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If you are a person who likes to pop bubble wrap, peel glue off your hands, or peel plastic covers, this will satisfy you.
8 Sep 2019
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Restaurant Menu Cover is the thing that will give customers the viewpoint of a restaurant. No matter which style of cover you are selecting, just make sure that you keep in mind that your Menu is going to speak. The perfect menu covers to increase your branding as well as create an impressing impact on your customers.
9 Sep 2019
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Best colorful protector for your Nintendo DS Lite, the Colorful Heart Pattern Hard Plastic Cover Case let your investment say goodbye to fingerprints, dust, and scratches forever! Hard Case made of high quality and durable plastic, add color to your Nintendo DS Lite!
17 Oct 2010
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The joy of removing the plastic cover off of new tech is undeniably fulfilling and pleasurable moment. Just watch happiness here.
25 Oct 2017
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Hey here are some satisfactory moves waiting for your attention. Look how the man is peeling off the plastic cover from his brand new car. This work is so perfect wow!
2 May 2019
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*******live.pirillo**** - You've probably been in this situation before. You're trying in vain to open plastic packing so you can get to the goodie or gadget inside. Every time I have to open one, I get more frustrated at manufacturer's who wrap their product inside one of these dilly-bops.
19 Aug 2008
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Users Can Change the Look to Suit Their Style Eyeglasses have long been considered a fashion accessory, but until recently hearing aids were something to hide. Now, a new hearing device allows users to join the growing trend. Traditionally, hearing aids have been hidden behind the ear or made in flesh-colored tones. But, the latest devices are an expression of personality. The "Vibe," a mini hearing aid worn outside the ear, can be used as fashion accessory. It comes in a wide range of plastic covers -- allowing its look to be changed each day to match the wearer's style. Other benefits include the latest in advanced signal processing and amplification technologies. It can also be worn with a cycling helmet and doesn't interfere with wearing glasses -- or get caught in your hair. For additional information, please visit *******www.siemens-hearing****/
1 Nov 2008
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This unique new chassis is the latest masterpiece of Thermaltake’s renowned engineering and technical skills. Inspired by the design concepts of European sports cars with superior aerodynamics, Spedo was created to satisfy the need for the perfect integration of style, enhanced ventilation and user convenience. Apart from the elegant metal mesh front panel creating the distinctive sporty expression of Spedo, the internal structural design breakthrough for supreme case ventilation are aggressive in the same way. Many features are never seen before; C.R.M.3, Cable Routing Management 3 allows the arranging cables with exclusive plastic covers behind the motherboard, this provides a well-organized internal setting to boost up the air circulation with no messy cable blockage. A.T.C.3, Advance Thermal Chamber 3, follows the concept of automotive engine bay designs. The internal structure of SPEDO has been separated into 3 chambers, isolating the CPU, GPU and PSU areas by specially made partitions; providing flawless system airflow that is further enhanced by Fancool 8, capability of up to 8 fans support; including the 23cm fans at top and side panel; 14cm red LED at front; 12cm fans at back of motherboard tray, rear, bottom and fanbar.
