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*******www.ResponsiblityProject**** People falling down are always funny - but what about cartoons that fell? Who knew senior citizen safety cartoons could be this hilarious - These stylized 3D animation shorts involve weird accidents and a bone-rattled elderly man that makes you laugh and think! Watch an animated short film about people falling over that all 3D animation fans will enjoy!
10 May 2010
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TV crew shoot these images with people who slip severely in Iasi Romania, for their news bulletin. They wanted to show a portion of the sidewalk witch was badly constructed using slippery floor tiles, nice and beautiful they may look in summer but deadly when wet/snowy. When came the first snow they became a nightmare and 100% fall for anyone passing over especially for womans with high heels. None survived more than 1-2 steps on that surface before falling. You can see that it has a different color texture (darker) than the rest ot the sidewalk, witch is bearly visible under the lite snow and people walk unaware in the slip trap.
4 Mar 2007
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5 Jan 2008
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16 Mar 2008
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After work he sleep and fall in the bar
26 May 2008
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25 Mar 2010
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2 Apr 2010
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*******www.ResponsiblityProject**** Get in on some hilarious office cartoons action! Are you bored at work? Check out these funny safety videos before your boss shows up! These hilarious animated shorts about the safety of the public involve people taking a crash test into sidewalks. Check out these funny office cartoons and remember: These cartoons are trained pros! Dont try this at home!
10 May 2010
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Funny videos of people & kids falling at the the beach.
8 Jul 2010
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A laptop explodes office workers go crazy a man runs straight into a glass door.
9 Jul 2010
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It's very very funny guys,, watch now
11 Nov 2016
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3 Feb 2017
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