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The Story begins in early 1995 when life was very difficult in Serbia. Three best friends decide to form a band with no money, no instruments, and no music equipment at all. A strong wish for playing Grunge was all we had. Having no knowledge for the meaning of the word we decided to name the band “Lacuna”. Mladen Jovanovic - guitar / vocal Miroljub Bojic - bass aleksandar Sundric - drums Acquiring musical equipment in Aleksinac during 1995 was next to impossible. We had nothing so the only possible solution was to build everything we needed except for the guitars. We created everything by our own hand! At that time, our musical influences were Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden and other Seattle bands. Not only did we learn and practice this music we created our own. “My Blade” is one of many but our first song is entitled, “Overdose”. The best year for Lacuna was from 1996 to 1997. We practiced every single day. We had shows nearly every weekend. Our first recording was released. Our dream became a reality. Everything was wonderful! During 1999 there was a terrible war. In a way to cope with such an incredible and devastating situation most of the band members used then became addicted to heroin. This marked time as an ending from one beautiful song into the beginning of something different. Marko Tasic, a very talented musician became a new member of the band on lead guitar. He created amazing guitar solos for the first album. As composers, Mladen and Marko worked together to make great music and together created all the songs for this new album. In 2002, Mladen goes into the army. Bagi and Shuki decide to quit the band. Yet, Marko with inspiring dedication waits for Mladen in order to create a new band with other talented musicians. Marko Tasic – lead guitar Mladen Jovanovic - vocals Nebojsa Blagojevic - gutar Dusan Stanojevic - bass Milos Velickovic - drums Marko and Mladen create a new band called “Speedball” in 2003. With incredible creative energy their promo album was created in one month's time. Beginning with “Bright Light” and on to “Living Dead”, “Born With Sin”, “Cold Rider” and “My Blade” (a song made with Lacuna). This work was finally recorded in 2005. The period between 2004 and 2006 was exciting and productive. “Speedball” had gigs all across Serbia. It was during this fantastic time the promo album was recorded in Belgrade. There is a memory from this period which will not fade over time and this is the memory of the Winter of 2004. In our creative passion and dedication for music we practiced everyday in the frigid, tormenting cold with temperatures of -20C. In our deep devotion we were oblivious to this hardship! Marko and Dusan decide to leave the band in 2006. They were replaced by two wonderful musicians - Veljko Vasic on guitar and Aleksandar Nikolic on bass. And the success continues.... We play the “String Music Festival” in 2006 and finish Second Place. Mladen Jovanovic wins Best Vocal and the prize for the band is one day in October 2006 at a sophisticated music recording studio! “My Blade” is the result of this successful effort. And the result of this collective work is many shows all across Serbia! And as life sometimes goes, Mladen is still sick with his addiction to heroin as he remained untreated. During 2007 the Band, Speedball, performs a few great Music Festivals in Serbia. Djordje Miletic who plays bass guitar is a new and the final member of the band. And while so close to recording a new album Mladen goes to rehab in order to recover from a heroin overdose. And for the time being everything must come to a complete stop. "Scarlet Dust" After a year and a half Mladen returns from rehab renewed. He has a wonderful girlfriend and a revitalized outlook on his life. During October 2009, Mladen and Aleksander Radovanovic make a decision to remaster old songs in their own studio. The first recording of the album is completed. And the new band called "Scarlet Dust" is created. In January 2010 the first official and licensed album, “Speedball Stars and Flowers” is released. And the creative work on the newest album is i