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*******tinyurl****/mpmmk7 Eco-hunk, David de Rothschild, talks about his latest adventure - "Plastiki." He's sailing across the Pacific Ocean from SF to Sydney in a boat made out of plastic bottles and recycled waste products. Hot.
30 Jun 2009
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HP is equipping environmentalist and adventurer David de Rothschild with the technology needed to sail 10,000 miles across the Pacific on a boat made entirely of plastic bottles. (disclosure: HP is a paying sponsor of AlwaysOn)The Pacific Ocean is home to the worlds biggest trash dump, and a large portion of that is plastic. In an attempt to raise awareness of the oceanic mess, David de Rothschild, founder of Adventure Ecology, is readying a sea voyage from San Francisco to Sydney, Australia, aboard the Plastiki, a boat made entirely of plastic bottles. Rothschild says discoveries like that of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch inspired the expedition.I was like, hang on a second. This cant be true, he said in a recent interview. Why doesnt everybody know about this? Why dont we know about the fact that our oceans are basically filling up with trash?By turning the symbol of waste into an adventure, Rothschild hopes to inspire young people to develop smart solutions to environmental problems. Plastiki, built from 13,000 recycled softdrink bottles, is intended to showcase how innovative technology can be used to turn waste into a resource.The technology needed to complete the voyage is coming, appropriately, from Silicon Valleys firstborn, HP*. The tech bellweather will equip the Plastiki crew with the material to capture and share data gathered on the voyage. HP materials include notebooks with magnesium-alloy casing and battery-efficient designs, HP smartphones, and media drives from which pictures and videos of the expedition will be uploaded to the Plastiki website.HP is also helping to build Plastiki Mission Control, an interactive activity and educational center located at Pier 45 in San Francisco, CA. The center will feature 10 interactive, energy-efficient HP TouchSmart IQ816 PCs to display blueprints and sketches, expedition equipment, maps, and films explaining the technology behind the Plastiki Expedition.Satjiv Chahil, senior vice president of global marketing at HP, told AlwaysOn that the company seeks to go beyond defensive measures when it comes to environmental sustainability. We want to help drive a bigger change, so we are looking at ways to provide technology to entrepreneurs and innovators who will help make it a greener, better world for everybody.David de Rothschild sought out HP as a logical partner for the project. I didnt partner with HP just because I want to put their logo on the screen. He said at AlwaysOns GoingGreen East conference. I partner with companies that are committed to moving towards a Planet 2.0 way of being.... My evolution has come through working and understanding corporate structure, understanding brand power, understanding how as individuals, we cant do anything alone, and we need the influence of government, business, and the consumer."*HP is a paying sponsor of AlwaysOn
7 Jul 2009
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5 Nov 2007
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