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penta PLOINK for now
6 Oct 2007
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Gamme penta
22 Dec 2007
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Soraka:SmdMa soraka getting a level one penta kill? not possible right?? lets find out
4 Jun 2012
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If you are in search of original PowerTech and Volvo Penta Propellers to purchase then you are at the right place. Get A Prop provides Volvo Penta Aquamatic and Volvo Duoprops stainless propellers all over the country with 2 days free shipping. Find the most accurate boat propellers that fit your needs outstandingly by visiting our website. Dial 866-790-7767 for complete details.
17 Jan 2019
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Get A Prop know how the Volvo Penta duoprops can convert the power of your driveline into real performance that you can feel on the water. Brands that manufacture Volvo Penta duoprops will always design propellers as a part of a complete propulsion system.
19 Feb 2019
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BSNL has released low cost tab in association with Pantel technologies. Low Cost BSNL tab are giving a tough competition to Aakash tablets. For more information on BSNL tab see *******
6 Mar 2012
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*******leagueoflegends.mmogame4u**** Lol Fiona Gamepley from rated game, scoring a pentakill
10 Feb 2013
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parana club penta campeao
20 Dec 2006
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GET READY TO BLOW YOUR MIND! Prepare to ascend to new dimensions as you experience 10 all new mind blowing 3D animated special FX videos synchronized to the worlds leading dance floor hits. Originally released on CD in Europe and Japan on the cutting edge dance label Geomagnetic Records, Doctor Spook’s classic hit compilation “San Fran Psychos1: Phantasmagoria” spotlights 10 of the hottest new dance music producers emerging from the underground clubs, warehouses, and outdoor events in the SF Bay Area. This music is a fusion of acid trance, deep tribal beats and uplifting melodies well known around the world as “GOA” or “PSYCHEDELIC” Trance. Featuring the scenes hottest artists and expertly mixed by world renowned DJ/VJ Doctor Spook, engineered and mastered by Chromatone & Random. Now is proud to present a new step forward for this classic album and trance music in general with this stunning DVD. Experience Doctor Spook’s mind mending full power visual music presented in Dolby AC3 Pro Logic Surround Sound. - This DVD is a Complete Party on a Disc - DJ/VJs will love the seamless looping visuals - Hi Res 7.7Mbs 24P Mpeg2 video Encoding - Awesome Dolby AC3 Pro Logic Surround - Made with Academy Awarded 3D tech - Compatible with all regions worldwide Soundtrack Notes: This Haloween themed compilation of Psytrance artists from San Francisco blends dark, funky, atmospheres with deep groovy and spooky melodies. Each track fits together with the next to create a mood and feeling of ominous depth. All of the tracks have been tested on the dance floors to combine the essence of ferocity with the spice of danceability to produce a soul clenching trip that you will never forget! Vetern Psytrance wizards combine with some fresh new talent to keep you on the edge of your sanity until the sun finally rises once more! This comp firmly announces the power and style that come from the San Francisco area's underground psy-scene! Track List: 1. DEEPER IN ZEN - Xider 2. META - Amorphous 3. CHROMATONE & RANDOM - Empty Oaths 4. MUBALI - Standard Deviation 5. QUASAR - Lum Bought A Me 6. OCELOT+VECTORSELECTOR - The Bridge 7. RANDOM vs VIRAL - Digital Downgrade 8. MEGADROP (RANDOM vs HELIOS)- Frank-N-Stuff 9. MINDSTORM - Evil Jack (Is Back) 10. PENTA - Frankenstein 2001 Artist Information DJ/VJ Doctor Spook (a.k.a.Nathan Vogel ) spends most of his time creating a wide variety of cutting edge digital projects including Maya 3D animations, music videos, VJ graphics, DVDs, video games, motion graphics, feature film special FX shots and original computer animated shows. Doctor Spook is an internationally renowned psychedelic trance DJ/VJ who is also starting to write his own brand of psytrance music as Mindstorm. He recently did the 3D HD background VJ visuals for Elton John's 60th Birthday Party at Madison Square Garden that was broadcast on national TV several times in April of 2007. And he played two big VJ/DJ sets at the Bonnaroo Music Festival featuring The Police reunion and The White Stripes in June of 2007. The first Mindstorm CD and DVD will be announced soon. Doctor Spook has a trance record company called GeoMagnetic featuring CDs and DVDs full of fresh electronic music from around the globe and 3D Minds Eye type music videos. He also has a new distribution company called Crystal Code with over 3000 electronic music CD and DVD titles. The latest "GeoSpirit1: Virtual Vortex" DVD features over 