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White Pirats Freeski club Baqueira beret
23 Oct 2006
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Pirates Attack Boat full of Teenage Bikini Girls... hear them scream!
9 Nov 2006
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Short video of Ninja Loves Pirate, a game currently being developed by Swedish independet developer Muskedunder Interactive. Ninja Loves Pirate is the ultimate nostalgic sidescrolling platform arcade adventure. Play as ninja or pirate, or both! Fight against zombies, robots and big bad ass bosses through a visually striking game. With loveable characters, humoristic story, majestic music and perfect pixels this game is the ultimate retro trip. Capturing the feeling of old school arcade games and taking it to your PC Ninja Loves Pirate delivers what many retro lovers ache for. Pixel perfection and pure nostalgia. You'll find the demo and more info about the game at www.ninjalovespirate****, and more info about Muskedunder Interactive at www.muskedunder-i****.
29 Nov 2006
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Did Microsoft really use cracked and pirated software to make Windows XP?? Watch this and we'll tell you where you can find it on your own machine!!!
28 Dec 2006
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A video of the new updated Pirates of the Caribbean, complete with johnny depp talking about how he likes his character's animatronic
8 Jan 2007
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Pirates Of The Carribean 3 The Movie Which everyone Is Awaiting Itz Relesing On 25th May Watchout This Thing... Finally has a confirmed name! Pirates of the Craibbean: At World's End Arrrrr. Here be the place for all ye mates to talk about Pirates 3 and the first two movies too. And any questions ye may have about the movie, just ask me and I shall answer it for ye. Remember, I shall not directly answer ye. There is alot of time for the third to come out, so we shall have to speculate a lot, savvy?
30 Jan 2007
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Never before seen footage of Johnny Depp & Keira Knightley on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean!
6 Sep 2007
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Advertising about pirates production!
8 Feb 2007
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remember MAD TV's mock dating service, lowered expectations? we carry on the tradition...this one features blackmale the pirate
1 Mar 2007
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Crazy pirate runs into a thief attempting to take his booty. Pirate gets beat up, and goofy drunk!
4 Mar 2007
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22 Mar 2007
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There are 64 human and 55 animal Audio-Animatronics in the attraction. The first drop is 52 feet, at an angle of 21 degrees, and the second is 37 feet, also at 21 degrees. This was necessary to get the boats under the Railroad tracks, as the main show building is actually outside the tracks. Guests also get to go *up* a 90 foot waterfall at a 16 degree angle. Near the end of the ride, the white haired prisoner is actually a replica of a janitor who worked there. The fire effect: There is one peace of fabric hanging from a bar. Onto it is projected orange and red and yellow blinking light. Finally a Fan is added to blow the fabric slightly and it creates the fire effect. The fire marshal had Disney install an automatic shutoff in case of a real fire because the fake ones in the burning city looked so real. The fog that drifts out from behind the boat in the "Battle" area. It is the Mee Fog effect. Water is shot through a small hole at 1000PSI, the hole is smaller than a hair from your head. Because it forced out so fast, the water condenses, just like real fog does. Hence the Mee Fog, slogan, "Real Fog" The name of the ship in the battle scene is Sea Witch Clip and info of Disneyland's Pirates Of The Caribbean--courtesy of www.DLDHistory****
20 Mar 2007
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