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30 Jul 2008
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This new personal hovercraft MAD-81 is your ultimate amphibious ATV. Amphibian watercraft can be used as Rescue boat as well as leisure hovercrafts. It can carry up to 4 adult persons on land, water, snow and ice. As rescue vehicle can be used for ice rescue, water rescue, flood rescue and mud rescue operations and hovercraft work or as a life boat. As personal hovercraft can be used for leisure, hunting, fishing or rental work. Hovercraft is your ultimate ATV, your ultimate boating machine.
8 Feb 2010
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Our air-cushion vehicle (ACV) or hovercraft Christy5143FC can travel over land as well as on water and other surfaces. Skeertuig حوامة Съд на въздушна възглавница Aerolliscador Vznášedlo Luftkissenfahrzeug Αερόστρωμνο Aerodeslizador Aeroglita boato 호버크래프트 Aéroglisseur Kapal bantalan udara רחפת Lochtkussenvoertuug ホバークラフト Luftputefartøy Poduszkowiec Pernopter Vznášadlo Hoverkraft Лебдјелица Ilmatyynyalus Svävare காற்றுமெத்தை உந்து เรือโฮเวอร์คราฟต์ Судно на повітряній подушці حوامہ 氣墊船 Hovercraft air-cushion vehicle ACV Судно (катер) на воздушной подушке СВП Ховеркрафт 气垫船
28 Dec 2016
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