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I wanted to see how my girlfriend would react to a ghost coming out the tv trying to grab hold of her. To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email licensingstoryful**** I did it by creating a ghost like puppet that would clamp to the tv screen. I had to stop her running out the house. She said "my legs went like jelly, I couldn't really think what was happening but all I knew was that thing just kept coming at me". At the end you see her looking over at it. She was asking. "What is it? What is it?". I like the fact torch stayed standing up right the entire time. Even with all the kicking lol. I don't think I've ever seen a mouth open so wide screaming. I spent quite a few weeks planning the prank. The week before it I told her I thought I saw a woman standing at the end of our bed in the middle of the night. I used scraps of wood for the television bracket. I would pick up bits when we were out shopping. The missus would ask "why du need rubber gloves?" For the hands! "they'd be handy when I'm washing my paint brushes". "What du want party balloons for?" paper machet head! "in case it's someones birthday". The rest was bubble wrap, brown paper, old clothes, coat hanger, tape & paint to create the puppet. I worked on it every now and again when the missus was out and hid it in the attic. After that I waited for the perfect moment when she would be asleep in front of the TV. I used 2 wooden rods to control the arms from the stair case. The prank footage was about 11 mins long (pulling out the tv, re-angling it, setting up the cameras, the screen saver) but I trimmed it down to what was hopefully 2 mins of the best bits. I've done quite a few pranks in the past but only recently filmed them. I had the camcorder set up in the corner of the room, My phone to record one view and very cheekily used her phone for the other.On the night I asked "would you like me to put your phone on charge?" "Ah that's so sweet of you". Well I didn't want that battery running out! Here are some pranks I've done -A mate was moving to live in Dubai so everyone got together and had a leaving game of poker. I knew he'd ask for a cup of coffee at some point of the night, as we played quite regularly. I'd brought along some liquid laxatives. Gave him a dose. Later when it kicked in the lads noticed him squirming with his legs crossed on the arm of the sofa. After the game a few of us were heading back to mine for drinks. I was drinking all night and had forgotten the prank, but it came back to me when he said "have you got bog roll at yours?" "Yeah why?" "'Coz I've f**kin' destroyed theirs" -I bought a salmon sandwich left it in a sealed bag for about 2 weeks. Then delivered it to a friend on his birthday. I'd used an envelope which I'd received from abroad cut out my address and printed his name & address. When he received it some of the lads were with him. As he stood at the table they asked him what have you got there? He stared clueless into the envelope for about 30 seconds then emptied it onto some newspaper. They questioned had he p*ssed someone off at work. With it being from abroad and not knowing what the smelly contents were. After examining it, they concluded it might be anthrax. -Same guy I filled his bed with gobstoppers. I got a text at 2am saying "I almost rolled out of bed" -There was a circular pot of cheese with black mould on it in a friends fridge. I took it upon myself to dispose of it. I placed it on a lamp in my mates bedroom, it fit perfectly into the circular hole of the shade. He was clueless for about a week where the hot moldy cheese stench was coming from. -I collected all the cut hair from a hairdressers. Used to fill a mates food cupboard. It was disgusting, hair on the bread, the ketchup everything. When he opened the cupboard, various colours of hair floated out it. He just closed the cupboard door and said nothing. I filled someones bed with smashed up cookies. I got a text saying "that's the first time I've ever had to hoover my bed at 3am" There's others, but this is probably the worst reaction I've ever seen to any of my pranks. Or the best!? I don't recommend trying this prank. Don't try this on anyone with a heart condition, or elderly. Use discretion. Be careful not to damage your television. I take no responsibility for anyone harmed or upset or any consequences. Watching prank v prank & prank wars and the extremely scary ghost elevator prank in Brazil inspired me to start videoing pranks but when my April Fool FAIL video ended up on teen**** I liked the fact that people all around the world could see what I'd done which in turn made me make the ghost out the screen prank. Gladys the Ghost is now back up in the attic since the missus can't stand to look at her. Enjoy ghost out the screen, please subscribe and check out my others clips and I'll continue to think up some other hopefully original pranks Music by: Giles Corey - Buried Above Ground
22 Aug 2013
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We all imagine for ourselves the perfect wedding but wonder if something like this happened and completely puts a dent on your perfect moment. Hurts isn't it?
2 Jun 2017
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Prem Studio is the best photography in Delhi NCR. It is the Best Wedding Documentary Photography which makes choose us and sit back to enjoy those perfect moments that you have wanted for all your life.
4 Feb 2019
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If you busy entertaining your guests Who will manage your event? Wedding Planning Destination Wedding Theme Wedding Wedding Decoration Theme Parties Corporate Events Exhibitions Religious Events Celebrity & Artist Management What do you want your guests to feel? Royal Delighted Amazed Revered Then we begin to use our expertise to deliver An event that will remain etched in their hearts for ever. It takes a lot of time to Picturise, PLan, Prepare, Perform & To Perfect an Event Don't wait for Perfect Moments Create them with us
3 Jun 2019
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Rely on the unlimited creativity of New Jersey Videography for affordable wedding cinematography. You get outstanding quality, at the reasonable wedding videography prices. Our NJ wedding photographers are among the best in the region. We believe that it’s not about trendy, touched-up images. It’s not even about finding that perfect photo. It’s about capturing that perfect moment — that elusive “moment between moments” that often passes without notice.
14 Jun 2019
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The Wedders is one of the best wedding photographer in Cuttack. We are professional wedding photographers making your dream wedding a memorable one by converting your moments to memories for a great outcome. We specialize in high quality wedding photography, often traveling to your destination to capture the perfect moment at the perfect place.
18 Jun 2019
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Expressions that expose who we are and the culture and traditions that surround us As with many other forms of cultural expression, music is a way for human beings to express and represent through them different sensations, ideas, thoughts. Thus, music is of vital importance not only for its beauty and aesthetic value (both two elements of utmost importance in regard to the cultural heritage of a community or a civilization), but also as a support from which the being Human can communicate with others and also with himself (since music can be enjoyed both socially and individually). Part of what makes us human is music. All cultures, from the first civilizations to the most current, create music. In fact, musical instruments are among the oldest objects designed by man; there are findings, for example, of flutes 37 thousand years old and probably even older. If we compare this with the reading and writing process that is not more than 35 thousand years old and there are even communities that unfortunately still do not practice it, we can give an idea of ​​the meaning that music has in the evolution of society. Music must be learned from the earliest childhood, since children's brains are in development and it is the perfect moment to encourage positive habits. The more variety of music you listen to and learn, the more versatility of genres you will enjoy as you reach adulthood. Finally, there is a social element in music. We enjoy it for the same reason that we like to eat, run and jump. Treating it as frivolity leads us to be unhappy. The music gets under the skin, creates intense feelings and strong memories. There is nothing more basic than her and at the same time there is nothing more complex or beautiful. Video by Kultus Musiek World music reflection by Kultus du Monde
18 Oct 2019
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29 Nov 2019
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