesting this little girl killed. The blame was put on the father, who months later was found dead in a very public place. Witnesses say, there were torture marks all over his body, however, the experts hired by the state released a statement saying he died of natural causes. The main suspect is awaiting a trial, however there is another trial in going on - should the girl be returned to the mother, who knew about the molestation of her daughter and played a big part in it herself! The little girl lives with her father's family right now. This story is full of illogical decisions and incomplete investigations. The media is finding out more and more about this case than the prosecutors (who are obviously covering the pedophile clan) and it is becoming clearer that the arguments presented by the media about the prosecutors hiding evidence regarding this story are true. The decision was made by the court to return the girl to her mother, who sold her daughter to these child molesters for the money and better life. Currently, there people gathering around the house where the little girl is staying in order to protect her from returning to her mother. So we are asking you for help in this case. We need someone to step in and help us to shut this pedophile clan down and bring justice to this girl. Her fathers wish was to never stop fighting for his girls well-being and he is gone! The Lithuanian authorities are not doing their job right. There is corruption going on and it becoming impossible to fight them! Please, get involved!
15 May 2010
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Pedophiles, unite. Go jump in the lake. Take a deep breath under the water. See how much your lungs can take. Music written and performed by Pilarrr www.pilarrr****
7 Aug 2010
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Pedophile Beards
24 Apr 2011
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This strict father catches a pedophile red-handed while he was clicking pics of this man's daughter and shouts so loudly that he brings in all the crowd of whole Walmart.
5 Sep 2017
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What has become known as the 'Casa Pia' trial ended Friday as six of seven defendants were found guilty. The trail, named after the home where the abuse took place, is regarded as the country's longest running trial.
10 Sep 2010
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hello Angel...........
13 Nov 2010
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I made a fake Myspace posing as a girl to lure Pedophiles. We finally got a dude that tried to have sex with this 15 year old chick, Unknowing to him i was that chick. This video shows the Im chats the pedophile had with me, the Phone conversation with said pedophile, and the confrontation with the pedophile he even tried to run me over! Everything in this video is true, everything is real unscripted here are my websites please sign up at here is my website to contact me. Sign up Myspace myspace****/ciggas
17 Sep 2008
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New York Congressman Pete King took to the media today to slam the media's coverage of Michael Jackson.
6 Jul 2009
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Condoms aren't necessary with children if you're disease-free. That's just one point made in the controversial eBook Amazon pulled amid outcry.
12 Nov 2010
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Chris Hansen, the host of the 'To Catch A Predator' segments on DATELINE NBC, stopped by the Opie and Anthony show to promote his new book and to tell us about all creppy pedophiles he encounters when he's working on this pieces.
21 Mar 2007
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Update for Jack McClellan and other non nude teen girl websites that promote teen girls, pre teen preteens and pedophile activity
17 Jun 2007
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