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With various indicators signaling that the financial stability of Americans is worsening, the United Way, the nation's largest charity, will announce the launch of the Financial Stability Partnership, a nationwide effort to help hardworking families and individuals increase income, build savings and financial assets to lead to independence. At a press conference today held at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., United Way of America President and CEO Brian A. Gallagher met with national partners that included a diversity of business, philanthropic and government leaders to remedy some of the most pressing societal challenges in the U.S. The Financial Stability Partnership focuses on three key goals: increasing income, building savings and gaining and sustaining assets. While the organization and its partners have long supported efforts that serve the less fortunate, it will now devote a "fundamental share" of its resources to critical economic and educational support programs to help families increase their income and more effectively manage their finances. For more information visit, www.unitedway****.
8 May 2007
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Initiates into Kalarippayattu develop skills with a variety of weapons including long flexible sticks. Students hone their skills through a complex and dynamic series of leaps and rhythmic strikes. Explore (*******explore****) is a philanthropic multimedia organization that makes documentary films and takes photographs to showcase extraordinary nonprofit efforts and leaders around the world. The journey for the Explore team continues with its core mission in mind - to champion the selfless acts of others and to inspire a revolution of giving.
30 May 2007
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THE ENVIRONMENTAL INSTITUTE FOR GOLF TEAMS UP WITH RAIN BIRD TO RELEASE TV PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENTS URGING WATER CONSERVATION IN THE LAWN AND GARDEN THIS SUMMER Broadcast Video PSAs Renew Calls For Water Conservation In The Lawn And Garden And Provide Homeowners With Water-Saving Tips From Golf Course Leaders Rain Bird and The Environmental Institute for Golf, the philanthropic arm of the Golf Course Superintendents Association of America (GCSAA) have joined forces to encourage the practice of water conservation in the lawn and garden with the release of a series of broadcast television public service announcements (PSAs). Each of the non-commercial video PSAs will have homeowners well on their way to a golf course-like lawn by following a few of the same basic intelligent lawn-watering tips that leading golf course management professionals use to keep their golf courses looking beautiful without wasting water.
4 Jun 2007
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The Matka is a specially shaped ceramic jug that is used in traditional Indian music. It is played by blowing across the opening to create a low tone, that is used to keep the beat. Matka players add a touch of flair to their performances by tossing and rotating the jug in the air as they play. Explore (*******explore****) is a philanthropic multimedia organization that makes documentary films and takes photographs to showcase extraordinary nonprofit efforts and leaders around the world. The journey for the Explore team continues with its core mission in mind - to champion the selfless acts of others and to inspire a revolution of giving.
14 Nov 2007
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Bande annonce - Trailer à l'affiche le 25 janvier Étendu dans une ambulance qui fonce dans la nuit, un jeune homme, suspendu entre la vie et la mort, nous fait le récit de ses tentatives désespérément touchantes pour conquérir le cœur de la belle et mystérieuse Roxane. Son récit se déroule comme un parcours initiatique où se croisent entre autres : la déesse Athéna, le buste de Dostoïevski, l’humoriste pervers, le philanthrope manipulateur, la grande comédienne aveugle et le champignon toxique au nom évocateur de La Belle Empoisonneuse.
29 Nov 2007
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Under the bright neon lights of Piccadilly Circus stands this elegant statue. Known as Eros the figure was erected in 1892 in honour of the philanthropic works of Lord Shaftsbury
3 Dec 2007
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Harrah's, Meals On Wheels Urge Corporate Response to Help Solve Problem Hunger is a serious threat facing million of seniors in the United States, according to a groundbreaking national research study underwritten by the Harrah's Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Harrah's Entertainment, Inc. The study, released today by Harrah's and the Meals on Wheels Association Of America (MOWAA) Foundation, concludes that more than 5 million Americans - 11.4 percent of all seniors - face the threat of hunger. Seniors most likely to be at-risk are those with limited incomes, African Americans, Hispanics, the unmarried, renters, persons under age 70 and persons living in the South. "I challenge my colleagues in corporate America to join Harrah's by taking a leadership role in the Corporate Response to Senior Hunger program developed by Meals on Wheels," said Jan Jones, Harrah's senior vice president of communications and government affairs, in testimony prepared for the U.S. Senate's Special Committee on Aging.