60 minutes of new original 3D Maya footage set to eleven fresh trance songs, five of which Doctor Spook helped write. Click here to watch and hear this DVD online along with some other new ones! GeoMagnetic has now shifted into DVD mode and will be releasing about 20 new VJ style 3D experiences in the next few months. The "Deep Step" music video from the Magnus DVD is a featured case study in Sherri Sheridan's new microbudget digital storytelling book "Developing Digital Short Films." Doctor Spook and GeoMagnetic have become pillars in the local San Francisco trance music community by throwing many parties and events throughout the year all over California and beyond. And he has not missed a Burning Man since 1996 where he can be found doing sets at various camps all over the playa each year. Some of you may know Doctor Spook from his interview in the now cult classic DV documentary film Liquid Crystal Vision exploring the worldwide trance music scene. Nate is a certified Maya Trainer for Alias and has taught thousands of students from around the world to realize their visions using all sorts of software. He has taught computer animation at Siggraph, The Academy Of Art College, Mesmer Animation Labs, The Center For Electronic Art and San Francisco State University. Nate is the co-author of the first big Maya book called "Maya 2 Character Animation" published by New Riders in 1999. He won the "Best Music Video Award" in 1998 for "Beyond" by Geffen's Young American Primitive at the World Animation Celebration in Pasadena. "Beyond" world premiered and toured with the ResFest Cinema Electronica in 1997. His award winning animations are featured on several leading industry reels including Siggraph, Alias, and The Mind's Eye. In 1992 Nathan Vogel won the MacWorld Quicktime Festival for his legendary four minute film "Media Man In The Net" one of the first all digital short films. "Media Man" was created on an Apple LC, with a Yarc board using Macromind 3D, COSA (After Effects) and Renderman. He was only 19 at the time and heading up all of the computer animation and digital video classes at San Francisco State. Nate then went on to become the 3D Special Effects Director at a start up company called Media Bytes in San Francisco where he created the award winning Neuromancer Opera footage from Bill Gibson's famous book using Wavefront & Explorer on the SGI platform. Label History Geo - Darkstar is the sub-label of Geomagnetic that focuses on Dark, Night time music, with hard, intense and experimental styles. (Label Group) was established in the summer of 2001. Their first major international release is the legendary DVD project “MAGNUS” geodvd001. Since then they have added 30 label artists and have multitudes of projects in the works for 2006 and beyond. Based in San Francisco and focusing mostly on visual and music related projects, you can expect to see lots more cutting edge releases on the way from this award winning crew! was started by Spook one of the founders of the prominent San Francisco 3D FX and Multimedia boutique known as Minds Eye Media (est.1995). www.mindseyemedia****
20 Sep 2007
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Production Live was again the 2010 Boston International Film Festival Red Carpet sponsor at the AMC Lowes Boston Common this past April in this interview Jon Rizzo interview Anthony Penta who made a film for the festival title "The Last Thing She Wanted"
15 May 2010
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Penta Bioscience ( *******www.pentabioscience**** ) is a 10-year old company specialising in the manufacture and export of optimum quality organic chemicals, inorganic chemicals, agro chemicals and industrial chemicals. All our products are marked by accuracy, industry-relevant pH value, purity and stability under different conditions. Our product range includes herbal extracts, drug intermediates, plant growth regulators, insecticides & pesticides and carpets. Our products are used in a variety of industries including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, paints, agriculture, food, cosmetics, paper and fertilizers. Our clients are spread across Europe and the Gulf countries
12 Aug 2011
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PENTA TOLDO es una empresa especializada en la instalación de toldos para la protección solar y cortinas de interior. La instalación de un toldo te permite ganar espacio en tu hogar, creando zonas exteriores amplias y confortables. En PENTA TOLDO te ofrecemos todo tipo de modelos, de acuerdo con tus necesidades. Y una gran variedad de diseños en lonas. Con las cortinas de interior aseguras un control eficaz de la luz, así como la creación de entornos visualmente agradables para tu hogar o espacios de trabajo. La técnica más avanzada y las últimas tendencias se dan la mano en una elegante colección llena de color. Ofrecemos tejidos naturales y decorativos… tejidos técnicos, oscurantes, nacarados, screen...
11 Nov 2011
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