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Somthing is lurking in the shadows. Shimon Peres (an Israeli minister) life (-resurrection) is going to change forever. Part one. Next episode spoiler :: Long live the Immortal-Shimon Peres! Note to "fake" screamers:: ya, this isnt a real human. its a fake human. called ANIMATION.
4 Sep 2006
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Israel President Shimon Peres sleeping while being interviewed. Check Out More Free Videos, Pics, Audio, Text & Games at www.steakandcheese**** or at our myspace account www.myspace****/steakandcheese
3 Oct 2007
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Have a glass of Domaine Bachelet - Ramonet Pere et Fils Chassagne 2005 with host Miguel Garza. Only on Wine Tasters TV
19 Apr 2008
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Dunya Ekonomik Forumu kapsaminda duzenlenen ''Gazze Orta Dogu'da Baris Modeli'' oturumuna katilan Basbakan Recep Tayyip Erdogan, ''Israil Cumhurbaskani Simon Peres'in 25 dakika, kendisinin ise 12 dakika konusturuldugunu'' belirterek, ''Bu kadar onemli bir konuyu gorusecegimiz bir yerde kalkip da bunu yarim saat, 35 dakikaya sIkistiramazsiniz. Bundan sonra da Davos'a katilmam'' dedi. Erdogan, Davos'ta Dunya Ekonomik Forumu kapsaminda gerceklestirilen ''Gazze Orta Dogu'da Baris Modeli'' oturumunda, Israil Cumhurbaskani Simon Peres'in elestirilerini yanitlarken panel yoneticisinin surenin bittigini gerekce gostererek konusmasini kesmesi uzerine, ''Davos'a bir daha katilmam'' diyerek salondan ayrildi. Basbakan Erdogan, cikista gazetecilerin sorulari uzerine sunlari soyledi: ''Burada herkese ayni dakikayi verirler ona saygiyi duyarim, ama herkese ayni dakikayi vermedikleri zaman ona saygi duymam. Nitekim burada ayni dakikayi vermemislerdir. Gordugunuz gibi Simon Peres'i 25 dakika konusturmuslardir, 12 dakika bizi konusturmuslardir. Bundan sonra da soz kesmek uzerine bina edilmis bir anlayis. Bu kadar onemli bir konuyu gorusecegimiz bir yerde kalkip da bunu yarim saat, 35 dakikaya sIkistiramazsiniz. Bundan sonra da Davos'a katilmam.'' Bir gazetecinin Israil Cumhurbaskani Peres'in ''bagirarak konustugunu'' soylemesi uzerine Erdogan, ''O da sucluluk psIkolojisinin bir geregi. Suclu olan bagirir. Sucun yoksa nicin bagiriyorsun'' degerlendirmesinde bulundu.
2 Feb 2009
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The Turkish prime minister, Mr. Erdogan, stormed out of a heated debate at the World Economic Forum in Davos after slamming the position of Israeli President, Mr. Shimon Peres, over Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip. Recep Tayyip Erdogan walked out of the televised debate on Thursday, after the moderator refused to allow him to rebut the Israeli president's justification about the war that left about 1,300 Gazans dead. Before storming out, Erdogan told Shimon Peres, the Israeli president: "You are killing people." Peres told Erdogan during the heated panel discussion that he would have acted in the same manner if rockets had been falling on Istanbul. Moderator David Ignatius, a Washington Post columnist, then told Erdogan that he had "only a minute" to respond to a lengthy monologe by Pires. Erdogan said: "I find it very sad that people applaud what you said. There have been many people killed. And I think that it is very wrong and it is not humanitarian." Ignatius twice attempted to finish the debate, saying, "We really do need to get people to dinner." Erdogan then said: "Thank you very much. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. I don't think I will come back to Davos after this."
7 Feb 2009
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tayyip vs peres
6 Feb 2009
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7 Jan 2011
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Türkiye 13 Kasım 2007'de Cumhurbaşkanı Abdullah Gül'ün ev sahipliğinde İsrail Cumhurbaşkanı Şimon Peres ile Filistin Ulusal Yönetim Başkanı Mahmud Abbas'ı Ankara Forumu Toplantısı'nda bir araya getirdi.
2 Oct 2009
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This duet performed in1978 by soprano Nevin Pere and tenore Ender Arıman
3 Oct 2009
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Racc Cardedeu T 938455172 ASSEGURANCES, auto, llar, Sant Pere de Vilamajor
6 Jun 2010
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Composer Noy alooshe ;Director Noam Vardi; Art Director Yael Grego Initiated, produced and delivered by Megaphone Digital Ron Shely and golan Bar Shalom. For the International Page- *******www.facebook****/pages/Shimon-Peres/240142419406136 For the Israeli Page- *******www.facebook****/PresidentPeres
7 Mar 2012
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Vous manquez d'idees pour la fete des peres ? Decouvrez une idee de cadeau pour a fete des peres qui soit a la fois originale, amusantem, pas chere et bien utile : ***********/watch?v=2vI0iUU-85c
11 Jun 2012
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