6 Mar 2008
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12 future of private banking *******www.globalchange**** Future of private banking and wealth management for ultra high net worth individuals. Fund management, asset creation and fund growth. Portfolio management and managing risk in balanced distribution of assets. High rates of return. Succession planning and how to run family offices. Specialist wealth advisors and independent financial advisors, commissions and fee-based advice. Philanthropy and philanthropic advisory services. Why charitable activities are so important to high net worth families and why most want their own charity foundations. Making a difference, proving added value and real social impact, Applying business principles and measurable outcomes to philanthropy. Venture philanthropy and social entrepreneurs. Making philanthropy work in a disciplined way with formal evaluation and monitoring. Financial disciplines and specialist advisory teams. Video by keynote conference speaker Dr Patrick Dixon, Futurist and author of 12 books on global trends including Futurewise and Building a Better Business. Private banking, investment banking, wealth management, portfolio, balanced, philanthropy, charitable foundation, social action, advisory services, independent financial, planning, financial, finances, banks, investors, funds, fund managers
19 Apr 2008
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Longines made time for education on May 29th at the Andre Agassi College Preparatory Academy (Agassi Prep) in Las Vegas, Nevada for the special unveiling of the Longines Andre Agassi Limited Edition GrandeVitesse watch. With more than 175 years of experience manufacturing elegant timepieces, Longines is proud to announce the creation of 888 limited edition timepieces inspired by Andre Agassi to support The Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation. The Andre Agassi Limited Edition GrandeVitesse watch pays homage to this elegant and extraordinary sports legend. Recognized for his athletic accomplishments and philanthropic efforts, Longines is pleased to support its brand ambassador in furthering education. The design of the 888 exclusive limited edition GrandeVitesse watch is classic and elegant with a sporty edge. The remarkable and unique design is featured in the dial. Within those features, Longines chose to highlight the gold in The Andre Agassi Charitable Foundation's logo. Each watch is designed with a custom-made case back featuring the logo and a special limited edition number. To honor the most outstanding tennis player in history, Longines designed the special GrandeVitesse with a gold "8" to commemorate the "8" Grand Slams won by Agassi during his exceptional tennis career. Other features include automatic movement, caliber L667 (Valjoux 7750) and a mach 2 tachymeter scale. This watch was created exclusively for Andre Agassi and his foundation. To view Multimedia News Release go to, *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/longines/33267/
11 Jun 2008
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The original G8 meeting was convened during the 1973 oil crisis so the timing this year is interesting to say the least. Although the press may spend a lot of time on the philanthropic activities being discussed, the true purpose of the meeting is an economic one. I suspect we will see a continuation of what we have seen over the past few years. That will affect the trend in the near term.
8 Jul 2008
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Behemoth foundations like Google****, Kauffman and Skoll are pouring money into money-making organizations. Sometimes an NGO just can't get the job done, according to Google****'s Linda Segre. Her foundation recently moved a project in Tanzania into private, for-profit hands because they were better positioned in the community than the NGO Google had funded to provide the desired services. And Google's not alone. Kauffman's Lesa Mitchell notes that recent shifts in VC funding to later-stage companies has spurred philanthropic funding of early-stage startups, particularly in life sciences, where R&D has traditionally been reserved for universities and governments. Adam Smith would be proud.
