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She is definitely not a DJ as she portrays herself to be as we can tell from her obvious fumbling around on the mixer.
26 Aug 2019
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Sexy girl exposing while she is dancing
12 Sep 2019
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best plot twist of all time compilation
12 Feb 2018
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best tragic plot twists of the universe
12 Feb 2018
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This story is about a person who gets a job at a steakhouse. He is treated quite differently than the other employees working at the steakhouse. He doesn't like that his other co-workers get yelled by the manager so he pulls aside a new manager to see if he can get justice for his co-workers. The person goes on a vacation and when he returns he finds a horrifying thing about the new manager
13 Jul 2018
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i make new lyrics videos sing with me
From rival gangsters to dodging mob hits to tangled love triangles THE HIT is a film full of drama, action, and plot twists, while providing an insightful and candid take on “making it” in the music business
30 Aug 2007
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Daxflmae-Me planning out how I will earn the gift of friendship from Jacob, with a little bit of a plot twist in the last 6-7 seconds.
4 Jan 2008
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Gap and Rehab commissioned five bands to write five songs based on five different colors. Five directors then shot music videos of each song/color. The result is Sound of Color. Here, legendary hip hop artist Swizz Beatz offers up his take on Green, while director Tom Gatsoulis takes us on high speed ride through the desert. This story has everything: fast cars, plot twists, and…clowns
15 Feb 2008
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Deep Quest takes you to the watery realms of the Deep, where an epic battle between Abyssians and Gordlons is underway. You will command the Abyssian Defence Force and undertake 10 Quests, each with unique maps and challenges. Upgrade your units and structures to win battles. Get lost in an engrossing story line with plot twists and great characters.
17 Jul 2008
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Well turkey season here in California may have come and gone, but here at Hunting with Jim, it's always turkey time.  That's right boys and girls, hunters and those who hate hunters' guts...get ready for three, yes three intense turkey hunting episodes!  And I don't want to give too much away, but be prepared for so many cliffhangers, plot twists and false peaks that you will forget that future Jack is lame, John Locke is a tard and Lost is done for the season.   So without further ado, I present to the few souls brave enough to hunt with a man named Crazy Jim, Turkey - Part I * This episode is not brought to you by Purdue, Butterball or Tyson...but we'd be cool with that.
20 Apr 2009
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Every journey has its ups and downs, its plot twists and foils,its change of plans, but were the boys really expecting this?
4 Sep 2008
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A trailer for the new novel THE FIRE by Katherine Neville. Katherine Neville's groundbreaking novel, THE EIGHT, dazzled audiences more than twenty years ago and set the literary stage for the epic thriller. A quest for a mystical chess service that once belonged to Charlemagne, it spans two centuries and three continents, and intertwines historic and modern plots, archaeological treasure hunts, esoteric riddles, and puzzles encrypted with clues from the ancient past. Now the electrifying global adventure continues, in Neville's long anticipated sequel: THE FIRE. "20 years have passed since Katherine Neville transfixed readers with The Eight. [In The Fire], ingenious puzzles, enthralling historical ambience, and masterful plot twists abound." -- Library Journal (starred review). Available wherever books are sold. A Ballantine Books hardcover. *******www.KatherineNeville****
14 Oct 2008
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