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Guy tries to warm his jacket by a supposedly burning pile of rubble. But then it explodes, causing his clothes to catch fire while his friends laugh!
20 Jun 2019
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Self-Defense Workout: Groin Kick - part of the women's fitness video series by GeoBeats. We are going to take a look at what is probably the number one strike for self-defense, and that is the groin kick. I do not care how big and tough and strong the man is, he will be affected by a groin kick. So, my student, Nicole, is going to face me now with her hands up in her fighting stance. And she is going to come up with her right leg. Her leg is going to be straight, almost like she is kicking a football, and she is going to hit with her instep right on the pad, which is doubling for my groin because I will not sacrifice my groin for this kick. So, as she comes forward with the kick, she strikes. Come on, Nicole, a little harder that. So, Nicole comes forward, and in with the groin kick. Obviously, if I were not holding this pad that would be extremely painful. So, the leg does not bend like we did with the push kick. The leg comes straight up into the groin. So again, she comes up and strikes. And for self-defense, she can be in a neutral stance as well. Maybe I am being aggressive. She is starting to feel like she is in danger. She does not want to wait to find out what is going to happen. All of a sudden, her leg shoots up right into the groin. Very very effective kick. It can render your opponent really useless on the ground in a pile of rubble because it is such a powerful kick, and it does not take a lot of skill or advanced training to do it. Anyone can really do a groin kick very effectively. So one more time as you can see from a neutral stance, she comes forward. Good. Now, if you will face the camera, Nicole, you can do this advancing for fitness or for self-defense. Hands come up. Good. Groin kick with the back leg, one, and with the front leg, two. Good. And moving back. Good. Groin kick – a very, very effective strike in self-defense. For fitness as well. You work your entire lower-body. Your hips. And really, really can be the core of any good self-defense program. The groin kick.
11 Jul 2011
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