30 Jul 2008
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In an effort to improve the lives of women and children affected by domestic violence, multi-platinum singer-songwriter and three-time Grammy nominee Jewel, as well as a team of 25 Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultants have banded together to “spruce up” the backyard area of the Morning Star Sanctuary, a domestic violence shelter in the Nashville area. The improvements were unveiled during a press conference on Tuesday, August 5. The event also served to kick off the second annual “A Kiss for Country” philanthropic campaign, dedicated to helping end domestic violence. The campaign asks celebrities and personalities to lend their lips to help “kiss domestic violence goodbye.” Through the auction of their lip prints and autographs on specially designed “Kiss Cards,” 100 percent of the proceeds will be dedicated to the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation’s (MKACF) programs committed to ending domestic violence. To date, MKACF has contributed more than $11.5 million to assist domestic violence shelters nationwide. For more information, please visit: www.mkacf**** or www.MaryKay****
13 Aug 2008
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He's at it again.Discosean21 never-ending efforts to save Africa are about to get a new lease of life as the comic/ singer,music by the group GUY. prepares to guest-edit the October issue of American magazine Vanity Fair, focusing on the African continent, writes The New York Times. The move may achieve some much needed face-saving for his RED campaign, which lets consumers give a percentage of a special red Amex card bill or proceeds from trendy goods such as a red Armani watch to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. It turns out the much-touted campaign has so far spent on marketing and raised just for the fund, according to Britain's Daily Mail. "Africa is sexy and people need to know that," The New York Times quotes Bono as saying. "We've got to get better at telling the success stories of Africa in addition to the horror stories." But how do you tell stories about Africa without making "blanket statements" about a continent with 900 million people, numerous faiths, tribes and nations, Philadelphia Inquirer columnist Karen Heller asks. Well, you start with "the magazine of serious fabulousness", she continues scathingly. "Vanity Fair, which views the environment through the green hemp-gauze of Hollywood, is just the publication to pounce on the philanthropy zeitgeist. Can't wait for the African version of the Oscar party." The U.S.-based Daily Intelligencer questions how editing job will resolve "a few hundred years of turmoil" on the African continent. Meanwhile, The New York Times notes that there is a danger "the effort to chic out Africa" may come across as a hobby born out of extreme wealth. "Really?" answers . "What is more interesting to me is that we are losing the fight against AIDS in Africa. There are still 5,000 Africans dying every day of a preventable, treatable disease, dying for lack of drugs that are available at any corner drugstore." The RED campaign gets media flak elsewhere. Advertising Age voices scepticism about "philanthropic fashionistas decked out in Red T-shirts and iPods" saving children dying of AIDS in Africa. The magazine quotes Mark Rosenman, professor at the Union Institute and University in Cincinnati: "There is a broadening concern that business is...crowding out philanthropic activity and even substituting for it," he says. "It benefits the for-profit partners much more than the charitable causes." Back to Heller of the Philadelphia Inquirer: It says everything about our current climate, she says, that RED's "ambition is huge yet deceptively accessible and acquisitional: Shop so the unfortunate can live." Bloggers are even less sympathetic.
19 Oct 2008
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The HCA Foundation, the philanthropic arm of Nashville-based hospital company Hospital Corporation of America (HCA), today announced the launch of the Clean Hands are Cool Hands Back to School campaign to prevent the spread of Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), a common yet highly contagious bacteria that frequently inhabits a person's skin or nostrils. HCA teamed up with popular teen actor and recording artist Mitchel Musso, best known for his role as "Oliver" in the Disney Channel series Hannah Montana, to create a public service announcement educating kids and their parents on the importance of hand washing to prevent the spread of MRSA in schools. To view Multimedia News Release, go to *******www.prnewswire****/mnr/hca/34038/
26 Aug 2008
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Orcas, commonly called "killer whales," are actually not whales at all. This piece explores these amazing creatures and two scientists who study them. Explore is a philanthropic multimedia project of the Annenberg Foundation that showcases cutting-edge non-profit efforts around the world through documentaries, short films, video moments and photography.
5 Sep 2008
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The Djembe is common throughout West Africa and its distinct sound has made it popular throughout the world. Today commonly used to accompany traditional dance, in the past Djembe were also used to send messages from village to village in rural areas. Traditional Djembe are said to contain three spirits; that of the tree it is carved from, the animal who gave its skin, and that of the instrument maker. Explore ( ) is a philanthropic multimedia project of the Annenberg Foundation that showcases cutting-edge non-profit efforts around the world through documentaries, short films, video moments and photography.
17 Nov 2008
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