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The Citroen C4 Picasso is on the whole an example of best-practice MPV design although the unusual dashboard is more to be admired than used.
29 Jan 2007
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A cubist video construction of the Picasso sculpture Woman in Daley Plaza in Chicago while preparations were being made for the Halloween Festival. I kept trying to go around and take these images for weeks, but every time I went by, there were tents up and people selling things. This is the clearest shot I could get of the sculpture. *******www.chassk**** Video produced by Chas Krstich Copyright 2007
21 Oct 2007
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Scenes from Steve Martins play " Picasso at the Lapin Agile" Elvis Presley as a time traveling spirit sent by the muse of inspiration and creation,pay's the young Pablo Picasso and Albert Einstein a visit,were Elvis gives Picasso the vision to create the Les Demoiselles d'Avignon and transcend him from his blue period to invent Cubism and change the world of art forever,one fall night,in a bar in 1903 Paris called the Lapin Agile. Joe Sagal as Elvis Presley / JD Roberto as Pablo Picasso / David Ellenstein as Albert Einstein / Directef by Andrew Barnicle / Written by Steve Martin.
31 Dec 2007
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Scenes from Steve Martin's 'Picasso at the Lapin Agile'
10 Jan 2008
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www.Art-Fraud**** Montage of fake and un-authorized prints after; Salvador Dali, Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso and Calder. More images and information can be found on www.Art-Fraud**** These are just a handful of pieces that were counterfeited and sold all over the world. The 5 year joint government investigation nears an end with dozens of indictments and millions of dollars at loss!
30 Apr 2008
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Picasso De'France is an American hip hop artist from Paterson, New Jersey. Check out his latest single and music video - Kareem!
www.Art-Fraud.Org . There have been "Collection Domaine Picasso" prints selling like crazy over the last 5 years all over the internet including eBay, these are mostly giclee's (although occasionally called lithograph) which can easily be reproduced by anyone. There are many of Picasso images with the exception of a color change or two, at the bottom right hand corner there is a signature by "who knows" that says "Collection Domaine Picasso" and numbered from editions of 500, which I believe there are many editions of 500 from many publishers printing them. These are un-authorized reproductions. Some buyers on ebay think they are winning \ buying a hand signed "giclee" Picasso, far fetched idea but it happens. There are many dealers and galleries buying and selling these without proper knowledge. I have had these in the past, after my discovery of the Collection Domaine Picasso I have not gone near them, as a matter of fact I don't believe I will ever go near a "giclee" again. for more info go to www.Art-Fraud****
1 May 2008
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Between 1958 and 1961 Picasso worked extensively within the printmaking art of linocuts. Some of his most important and incredible graphic works come from this period. In 1962 Gallery Louise Leiris an important gallery/dealer in Paris, who has long been closely associated with Picasso's graphic works, "recreated" the linocuts of the previous four years in one important and monumental suite. The quality and attention to detail of the original linocuts was accomplished with precision. There have been later reissues of the suite but they were not of the same quality.
14 Sep 2008
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Citroen auf dem Autosalon in Paris. Der Automobilhersteller stellt den neuen C3 Picasso vor.
8 Oct 2008
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Checking out my new Citroen XSara Picasso for Power n Acceleration at night. This car is doing well with 1.6L MT :)
6 Nov 2008
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Check out the baggage and luggage carrying ability of my Citroen XSara Picasso Car. this is simply one very practical and useful car. I love it. :) Cheers. Favor me and check these links out. Thanks *******www.ppclix****/register.r-alishanmao.html *******www.metacafe****/watch/1124279/how_to_tune_nitro_18cxp_engine_for_rc_truck/ *******www.metacafe****/watch/900761/how_to_start_a_nitro_engine_car_or_truck/ *******www.metacafe****/watch/1159703/fastest_man_in_zhuzhou_china/ *******www.metacafe****/watch/1323917/how_to_start_and_break_in_a_new_nitro_rc_plane_engine/
27 Dec 2008
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Peinture Paint Picasso..
28 Dec 2008
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Der französische Autobauer Citroën hat bereits verschiedene Vans im Programm, die nach dem Maler Pablo Picasso benannt sind. Jetzt neu auf dem Markt ist der C3 Picasso, ein Minivan, der vor allem mit seiner Vielseitigkeit besticht. Mit gerade einmal 408 Zentimetern Länge sind die Außenmaße äußerst kompakt. Der variable Innenraum bietet hingegen viel Raum für Passagiere und Ladung.
2 Jan 2009
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