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This is one of the more complex 8-finger charts i've written, created late january of 2006. when i first heard the song, concepts for a stepchart immediately started popping in my head. the use of constant ostinato along with the versatility of the 3/4 time signature lended easily to the metric modulation and other time effects i wrote in the chart. it's not my best execution, but it's been a while and i'm lazy. it's played on "blind" because it's easier for me to read and there are some issues with syncing that i haven't gotten around to fixing yet. Like my other 8-finger charts, this is conceived to be played across a single row on the QWERTY keyboard to be read from left to right (i use SDFG HJKL).
29 Sep 2008
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moonphase 01 eng sub
11 Nov 2008
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22 Dec 2008
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Petite vue de ma nouvelle porsche ! Léger bruit de grincement sur la bande son, mais en réalité on ne l'entend pas vraiment .
11 Jan 2009
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Watch Sir Dilla on his quest to organize his thoughts through ryhyme, making his skills more potent.
2 Apr 2009
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18 Apr 2009
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Video Cam Direct Upload
3 May 2009
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1 Aug 2009
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Watch as this little hungry spore evolves into a land-walking creature.
9 Aug 2009
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Watch as this Spore creature explores his new surroundings and interacts with other wildlife.
13 Aug 2009
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Introducing the newest in Oxygen sensing technology from Ocean Optics. This video walks you through setting up your NeoFox system and installing the specialized software interface on your computer.
10 Nov 2009
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The best music videos usually start with a plan. Here's how you break it up, according to degreed filmmaker, C. Aaron Moore--talking with Ryan Michael Galloway, *******www.GigsterClinics****.
22 Apr 2010
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Watch as this Spore creature explores his new surroundings and interacts with other wildlife.
13 May 2010
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Good market research will lead a company to recognise that the buyers in any market differ in their priorities, perceptions and preferences. It asks, who is buying the product and why?
15 May 2010
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13 Jul 2010
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30 Nov 2010
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