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Looks like the people responsible for cutting down the dead tree cut corners and called in someone inexperienced to cut the tree. Fortunately, no casualties.
2 Aug 2019
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Главный герой - обычный житель нашего города, у которого есть собака. Человек он не плохой, отзывчивый, и даже, возможно, лучше многих из тех, кого вы встречаете на улице. Но ему тяжело, и он предпочел избавиться от собаки. В своем сценерии я не обвиняю его, просто ставлю его и зрителей перед вопросом: "А ЕСЛИ НЕНУЖНЫМ СТАНЕШЬ ТЫ?"
24 Jul 2017
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On average, Williams F1 builds seven chassis per season. Over a thirty year history, that's a lot of cars, so, what do we do with them? In the first of a series of features we're producing this year in which we explore the various avenues of our business you may not be aware of, we take you behind the scenes at Grove and into our Williams F1 Grand Prix Collection and museum workshop. Perhaps one of the most prized possessions in the team's armoury, the Collection is somewhat revered by everyone at the factory and provides a suitable destination for some of the finest Grand Prix cars ever built once they've served their term in the sport. In this video, we take you round our exclusive collection and talk to the people responsible for it.
30 Jun 2008
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"Trains can't stop quickly or swerve. The average freight train is about (90-120 rail cars) in length. When it's moving at 55 miles an hour, it can take a mile or more to stop after the locomotive engineer fully applies the emergency brake. A light rail train requires about 600 feet to stop-the approximate length of two football fields. average freight train we mentioned above traveling at 55 miles an hour may take the length of about 18 football fields to stop." Train Accident caught live on tape. MAY BE DISTURBING. 10 INJURED AND 1 CRITICALLY INJURED. TRAIN CRASHES INTO BUS AND CARS in Bangladesh! This happened in Dhaka, which has the densest population in the wolrd! Dhaka has almost 1/4 the population of the whole Canada. The country however, has a population of 162,000,000 which is the 7th greatest in the world and is almost 6 times as great as Canada. However, that population is in a country that is as small as one of the U.S States! :( Heres the News: Eight people were injured when an express train rammed two cars and a bus stuck in a gridlock on Moghbazar level crossing yesterday tossing the vehicles on to two other cars on the other side of the road. Railway Police sources, however, said three people were injured. Witnesses said the bus and the four cars were reduced to scrap but most of the passengers of the vehicles were able to get out before the accident. The Jamalpur-bound Jamuna Express did not stop but rail communication was suspended and the road was closed for two hours from 5:00pm. Mohammad Sayeed, a passenger of the bus, told The Daily Star that the Gulistan-bound bus and two cars got trapped on the level crossing when a large number of vehicles stopped at the lights of Moghbazar intersection. Within a few minutes they saw a train coming from Kamalapur Railway Station. He said, "Some other passengers and I called the passengers to vacate the bus. We rushed out and the people in the cars also abandoned their vehicles on the level crossing. The train rammed the three vehicles and hurled them on to two cars on the opposite side of the road." MA Hannan, another passenger of the bus, said the traffic signal was red longer than usual at the Moghbazar intersection forcing vehicles to remain stationary and cause the accident. He alleged that the people responsible for closing the gate of the level crossing closed it late. Two-thirds of the bus was already on the level crossing when the gate was closed, he added. "The bus and the cars could neither go forward nor backward." Shahida Sultana, 33, who was in one of the cars, was admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. The identities of the other injured people could not be known. Liton Mollah, an injured cyclist, said, "All on a sudden I saw a bus fall on the car next to me. Even though I sustained injuries in my head, I got the severely injured woman out of her car. The driver managed to get himself out." Hundreds of people thronged the spot to see the catastrophe. Belayet Hossain, director general of Bangladesh Railway, told The Daily Star, "The accident probably occurred as the bus and the cars ignored the signal of the railway lineman to stop ahead of closing the level crossing." Belayet said, "We will investigate what caused the accident as well as whether there was any negligence on the lineman's part."
23 Jun 2011
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******* - MAD HAT NEWS! Credits to BBC. Twelve Afghan policemen and a child have been killed in a suicide attack in the southern Afghan city of Lashkar Gah, officials say. The attacker targeted the gate of the police headquarters in the city, the capital of Helmand province. The Taliban said it had carried out the attack, which also wounded 12 people. Responsibility for Lashkar Gah was recently handed to Afghan forces as part of a plan to return all security to local forces by the end of 2014. The attack reportedly targeted a joint Afghan police and army patrol at the compound. Officials said that, in addition to those killed, 10 policemen and two civilians were injured.
2 Aug 2011
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Website *******www.christian******* Facebook *******www.facebook****/christianinstitute Twitter *******twitter****/christianorguk YouTube ***********/christianorguk A letter signed by over 70 churches in Scotland calling on First Minister Alex Salmond to support the current definition of marriage, has been handed over during a Scotland for Marriage rally in Edinburgh -- Head of R&D at Tesco, Nick Lansley, has branded Christians as 'evil' for resisting the redefinition of marriage to allow for same-sex marriage -- Trevor Phillips, head of Britain's equality watchdog, has branded moves to stop Bideford Council from saying prayers at the start of it's meetings as 'nonsense' -- The House of Lords has debated new Government regulations which allow civil partnerships to be registered in religious premises -- Over two thirds of Britons think that parents or guardians should be the main people responsible for teaching their children about sex -- Childhood advisor to the government, Reg Bailey has said Christmas is about giving -- And a Christian charity which rebrands counterfeit clothing before distributing to the homeless, has convinced 90% of British Trading Standards authorities to hand over the fake designer clothes they seize to them.
19 Dec 2011
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If you have a loved one that has died whether, through negligence or criminal activity, you owe it to yourself to pursue all legal options. No amount of money will get your loved one back, but you can reduce some of the stings by financially punishing the people responsible. Families who are eligible for wrongful death claims are not just eligible for things like lost wages and death benefits. some other possible compensation options available depending on your situation.
5 May 2017
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Andrew Dodson, a White advocate, committed suicide on March 9, 2018 after constant onslaught by the left because he dared to openly declare love for his own people. The people responsible for Andrew's death revel in it and think they are "doing something good" by driving people to suicide. They do not care about forgiveness or understanding those who think differently.
3 Nov 2019
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