22 Nov 2008
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*******www.LandscapingUniversity**** Okay it’s time to wire our system. I’m just showing you the different, the colors of the wires here. I use red, white, and blue as my first three zones. It’s just easier to remember, red, white, and blue, one, two, three. Strip your wires down and give yourself plenty of working room there. I’ve got about 5 inches and then you’ll just use a pair of electrical pliers and strip your wires about a half inch on each wire. Now the red, white, and blue will be my hot and I’m using my black wire as the common wire. So each valve has two wires coming out it. It does not matter which one you use for common, just grab one of them. The hot wire is not as important when it comes to valves versus say lighting or something. So I have three values, I’m going to take three of the wires, or one wire from each valve equally three. And I’m going to hook all three of those up to my common. We’re using waterproof connectors. There are several different kinds of waterproof connectors, these are just filled with some sort of water sealant, and they’re regular electrical connectors with a water sealant inside of them. So we’re going to hook, those are commons, three commons hooked up to our black wire. There are some that you can insert the entire end of the wire into a grease filled cap and close it. These are just a little faster. Now so I’m going to take my first zone, what ever I want to be zone one and I’m going to hook it up to my red wire. So then zone two will be white. Take the remaining wire that is left from that valve and then we’re going to do the same thing with zone three, the blue wire. Now that we’ve got all of the wires hooked up, you want to pull a little bit of extra slack out of the your main line. The black wire there and so you can put it into the valve box so that later when you get ready to work on it again or change something or change the wiring, you’ll have room to pull it outside of the valve box, just wrap a little bit there. And then lay your wire, your black wire into your ditch, into your trench that you’ve already got dug. Run it over to where you want it to enter the house. And then we just use an electric or a hammer drill to drill through the wall where we need to drill through. And we take the wire through the wall. And then we’ve got out control box inside the garage in this particular instance. So we pull our wire through and now we’re ready to wire up our control box. Once again, we just strip the ends of the wire. And pull the black rubber covering. Now we’re going to use the same red, white, and blue wires. So any excess wires that you have in this case the green and the yellow, we’re going to cut those off just to get those out of the way. It makes for less confusion. So we’re going to strip about half inch, you could strip maybe a quarter of an inch when you’re hooking up to the control box depending on what control box you use. And in each control box usually they’re very user friendly. One of them will say common or COM. And so you’re going to hook your common up to that area, which is our black wire. And then they’ll just generally be a one, two, and three for your different zones. So in our particular case we’ve got red, white, and blue for zone one, two, and three. He’s having a little trouble with his common there. You don’t want to cut too much of the plastic covering off in this particular case because if you do your wires can touch inside of the manifold. So we’re just using about, about a quarter of an inch. Sometimes you’ll have to cut the wires at different lengths just to get it to fit in the valve box the way you want it. Okay now we’ve got those connected one, two, and three and this particular controller is using an AC outlet so we’re going to hook our AC power up, which it’s pretty straig...
31 Jan 2009
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*******www.bkwine****/wine_tours/wine_tours.htm --- The launch of the new revolutionary, according to the launchers, champagne closure med from plastic and aluminium, no longer made from natural cork. It is called Maestro and is made by Alcan and the first champagne producer to use it is Champagnes Duval-Leroy. Presented by Duval-Leroy's international marketing and sales director. Not a cork, but a cap (capsule). You use a lever to open it and you don’t risk getting the cork in your eye. You will still have the traditional champagne pop that everyone connects to opening a bottle of champagne. It is in fact a crown cork (beer bottle cap) under a plastic cover. The closure has been developed by Alcan Packaging Capsules in collaboration with Champagnes Duval-Leroy. It will eliminate all problems with corked bottles and is also much easier to open than the traditional cork. If it will be accepted by the customers remains to be seen. It is the same closure that is used for almost all champagnes when they are “sur lattes” aging in the cellars of the champagne houses. The wine in the very first bottle is Clos des Bouveries in Vertus of the vintage 2004 from Champagne Duval Leroy, one of their prestige cuvees. It is cultivated almost organically. *******www.alcanpackaging****/ *******www.duval-leroy****/ By BKWine, *******www.bkwine**** See all our wine videos on our BKWine TV channel: ***********/bkwine
7 May 2009
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*******www.eagleamerica****/product/v492-5500/maintenance Protect your cast iron and steel tool tables from spills and corrosion with Tool Clad Magnetic Tool Covers. These thick plastic covers adhere magnetically to seal out humidity and spills and are thick enough to cushion the surfaces from dings and dents from dropped tools. The Table Saw Cover is imprinted with a deluxe protractor guide, drill table, geometric formula chart, wood hardness chart and other useful information plus there's plenty of space to make notes with a dry erase marker. The Band Saw Cover includes a blade guide, blade length calculations, TPI usage guide and minimum blade radius. The Scroll Saw / Drill Press Cover has a 1" grid and concentric circles every 1/2". The Decimal Equivalent Chart converts from English to Metric or Metric to English. USA
11 Aug 2009
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www.ShtuffForBikers**** An all purpose motorcycle that will shine up non-porous surfaces. Cleans, Shines & Protects. Polishes chrome, aluminum, brass, silver, stainless steel and gold. Will also shine up Plastic covers & painted surfaces.
12 Aug 2009
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