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Here is an old Pepcid AC commercial featuring an 800 number call in line. The 800 number was set up by Advanced Telecom Services. *******www.advancedtele****
13 Jan 2010
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Do you get Alcohol Red Face? ******* Other Alcohol Red Face Symptoms- If you get any of these allergic reactions to alcohol you may have an alcohol allergy or Asian Glow. There is a whole array of symptoms associated with alcohol allergy, some are an inconvenience, some are quite intense. An alcohol allergy can be of varying severity from mild and uncomfortable, such as red face, congestion, and itchy skin to intense and dangerous such as trouble breathing and vomiting. The Reason for your Alcohol Red Face - An inactive enzyme, aldehyde dehydrogenase, is the reason people with an alcohol allergy have an alcohol allergy. People refer to this as Asian Alcohol Flush Reaction or Asian Flush for short. Although this condition is pretty rare for most people (5% or less of the population) it is very well known to anyone who is Asian (50% of the Asian population). You have to remember that alcohol is a totally unnatural substance and foreign invader so you could say that people who suffer from alcohol allergy have more finely tuned body defenses. In addition an ALDH (Aldehyde Dehydrogenase) deficient consumer of alcohol has up to 10 times the risk of developing esophageal cancer as a drinker not deficient in the enzyme. If you do not want to quit drinking but you want to end the suffering there is one effective solution. Some people take Zantac or Pepcid prior to the consumption of alcohol to reduce allergic reactions but its effectiveness is unreliable and varies from use to use. The "alcohol red face cure" works at pretty much eliminating all the symptoms of alcohol intolerance with the added bonus of significantly reducing hangovers. *******
27 Dec 2010
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*******www.acidrefluxdiet****/ - She suffered from acid reflux for 8 years after her 1st pregnancy. She was taking Nexium, Pepcid, and Zantac. She found an all natural cure and now lives pain free and is completely cured.
11 Aug 2011
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Are there safer and more effective strategies then taking antibiotics and dangerous drugs?
31 May 2008
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How to Prevent Asian Glow - ******* Do you have Asian Glow when you consume alcohol? For some just a little redness in the face occurs and for others a full blown allergic reaction including extreme difficulty in breathing can occur. Additional reactive symptoms to alcohol allergies can range from the mild, like red face and itching of the skin, to as severe as nausea, vomiting, and intense headache. In most people when the liver breaks down alcohol and converts it into acetaldehyde the acetaldehyde is converted into acetic acid which is basically vinegar and the alcohol allergy sufferer can not break down the alcohol properly. This condition that produces all the previously mentioned symptoms is often called Asian Blush or Asian Glow condition. How prevalent are allergies to alcohol? About 50% of the Asian community experiences it while less than 5% of everyone else. Because these symptoms of alcohol allergies can be so bothersome very few people who suffer ever become alcoholics. One fact many people do not know is that the repeated exposure of the build up of the toxins that produce this allergic reaction over time increase your cancer risk (stomach and esophageal). You do NOT have to quit drinking to end these allergic symptoms to the consumption of alcohol. Here is How to Prevent Asian Glow Let me clear up one myth out there about alcohol intolerance and its symptoms: Pepcid or Zantac is NOT a reliable, effective treatment as it works in some people and not others and even for those that it works for sometimes it does and sometimes it does not. A home remedy called TheRedFaceNoMore solution helps to stimulate the production of enzymes that digest and process alcohol greatly reducing or eliminating your allergy to alcohol symptoms. *******
23 Dec 2010
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******* Alcohol intolerance, Asian Glow, Asian Flush, all words to describe a moderately serious alcohol allergy condition. The most immediate and prevalent reactions to an allergy to alcohol include a red face and head pressure. Symptoms after consuming alcohol can include hives, a rash, swelling, redness of skin, swelling or itchiness of the face and more severe reaction can be vomiting, diarrhea, swelling of the lips, tongue, or throat leading to wheezing or difficulty breathing. People with alcohol allergies their digestive systems don't produce the Aldehyde Dehydrogenase enzyme, which makes their bodies react to alcohol this way. This condition that produces all the previously mentioned symptoms is often called Asian Blush or Asian Glow condition. If you live in an Asian country then allergies to alcohol and their symptoms are regular conversation as the Asian population, for some reason, is genitcally predisposed to this condition. This correlates with the fact that the percentage of Asian people who have problems with alcohol dependence is much lower than non-Asians. A serious dark cloud to alcohol allergy is that if you experience these symptoms and do not do anything about it, either quit drinking or take the 'Red Face When Drinking' formula, you are at greater risk for throat and stomach cancer. Aside from quitting drinking alcohol altogether you have two choices to deal with you alcohol allergies. There is a drug you can take called 4-Methylpyrazole however ironically the side effects are the same as the symptoms of Alcohol Allergy!? Aside from unreliable antacids like Pepcid or Zantac the only reliable know solution is called the RedFaceCure. *******
29 Dec 2010
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