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This is a random exercise/test done to glider flying instructors: the rope is released shortly after takeoff and the pilot has to react quickly and well in order to get the plane back to the landing strip. It's NOT an accident, nor is the pilot hot dogging. I am looking for comments from other pilots and instructors.
18 Dec 2008
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We are very grateful to lots of friends and family who were always with us and they believed in us from the very beginning so that we decided to record this unique rock project. God bless them all. Thank you for all your support and friendship.
12 Mar 2010
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Don't forget the 2nd part : video shows some plane which were flying at the Bex Air 06. It was a great meeting of modelism. Bex Switzerland 3 september 06
6 Oct 2009
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La prise du pont tournant sur l’Orne à Ranville, construit par Gustave Eiffel en 1871, ainsi que celle du pont levant sur le canal de Caen à Bénouville constitue certainement la mission la plus célèbre de la 6eme division aéroportée britannique. Les 180 soldats du régiment Oxs and Bucks commandés par le Major John Howard se sont posés à bord de planeurs Horsa juste à coté des ponts, le 5 juin
2 Apr 2017
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