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I recently placed an order with PharmacyEscrow**** for the pharmaceutical required to do the Hcg diet and the supplies that are required to administer the drug and well, I have not actually started the diet, I’m waiting till after Christmas. The supplies got here very quickly, I was very impressed with the quality, everything looks sterilized and clean and I am excited and confident that the product that they gave me is going to work out very well and I would highly recommend using them again
22 Dec 2010
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Hi, I’m submitting a review on Hcg Pregnyl 2000 IU, Ovidac and it’s from Singapore pharmacy and I do like this specific Hcg because as soon as I do my first injection, I feel that it’s working, so, I know it’s authentic, I know it’s the real stuff and I will continue to order from them and from that same pharmacy and again I get my orders within three weeks, priority processing and I think what I’m going to do now is do the Express automatic shipping, so you pay one flat rate and you are able to get a set rate for shipping, so I get my Hcg from Pharmacy Escrow. Every single time I don’t trust any other websites at all, you should definitely choose Pharmacy Escrow.
31 Jan 2011
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Hi, I’m writing a review on my first order with Pharmacy Escrow and on the list I ordered three vials of Hcg Pregnyl, 2000 IUs of Ovidac and this was from the North Indian pharmacy and with that I needed Bacteriostatic and that was from the US and they both came in the same packaging and I received it in like a little less than three weeks. I always use Priority processing because I want to make sure that I get those extra days sooner shipping and get my Hcg and my Bacteriostatic water so I can start my Hcg diet. So, that gave me a good jump start, I lost a lot of weight, so, it definitely helps and that first order gave me the confidence and let me know that I can order from Pharmacy Escrow again and that I can order from out of the country which would be the North Indian pharmacy and not is it going to be real, you don’t know if they going to be real or fake. At Pharmacy Escrow it’s definitely real and I already lost 30 pounds and I would definitely be ordering from them from now on, thank you very much.
31 Jan 2011
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