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Dr. Shienbaum of Brandon Plastic Surgery offers free initial consultations. He is a Double Board Certified Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon with many years of experience. He was voted 2013 and 2014 Best of Brandon Plastic Surgeon and 2013 and 2014 Top Cosmetic Surgeon of Plant City.
Dr. John Leikensohn of The Plastic Surgery Center in Bradenton and Sarasota discusses his personal philosophy regarding the safe and effective practice of facelift surgery.
16 Jun 2009
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Tampa Florida plastic surgeon, Dr Jeff Scott, introduces himself as well as The Plastic Surgery Center Florida with locations in Bradenton and Sarasota.
16 Jun 2009
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Sarasota Florida plastic surgeon Dr. Jeff Scott describes the process of administering a mastopexy, or breast lift operation at The Plastic Surgery Center with offices in Bradenton and Sarasota. Dr Scott identifies the 3 categories of the breast lift operation.
18 Jun 2009
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Tampa plastic surgeon Dr Jeff Scott discusses the varying degrees of the aging process and identifies those patients that may be good candidates for a facelift surgery at The Plastic Surgery Center of Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida.
17 Jun 2009
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Dr. Amy Griswold describes the plastic surgery experience for patients of The Plastic Surgery Center with locations in Bradenton and Sarasota, Florida.
19 Jun 2009
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Dr. Arturo Valdez is a Cancun, Mexico based expert in plastic surgery. Dr. Valdez is known as the top plastic surgeon with years of experience and extensive knowledge. Contact Dr. Valdez for the best results in surgery procedures like facelifts, breast augmentation and tummy tucks.
*******www.austinplasticsurgeons**** In this video from the Plastic Surgery Center of Austin, our Financial Coordinator Ms. Dieckmann talks about offering complimentary plastic surgery consultations for patients as a means of pinpointing which procedures that you are a candidate for.
28 Aug 2009
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*******www.austinplasticsurgeons**** In this video, listen in to patients and staff from The Plastic Surgery Center of Austin as they share their experiences and interactions. Dr. Holzman & Dr. Mosier are board certified Austin plastic surgeons who specialize in cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast augmentation and liposuction. For more detailed information, please visit our website or contact us directly.
26 Sep 2009
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*******www.austinplasticsurgeons**** In this medical video, Dr. Steven Holzman & Dr. David Mosier explain the patient consultation process as well as give us a look inside of their state-of-the-art surgical facility at the Plastic Surgery Center of Austin, Texas.
4 Sep 2009
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*******www.austinplasticsurgeons**** Austin plastic surgeon Dr. David Mosier explains the procedure of breast augmentation surgery at the Plastic Surgery Center of Austin. Dr. Holzman explains how more personalized feedback and patient options will be discussed during your personal consultation.
5 Sep 2009
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*******www.austinplasticsurgeons**** Austin board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Holzman explains the philosophy behind facelift surgery at the Plastic Surgery Center of Austin Texas.
5 Sep 2009
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*******www.austinplasticsurgeons**** Plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Holzman of the Plastic Surgery Center of Austin, discusses the surge to popularity of the endoscopic browlift procedure. As Dr. Holzman explains, this endoscopic refinement allows the surgeon to complete the operation by making only 3 very small incisions.
4 Sep 2009
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*******www.austinplasticsurgeons**** Dr. David Mosier explains the process of neck lift surgery at the Plastic Surgery Center of Austin, Texas. Neck lift surgery is ideal for candidates that have loose hanging skin in the front portion of their neck.
10 Sep 2009
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