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EPIC RAGDOLLS Versus Heavy Objects - MYSTORY Nr51 Hilarious Amazing Ragdoll Physics Simulation Hilarious funny ragdolls in the epic Cryengine. Squishing things but it is very satisfying and humorous. Ragdolls versus objects or machines and fails. Epic body physics simulation engine. #RAGDOLLS, #EPIC, #PHYSICS, #Humor, #Funny, #funnyvideogame, #funnygame, #cryengine, #ragdoll, #hilariousphysics, #amazingragdolls, #newvideo, #entertainment, #funnyphysics, #epicmontage PLAYLIST: _______________ TEXT _______________ The Main Content Section Of This Post 0:00 - EPICRAGDOLLS Hello World, Hello Viewers! In this new video and blog post I decided to explore the depths of the physics simulation of Cryengine but with a focus on ragdoll physics. I hope this post is entertaining and not to disturbing. 1:00 - PHYSISCSIMULATION Satisfying epic physics should always have the priority in videogames or not. The Bots or Ai in the game where very helpful as far as cooperativeness goes. I mean I can place them within the editor wherever I want but I felt like they volunteered to do everything that I wanted. 5:00 - FUNNYHUMOR The point of making such videos is that I am still trying to make at least one type of video of every style of content out there so I just found that I could still do many things within Cryengine. I also guess that I just like the weird motion of these simulated objects and characters in Cryengine. 7:30 - VIDEOGAME My channel could probably be referred to as gaming channel but I basically upload whatever I want so feel free to give me feedback so I can make more of what the audience wants. I must also mention that I will upload whatever I want.
23 Mar 2021
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ODDLY SATISFYING PHYSICS Simulation Engine - MYSTORY Nr47 Oddly Satisfying 3D CG Physics Animation Simulation Video Satisfying physics and geometry to watch before sleep. Nice visceral visual Asmr triggers. Amazing funny animations. Coolest physics ever. #ODDLYSATISFYING, #PHYSICSSIMULATION, #NICEGEOMETRY, #Epic, #Art, #coolanimations, #funnyanimations, #cryengine, #sourceengine, #halflifephysics, #gmodphysics, #garrysmodalternative, #satisfying, #animations, #atmodepth PLAYLIST: https-www-youtube-com/watch?v=hIv8bCqbrhg&list=PLmhDHYU2FnYy3rOGSm6CYt3y8firviVWC&index=2&t=18m39s https-www-metacafe-com/playlist/17302-12081376 https-www-dailymotion-com/video/x7uc5ek?playlist=x6rmay _______________ TEXT _______________ The Main Content Section Of This Post 0:00 - ODDLYSATISFYING Hello World, Hello Viewers! When starting with my latest video I thought I could name it something like “nice funny animations” or “cool epic explosions video” but after finding an Ai in Cryengine that looks like a very famous person, I realised that my attempt of giving my post a reasonable name where rather inefficient. I decided to just go with what the video simply is but also what it not is. Welcome to this epic post and video, I hope you will enjoy my adventures in Cryengine. 5:00 - PYSICSSIMULATION Videogames like Half Life and Garrys Mod are known for using the source engine which is known for some nice physics simulation capabilities. If the idea that this engine is better for physics simulation than some other engine is something that I can neither confirm nor deny. What I can do is to tell you that the physics simulation in Cryengine is excellent and sometimes very satisfying to not say that I love everything regarding the physics of the great framework that was once used to create the epic game series known as Crysis. 10:00 - VIRTUALENGINE The physics might be simulated and weird but I think they are mostly just satisfying. Such an epic engine is able to do whatever I wh
27 Feb 2021
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